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Chapter 15: Gu Slave

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

This skill was already quite overbearing.

If his rod technique was cultivated to rank nine perfection and he used Bloodthirsty, wouldn’t he then be able to instantly burst out with twenty-seven times his strength?

“It’s so fierce.”

Bloodthirsty Gu was truly something.

It actually had such powerful potential.

It was not a loss for Fang Yuan to spend so many primeval stones to buy high grade beast blood to feed it.


However, the one who had just come out to block the way was only the third-in-charge of Black Wind Mountain Village.

Moreover, he had not brought many people.

If he continued on his way, the other party should receive the news very quickly and know that he had already killed those people.

At that time, if the other party were to make an underhanded move, they would be vulnerable.

Fang Yuan’s eyes flashed with a bright light.?He had already thought of a bold plan.

However when he mentioned it, everyone, including Yu Bing, disagreed.

“Second Brother, you want to go and challenge Black Wind Mountain Village alone? You can’t! I don’t agree.”

“That’s right.?Second Young Master, Black Wind Mountain Village is the largest village in this area, and there are at least several hundred Gu masters.?Adding on their two current leaders, wouldn’t you be courting death if you go?”

However, Fang Yuan had already made up his mind.

“If I don’t go, are you guys going?”

“This time, I am the leader of the convoy.?Listen to my orders, everyone retreat four miles.?Hide the caravans and wait for me in the forest.”

“If I am not back by this time tomorrow, don’t worry about me and just retreat back to Yunding City.”

Saying so, Fang Yuan did not delay any further, directly controlling the Soul Capture Gu to enter the brain of the sole surviving bandit, and let him bring him to Black Wind Mountain Village.


Yu Bing was about to cry, but she was afraid that if she recklessly chased after him, those bandits would find an opportunity to hold her hostage and threaten Fang Yuan, so she stomped her feet in panic.

The rest of the caravan Gu masters buried their heads in silence.

Fang Yuan’s words had entered their hearts.

At this time, they could not be of any help at all.?It was too unbearable to ask their master to solve their future problems.

“Damn it!?Why am I such trash?”

A Gu master roared with a ferocious expression.

Countless people had the same feeling as him.

Yu Bing turned around to look at him, her thoughts whirling.


At the same time, in Black Wind Mountain Village.

The two bandit leaders gathered together, they had already received the news from the spies and were discussing how to deal with Fang Yuan.

The second leader was the first to speak.?“That kid is really arrogant.?He just swaggered over to our Black Wind Mountain.”

“He is only in the fifth layer of the Foundation Establishment, yet he has the ability to be so arrogant!”?The first leader sat on the main seat with his eyes closed.?No one knew what he was thinking.

“Big Brother, then should we...?kill him or let him go?”

“Let him go?”

The first leader suddenly snorted coldly.?“If we let this go, how are we going to survive on Black Wind Mountain in the future?”

At this moment, a spy ran in.

“Report! That kid from the Fang clan has arrived at the entrance of the village!”

“Oh?”?The first-in-charge opened his eyes and glared, “That kid really dared to come up the mountain alone?”

The second-in-charge looked at his expression and suggested, “Big Brother, why don’t I go and take a look at the situation first? If we can’t beat him, can you make a move?”

“That’s fine.”?The first-in-charge nodded slightly.

Just then, another spy stumbled in.

The first-in-charge frowned and scolded, “What are you panicking for!”

The spy was startled, but he still gathered his courage and said, “Reporting to the first-in-charge, the second-in-charge.?That Fang kid used a big rock to block the gate.?It seems like he wants to seal us.”

The second leader was a little surprised.?“He can’t be thinking of using fire to attack, right?”

“The weakest in our village is already at the fifth layer of the Qi Refinement Realm.?A fire attack?”

The first leader smiled contemptuously.?“I’m afraid it won’t even burn a strand of hair.”

However, in the next second, his expression changed slightly.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he seemed to have heard the screams of his subordinates from the other side of the gate.

“Not good! Let’s go out and take a look!”

The first-in-charge took the lead and walked out, followed closely by the second-in-charge.

When they reached the outside, the scene in front of them completely overturned their imaginations.

They saw countless blood-colored worms sweeping over the mountains and plains, blotting out the sky and covering the sun.

Wherever they passed, no one could survive.

The second-in-charge was deeply shocked by this scene.

He resisted the urge to turn around and run.?Pressing his slightly trembling legs, he looked at the first-in-charge.

“Big Brother...?why don’t we...?retreat first?”

The first-in-charge looked at his many years of foundation being destroyed and felt indignant.?“Why is this kid’s method so strange?”

The second-in-charge looked at the approaching swarm of worms and said in an even louder voice, “Big Brother, let’s go! There’s always hope!”

The first-in-charge gritted his teeth.?He did not want to experience the power of the swarm of worms so he directly ran to the back of the mountain.

However, just as they walked out of the range of the stockade, a mocking voice sounded from high up.

“Where are you two leaders going?”

Fang Yuan jumped down from the tree and blocked their path.

The two of them froze, and the first-in-charge’s eyes revealed a gleam of hatred.?His gaze lingered on the token on his waist.?“As expected of a disciple of a big sect.?You’re really brave.”

Fang Yuan yawned.?“Cut the crap, who’s going to die first?”

The first leader sneered.?“It’s useless even if you kill us.?There are at least dozens of villages of all sizes on Black Wind Mountain, and someone will be able to take care of you.”

“You’ve reminded me.”

Fang Yuan’s heart moved, and he took out a pen and paper from the storage space of the Drunken Gu, “How about this, as long as you write a letter to the other village leaders and let them be at ease when they see the Fang clan’s caravan passing by in the future, I won’t kill you.”

“Arrogant brat! Do you really think you’re invincible?!”

The first-in-charge roared and his aura suddenly soared as he threw a punch at Fang Yuan.


A red light flashed in Fang Yuan’s eyes as he threw a backhand strike at the first-in-charge.?Half of the first-in-charge’s arm was directly cut off by this blunt weapon.?The body of the rod did not stop moving as it ruthlessly smashed into the first-in-charge’s head.

For a moment, brain matter flew out and smeared the face of the second-in-charge.

“I’m not invincible, but this is more than enough to deal with you.”

The Bloodthirsty effect quickly ended.?Fang Yuan revealed a harmless smile as he looked at the second-in-charge.?“Now, it’s your turn.”


The second-in-charge was so frightened that he immediately knelt down and repeatedly kowtowed.

“Don’t kill me, please don’t kill me.?I don’t want to die, please...”

“Huh??Are you a coward?”

Fang Yuan was relieved.?He passed the pen and paper to the second-in-charge and said, “Sure, write the letter for me first.”

The second-in-charge did not hesitate and immediately did as he was told.?Then, he sent the letter on pigeons to all the bandits nearby.

After he was done, he wiped his sweat and continued to kneel in front of Fang Yuan, asking for his next instructions.

“Young Master Fang, you said that you wouldn’t kill us, but you were telling the truth, right?”

“Is there a need for me to lie to you?”

Fang Yuan looked at him with a smile that was not a smile.

The second-in-charge was slightly relieved and heaved a sigh of relief, “Then, do you have anything else for me to do?”

“There is indeed something.”

“Just say it!”?The second-in-charge said eagerly, “As long as I can do it, I will do my best.”

Fang Yuan used his hand to cover the Soul Capture Gu’s figure and patted his shoulder, watching the Gu worm enter his body.

“I’ve already done it.”


The second-in-charge was a little lost, but soon his eyes lost their luster, and his head drooped heavily.

In less than three seconds, he slowly raised his head, his eyelids turning pitch black.

Following that, he called out in a hoarse voice.


Fang Yuan nodded in satisfaction.

Gu slave, success!

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