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Chapter 14: Encountering An Attack, New Bloodthirsty Ability

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The convoy continued on their journey and gradually entered a dense forest.

Inside the carriage, the light from the outside world seemed to have dimmed quite a bit.

“We’ve arrived at the Black Wind Mountain Village’s territory.”

Fang Yuan lifted the curtain by the window and swept his gaze across both sides of the road.

Suddenly, a white light shone in his eyes.

Fang Yuan’s lips curled up slightly.?“They’re here.”

Yu Bing was a little nervous and could not help but move closer to Fang Yuan.?“What can we do?”

“Nothing.?Just act normally.?When everyone is resting, they will come out naturally.”

After Fang Yuan said that, he looked at Yu Bing.?“Sister, lend me your handkerchief.”

Yu Bing smiled and did as he said without asking why.

Fang Yuan just took it and wiped the sweat off his forehead before throwing it out of the window.

Yu Bing’s eyes widened.

“Don’t be angry, I took the opportunity to let a Gu worm out,” Fang Yuan explained with a smile.

“Then...?then you can’t throw away the handkerchief, there are so many other things to use in the carriage.”

The angry Yu Bing seemed rather cute.

Fang Yuan couldn’t help but pinch her cheeks.?“When we get back to the capital city, I’ll buy you ten.”

“Hmph! I want twenty!”

Fang Yuan said dotingly, “Alright, alright.?We’ll do that.”

Soon, the carriage team stopped by the roadside under Fang Yuan’s instructions and formed a half circle.

Everyone gathered behind and rested.


Not long after they sat down, a rustling sound came from the grass.

Before they could react, the sound of rushing wind could be heard, and countless cold arrows shot out from the depths of the forest.?Even with so many vehicles blocking in front, they still hit a few unlucky caravan Gu masters.

In just a few seconds, half of the caravan Gu masters were injured by the arrows.

Fang Yuan held the worm rod in his hand and stood in front of Yu Bing, blocking the arrows that were coming at her.

Dozens of people rushed out and surrounded them.

The remaining ten or so people who were not injured immediately drew their swords and stood in front of their injured companions.

No one retreated.

Fang Yuan saw it and nodded secretly.

Although these people were not very strong, they were still mentally strong when they met the enemy.

“You’re overestimating yourselves.?A group of Qi Refinement Stage brats actually dare to come out and deliver goods?”

At this time, a thin and wretched looking man walked out from the crowd, letting out a sinister laugh.?“I am Black Wind Mountain Village’s third leader, Goshawk.?I will take over your goods, and those who don’t want to die, quickly scram!”

“In your dreams!”

“If you want the goods, then walk over my corpse!”

“Scum of the Black Wind Mountain Village, come!”

The Fang clan’s Gu masters were fierce.

“Then you can go to Hell, Hehe, who should we start with?”

Goshawk’s sharp gaze swept around, suddenly landing on Yu Bing.?When he saw her appearance, he was shocked, “Yo, there is actually such a pretty little girl.?Why don’t you follow me up the mountain and let everyone have some fun?”

Fang Yuan’s gaze immediately turned cold.


The worm rod suddenly struck out, aiming straight for the other party’s throat.

“I almost forgot, she still has a gigolo lover like you.”

Goshawk was already prepared, sneering as he drew out his long saber and waved it away.?“Gigolo, is that all you have?”

Fang Yuan’s expression did not change.?The second rod followed closely behind, the spirit essence in his acupoints surged, continuously adding to the worm rod.

With this rod, he had already merged the fourth revolution of the nine-turns rod technique and the Moonlight Gu’s charging power into it, using all his strength in an attempt to kill in one strike.

Goshawk immediately sensed the abnormality.?His expression also became serious, activating the Gu worm’s ability in his acupoints almost at the same time.

Instantly, fire enveloped the blade, colliding with the worm rod.


There was no expected explosion.

There was only a crisp sound.

Goshawk’s thick broadsword instantly shattered into countless small pieces and scattered all over the ground.

The worm rod did not stop its momentum and directly smashed into Goshawk’s head.

Violent spirit essence energy rushed into goshawk’s head through the rod.?In just a breath’s time, it had already turned the inside of Goshawk’s head into a paste.


Goshawk knelt on the ground, blood flowing out of his seven orifices, and there was no sign of life.

Fang Yuan looked at his corpse indifferently, and curled his lips in slight disdain, “Showing weakness to the enemy without even knowing it, what an idiot.”

He originally wanted to use the Soul Capture Gu to control the other party.

However, this goshawk was courting death, daring to tease his sister.?He could only kill him directly, so as to avoid looking at his face to disgust himself.

[Ding, your Bloodthirsty Gu smelled the scent of fresh blood, it was excited and couldn’t wait to eat it. ]

As expected of a Bloodthirsty Gu, it wanted to eat all kinds of blood.

Fang Yuan directly released it, letting it eat to its heart’s content.

“You...?You dare to kill our third leader!”

A Black Wind Mountain Village Gu master had a frightened expression.?He pointed at Fang Yuan’s nose and threatened: “Just you wait, the first leader will not let you off!”

Fang Yuan laughed when he heard this, looking at the other party mockingly: “You don’t think that after hurting my people, you can still leave, right?”

“There are so many of us, if we leave together, you can’t stop us!”

“Then you can try.”

That person felt that Fang Yuan was just refusing to give in, and looked at him hatefully, raising one hand to signal for everyone to retreat.

The leader of the bandits was dead.?If they were stubborn, they would probably die here.

Dozens of people slowly retreated.

Fang Yuan squinted his eyes.?The Nine-turns Adamant Worm-manipulation Rod suddenly shone brightly.?In an instant, a large cloud of worms rushed out and attacked the enemies.

The man’s eyes froze and he suddenly shouted.

“Run! Spread out and run!”

Unfortunately, they could not escape.

The worm cloud entanglement skill was supported by Fang Yuan’s spirit essence.

With his liquid spirit essence, it was easy for him to take care of this group of people.

Not long after, everyone was torn apart by the worm cloud.?They were all badly mutilated, and not a single one of them had a good spot on their body.

Yu Bing looked a little scared as she hugged Fang Yuan’s arm tightly.

She did not feel that Fang Yuan’s methods were cruel.?After all, if the other party did not die, they would be the ones who died.?She only felt that this scene was terrifying.

Fang Yuan patted her back to comfort her.?At the same time, he signaled for the Bloodthirsty Gu to clean up the battlefield and absorb all their flesh and blood.

In the end, only one person was left alive.

He planned to interrogate them for more information about Black Wind Mountain Village.

The rest of the Gu masters took care of their companions and bandaged their wounds.

Fortunately, no one died on their side, and the other party’s arrows were not poisoned.

[Ding! Your Bloodthirsty Gu has devoured a large amount of flesh and blood, and its strength has increased, starting reproduction of Bloodthirsty Worm group.?The worm group’s strength increases with the enemy it consumes, and at the same time, the refined ability can be returned to you!]

[Your Bloodthirsty Gu has given you an ability — Bloodthirsty!]

[Bloodthirsty] : break through the limit in a short period of time, giving you a 300% boost to all your abilities!

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