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Chapter 25: Illusory Realm Blood Lotus, True Sight Gu

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

With his seventh layer Foundation Establishment strength, catching two rabbits was naturally not difficult.

Fang Yuan then used these two rabbits as bait, and started to attract the goshawk.

“What are you doing?”

Li Tongzhou could not understand.?He did not know why Fang Yuan was catching two rabbits.

He thought he was hungry, but instead of lighting a fire, he was just playing around?

When Fang Yuan was planning to use the two rabbits to capture the goshawk and he took out a colorful butterfly Gu worm from his acupoints, Li Tongzhou finally understood.

“Holy shit, the Hunter Swallowtail Butterfly Gu?”

Li Tongzhou was obviously someone who often read books in the sect, so he recognized it at a glance.

His face was full of disbelief, as if he did not believe that this kind of Gu worm that existed in books would appear in front of him.

Fang Yuan did not have any intention of hiding it.?He walked around the sect, and one day, his Gu worm would be seen by others.?It was just a matter of time.

Hearing that Li Tongzhou recognized his Gu worm, Fang Yuan was actually a little surprised.

“Oh??I didn’t expect that a brain full of women like you could actually contain knowledge!”

Li Tongzhou was unhappy, “Look at what you are saying, I am the famous Bai Xiaosheng from the outer sect!”

Fang Yuan did not believe it, “Are you sure?”


Li Tongzhou laughed awkwardly, “Although I am not omniscient, I know a little about everything, I’m almost there!”

“Then why didn’t you say anything when I asked if you had a way?”

“Bai Xiaosheng has his moments of confusion, if I knew you had the Hunter Swallowtail Butterfly Gu, I would have suggested you capture the goshawk!”


Fang Yuan could not be bothered to argue.?He gave the order to the Hunter Swallowtail Butterfly Gu to control the goshawk and bring him and Li Tongzhou to the peak.

As a gust of wind blew past, the people on the valley wall were attracted by the disturbance.

When they saw the two of them flying in the air, they were all dumbfounded.

“What’s that in the sky??Which Senior was bitten by the goshawk?”

“What are you saying? They controlled the eagle and flew toward the peak!”

“Fuck, how can they go up the Thousand Blade Valley like this?”

“That’s against the rules! Senior Wan, look at those two!”


However, Fang Yuan and Li Tongzhou had already flown far away and could not hear their complaints.

Wan Qian, who was sitting cross-legged in the shade, closed her eyes tightly as if she did not want to care about this matter at all.

With the help of goshawk, Fang Yuan’s team easily arrived at the peak above the Thousand Blade Valley.

The blood lotus described in the sect mission was not far away.

Before they got close to it, Fang Yuan noticed that this blood lotus was not simple as it looks, but he did not know what effect it had.

“It’s time for outer sect disciple, Bai Xiaosheng, to explain.”

Li Tongzhou took a step forward and pointed at the blood lotus with one hand.?He smiled and said, “Don’t underestimate it.?This thing can confuse people and make you immerse yourself in the illusion it creates.?If you can’t break out of it, its roots will pierce into your body and absorb your nutrients.”

“It’s so magical?”

It was the first time Fang Yuan heard that a lotus flower had such a strange effect.

“You don’t believe me?”

Li Tongzhou directly approached the blood lotus and said, “I’ll try to show you.?Senior, if I don’t wake up, remember to call Senior Wan to save me!”


Fang Yuan only shouted one word.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Li Tongzhou had already stepped within five meters of the blood lotus.?As a blood-colored smoke spread, his expression gradually became dull.

At the same time, he kept talking to himself.

“Eh? Senior Wan? Why are you here?”

“Senior Wan, why are you so close...?are you trying to...”

“Ah! Senior Sister Wan, stop hitting me.?Don’t...?I’m wrong.?I don’t dare to think about it anymore...”



It was exactly as Li Tongzhou had said.

The blood lotus could indeed confuse people.

Fang Yuan himself did not have the ability to resist this kind of spiritual attack, so he could not save him.

The two skills of the Iron Skin Gu only strengthened the physical body, and it had nothing to do with the mind.

But looking at Li Tongzhou’s expression of enjoyment, he could not help but suspect that this guy was very satisfied with his encounter in the illusion.

But no matter what, he still had to take the blood lotus.

“In this world, all things are mutually reinforcing and countering each other.?As the saying goes, within a hundred steps of a highly poisonous object, there must be an antidote.?Although this blood lotus is not poisonous, it might also follow this principle.?Perhaps there is a solution nearby.”

Fang Yuan shook his head and did not seek Wan Qian’s help.?Instead, he began to search within a radius of a hundred steps.

He did not let go of any plants or insects that he did not recognize.

He collected every single one of them.

In the end, he unexpectedly found a pleasant surprise under a leaf.

[True Sight Gu] : Support type Gu worm.

“There really is one.”

Fang Yuan had originally planned to throw those creatures into the blood lotus’ range?to try them out one by one, but now it seemed that it was no longer necessary.

The True Sight Gu was its nemesis.

However, this Gu worm was still a larva and was very weak.

Fang Yuan did not need to spend much effort to subdue it.

After storing it in his acupoints, the True Sight Gu’s specific attributes were also displayed in front of him.

[True Sight Gu]

Level: Tier 1

Type: Support

Quality: Black Iron

Skill: [True Sight]

[True Sight] : able to see through all illusions and see through the essence of right and wrong (the effect of the skill increases as the level increases).


“Is it that powerful?”

Fang Yuan was a little surprised.?The name of this Gu worm was not that great, but the effect of the skill was very domineering.

See through all illusions!

Didn’t this mean that in the future, any Gu worm that had a spiritual skill would have no effect on him?

“The level of this Gu worm is too low now.?It’s probably not as strong as I thought.”

Fang Yuan could see it very clearly and did not have much hope for it.

At the moment, as long as this little fellow could help him get close to the Blood Lotus, he would be satisfied.

Li Tongzhou was really a good person.?Not only did he help him test the effects of the blood lotus, he even indirectly gave him such a good Gu worm.

When he thought of how Li Tongzhou was still being beaten up by Wan Qian in the illusory realm, Fang Yuan could not bear it and decided to immediately rescue him.

However, when he arrived at the Blood Lotus’side, he found that two more groups of people had come up to the peak.

Fang Yuan was not surprised.?Although he came quickly, he started late.

To be able to come here, he had only seized the first opportunity.?The Thousand Blade Valley alone would not be able to stop them if they had the ability to get up.

And these people in front of him were definitely the four strongest people in this herb-picking mission.

The two teams were originally one on the left and one on the right.?In addition to Li Tongzhou, who was spouting nonsense in the middle, the atmosphere was already very strange.

He suddenly rushed over and directly broke the delicate balance.


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