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Chapter 26: Pretending To Be A Silent Expert

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

One of them shouted loudly.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and did not look at Fang Yuan.?His gaze was fixed on the other team.

“Junior, your teammate is already trapped in the blood lotus territory.?If you meet any of our teams, you will definitely have no chance of winning.?I advise you not to make a mistake and leave quickly!”

“You are afraid that he will reap the benefits of others, right?”

The other team chuckled and spoke to Fang Yuan instead.

“There is only one blood lotus.?First come, first served.”

“Junior, why don’t you join my team??The three of us will take down the two of them.?After that, the sect will split the rewards into three portions.?We will definitely not let you suffer any losses.?What do you say?”

While trying to persuade him to leave, the other side was trying to rope him in.

However, Fang Yuan didn’t agree to any of them and sat down calmly.

“Seniors, take your time to fight.?I’ll wait for you to get the blood lotus before I take my friend away.”

The expressions of the two sides changed slightly.

“Then let’s rely on our own abilities!”

After discussing among themselves, the two teams decided to leave one person to guard against Fang Yuan while the other entered the so-called blood lotus domain and tried to pluck it.

A few Gu worms flew out and began to cast a shield around them as they slowly advanced.

Fang Yuan looked at the two people’s positions.

It was just as he had expected.

They stopped five meters away from the blood lotus.

The defensive abilities of ordinary Gu worms were useless against the blood lotus.

The blood mist spread out and easily passed through the shield.

By the time they realized this, it was already too late.

Both of them were stunned and started to talk to themselves.

“Oh no.”

The two people outside had a bad feeling, but they could do nothing about it.?They looked at Fang Yuan who was sitting cross-legged on the ground.?The three parties were facing each other, but no one moved.

Just as they wanted to observe for a while, the blood lotus’ bright red petals quietly blossomed, spreading out a layer of blood-colored ripples.

As the ripples spread out, they enveloped all of them, and the surrounding environment suddenly changed.

Fang Yuan slowly turned his head and began to observe the surroundings.?He found that they were already in an ancient ruin.

Spiritual herbs and precious materials were everywhere.

Any one of them would be worth dozens of times more than the blood lotus.

What Fang Yuan was stepping on was a primeval stone that was half the size of a basketball court.

An illusion?

The two people on the side were shocked by the scene before them, and then they cried out wildly.

“It’s a relic! We’ve run into a grotto-heaven!”

As they spoke, they began to plunder the spiritual herbs and precious materials wantonly.

The people who had stepped into the blood lotus realm earlier seemed a little lost at first, and then they went into a frenzy.

Li Tongzhou also gradually woke up.?When he saw the scene around him, he immediately looked constipated.

“Fuck, why did the place change?”

Fang Yuan only looked at them quietly.

He naturally knew about grotto-heavens.

This world was very big, and also very old.

Legend has it that in ancient times, there were powerful Gu masters who died in a battle somewhere.

They would often use their strong spirit essence to open up a space before they died, setting up restrictions so that outsiders would not notice anything strange.

As long as the fated person could break through the restrictions, they could obtain their inheritance.

All the Gu worms and resources would be inherited by the fated person.

If it was a Tribulation Stage Gu master, even after a fierce battle, and most their resources were exhausted, whatever was left behind was still enough for ordinary people to cultivate to the Synthesis or even Void Realm.

No wonder they were so crazy.

This was a great opportunity.

The blood lotus’ ability was indeed similar to a restriction before entering the grotto-heaven.

But Fang Yuan who had the True Sight Gu knew that this was just an illusion.

He did not say anything.?As a golden light flashed in his eyes, under the True Sight skill, everything returned to its original form.

They were still at the peak of the Thousand Blade Valley, without any relics or so-called inheritances.

Fang Yuan’s lips curled up.?He did not expect the new Gu worm to be so useful.

But his recovery did not mean that the others could walk out of the illusion.

Among the six people on the top of the mountain, only Fang Yuan could move freely.

Li Tongzhou was struggling, but he would not wake up for a while.

The rest were not worth mentioning.?They were all immersed in the so-called heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

If they wanted to destroy it, they would have to start with the blood lotus.

Fang Yuan walked over.

The blood lotus seemed to have gained sentience.?It knew that Fang Yuan was going to pluck it, so it wanted to make a final struggle.

But its effects were limited to this, it could only affect the mental brain region, and it did not have any offensive skills.

It was completely restrained by the True Sight Gu, and it was unable to pose any threat.

In the end, Fang Yuan pulled it up by its roots and held it in his hand.

At this moment, an unusually strong suction force came from his acupoints, rising all the way to his palm and absorbing the blood color on the blood lotus petals, dividing it into eight streams of light that entered the Gu worms’ bodies.

[Ding! You have absorbed the blood lotus essence, all Gu worms’ cultivation efficiency has increased by 75%!]

The efficiency had increased again!

But correspondingly, after the blood lotus lost its essence, the color of its petals had also faded a lot, and it looked a little dispirited.

This could not help but make Fang Yuan a little embarrassed.

Would the sect still accept it after it had become like this?

And the illusory realm that had trapped the few of them also dissipated with the departure of the blood lotus.

They began to return to normal, but their eyes were still filled with confusion.

“Where...?where am I?”

“Where are the ruins? Where are the ruins?”

“The spiritual herbs that I took also disappeared.?Strange.”

The few of them looked at each other.?The scenes had changed several times in a short period of time, making them a little dizzy.

“Sigh, what a pity.?Senior, you actually managed to pluck the blood lotus.”

Li Tongzhou scratched his head, still wanting more.?Recalling the scene that he had just experienced, he smiled awkwardly and asked, “Did I do anything embarrassing just now?”

“Yes, you suddenly took off my clothes for no reason.?You then said something like ‘Senior Wan, don’t hit me,’ but you looked like you were enjoying it,” Fang Yuan recalled his actions and teased him.


Li Tongzhou was shocked.?He quickly lowered his head to check his condition and asked curiously, “Am I not wearing my clothes…”

Halfway through his words, he looked at Fang Yuan’s half-smiling expression and came to a realization.

“Fuck, you lied to me!”

Fang Yuan pinched his chin and said seriously, “It’s not really a lie.?You didn’t take off your clothes, but you were saying those things, and your expression was real.”


Li Tongzhou shut himself up.

Fortunately, there weren’t many people here, or else he wouldn’t have had a place to bury his face.

The other four people also saw the blood lotus in Fang Yuan’s hand, and their expressions were a little ugly.

But in the end, they didn’t fight over it.

They could see Fang Yuan’s realm.

He was only at the seventh layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Among them, there were already people who had stepped into the eighth layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm, and they were only one step away from the ninth layer.

Even so, they were still affected by the blood lotus.

This also indirectly indicated that Fang Yuan’s foundation was much deeper than theirs.

It was even possible that he had some unique points in terms of mental ability.

If they really fought, they would definitely not be able to resist Fang Yuan if he used an ability similar to the blood lotus.

One of them cupped his hands and bowed. “Junior, speaking of which, it is all thanks to you, otherwise we would have been trapped in the illusory realm and let this thing absorb our lifeforce for nothing.?I thank you again.”

This was a Gu master who could let things go.

With him taking the lead, the others did not hesitate and thanked him one after another.

It seemed that the four of them did not intend to fight for the blood lotus.

Fang Yuan only nodded slightly and did not speak.

Li Tongzhou’s eyes brightened as he thought to himself.

“Pretending to be a silent expert?”

“If there were any senior sisters and junior sisters present, you would definitely receive a lot of attention.”

“I didn’t know that Senior Fang was actually an expert in flirting.”

“No, I have to learn this move.?I’ll find a junior to try it out on!”

“How about Senior Wan? Who knows, she might also like a more aloof man?”

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