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Chapter 2: Choosing Gu Worms

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After reporting, one could receive the Gu worms.

Saying goodbye to the elder, Fang Yuan turned towards the Gu spirit hall.

Gu Immortal Sect was huge.

Its territory spread across thousands of mountains nearby.

It had close to a hundred thousand disciples.

It was the largest sect in Yunding City.

The distance between the certification office and the Gu spirit hall was very far.

There were at least a hundred mountains between them.

For an ordinary person, it would take at least a few days to walk there.

Fortunately, the sect had a teleportation array, which allowed them to move around the key buildings of the sect.?It was much more convenient.

He arrived at his destination.

Compared to the deserted certification office, the Gu spirit hall was much more lively.

There were many disciples who had just broken through to the next realm coming and going, excitedly communicating with each other.

After all, there were all sorts of Gu worm eggs and larvae stored here.

Whether it was outer or inner disciples, as long as they broke through, or if they had enough sect contribution, they could come here to exchange for the Gu worms to increase their strength.

Generally speaking, with Gu masters of the same rank, the more Gu worms they had in their acupoints, the stronger they would be.

However, nothing was absolute.?There were many types of Gu worms.

When a Gu master with five offensive type Gu worms and a Gu master with ten defensive type Gu worms fought, the outcome was hard to predict.

Gu worms had different abilities, so it was hard to compare their strengths and weaknesses.?It could only be said that each had its own advantages.

Under normal circumstances, the higher the grade of the Gu worm, the more likely it was to have abilities that ordinary Gu masters would find difficult to deal with.

Using this to defeat opponents of the same level was not a difficult matter.

However, this type of Gu worm was very rare.?Even if there were ten thousand of them, people might not even encounter one of them.

Moreover, the amount of spirit essence needed to nurture it was also much greater than ordinary Gu worms, so Gu masters with poor talent could not afford to nurture it.

Fang Yuan currently only had a White Stone grade Iron Skin Gu, and both of its skills were related to defense.

If he really fought with someone, he would only get beaten up.

Thus, his goal this time was to increase his overall strength by using offensive and functional Gu worms.

He did not want to use the rare ones.

Although the Gu worms he refined did not need to be fed with spirit essence, as an outer disciple, he definitely could not choose such good ones.

Walking into the Gu spirit hall, rows of huge containers lined up side by side, filled with all kinds of Gu worm eggs.?There was no end to them.?There were at least hundreds of thousands of them, and it was extremely magnificent.

Fang Yuan then showed the guard the token.

The guard glanced at it and confirmed that there was no mistake, then he pointed.?“The first floor of the Gu spirit hall has White Stone Gu, the second floor has Black Iron Gu, and the third floor has Bronze Gu.?You are only at the Foundation Establishment Realm, so you can only choose between the first and second floors.?You can only choose two Gu worm eggs at most.”

Hearing this, Fang Yuan could not help but ask: “What if I want to choose a few more?”

His Gu worms could be cultivated by himself, so in this aspect, the more the better.

Quantitative change could cause qualitative change!

The gatekeeper glanced at him and reminded him, “Junior, I advise you not to aim too high.?Your talent is average, and the spirit essence absorbed by your acupoints every day cannot support too many Gu worms.?If the Gu worms backfire, then you will be the one who will suffer.”

“Senior, you are right.?I just want to pick a few more to see which Gu worms are more suitable for me.”?Fang Yuan casually made up an excuse.

The gatekeeper shook his head lightly, but did not try to persuade him further.?Instead, he said, “For the extra ones, you can exchange them with sect contribution or primeval stones.?After you choose them, you can register with the elders.”

“Thank you for your guidance, Senior.”

Fang Yuan raised his hand and cupped them.?He took back the token and walked straight to the stairs of the Gu spirit hall.

The Gu worms on the first floor were of the lowest White Stone grade.?He was not interested at all and directly went up to the second floor.

Although the containers here were not as packed and dense as on the first floor, there were still quite a lot of them.?The few hundred disciples on this floor were very careful.?They were both worried and conflicted.

Because the sect had placed a seal on each Gu egg to prevent them from naturally hatching and escaping, by forcefully restricting the hatching time, there was a small chance that the Gu worm would die.

No one wanted to choose a dead Gu.

Therefore, it was too difficult to choose a Gu worm that had sufficient vitality and was suitable for oneself among so many Gu eggs.

Fortunately, Fang Yuan had the help of the system.

“System, check all the Gu eggs that I see and pick the best ones!”

[Ding, scanning program has been activated!]

Fang Yuan’s eyes suddenly lit up.?Instantly, countless streams of information swarmed in.?As his gaze moved, this number continued to increase.

In just a minute, the second level’s Gu worm egg data were all stored in the system.?There were over seventy thousand eggs.

“The host has automatically selected the best Gu worms!”

[Bloodthirsty Gu] (Black Iron) : attack type.

[Drunken Gu] (Black Iron) : support type.

[Moonlight Gu] (Black Iron) : support, attack type.


“There is actually one of the Three Talented Gu?”

Fang Yuan could not help but raise his eyebrows.

The Three Talented Gu was the Gu Immortal Sect’s unique Black Iron grade Gu worms.?There were a total of three,?and they were Sunlight Gu, Moonlight Gu and Starlight Gu.

Don’t look at them as just Black Iron grade Gu worms.?As long as they were all collected, the Three Talented Gu would fuse in the acupoints, greatly raising its grade.

It was said that a few hundred years ago, there was an Enlightenment Realm disciple who could not break through for a long time.?By chance, he obtained a whole set of the Three Talented Gu, and was promoted to an elder of the sect, obtaining a large amount of resources.

That disciple did not disappoint the sect either, breaking through two realms consecutively in just five years and becoming a cornerstone of the sect.

He did not expect to meet one here.

As for the Bloodthirsty Gu and the Drunken Gu, he had never heard of them, but to be recommended by the system along with the Moonlight Gu, they were definitely not be too bad.

“These three then!”

Fang Yuan immediately went to the corresponding containers, taking them down one by one, and bringing them to the elder of the Gu spirit hall.

The elder’s expression was cold, “Twenty primeval stones.”

“So expensive?”

Fang Yuan was a little surprised.?The sect would give Foundation Establishment disciples three primeval stones every month.?After a simple calculation, they would need at least a year to save up to buy a Black Iron grade Gu worm egg like this.

And this was only achievable without spending a single primeval stone in the process.

The price was indeed a little black-hearted.

However, Fang Yuan’s parents were in business and would give him a few primeval stones every month for cultivation.

Although he had used up most of the primeval stones in the past ten years, he still kept a little every month.

“Every Gu worm egg is cultivated by the sect with a lot of resources.?If you take it outside, the price will be high, not low!”

The elder explained.

“Alright, twenty then!”

Fang Yuan no longer hesitated.?He took out more than half of his primeval stones and handed them to the elder.

The elder accepted the Yuan stones with a satisfied look on his face

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