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Chapter 12: Distant Cousin

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shi Hao was indeed a peak tenth layer Foundation Establishment expert.

With just a few words, he was able to point out the doubts that had troubled Fang Yuan for many days.

However, the delivery was urgent, and Fang Yuan couldn’t stay long.?After informing Shi Hao of the effects of the Gu wine, he left the Shi clan.

Afterwards, Fang Yuan went to the city to buy some medicinal pills and necessary materials for cultivation on the way.

At night, he went home to pack his luggage.

“Second Brother?”

A soft voice came from behind him.

Fang Yuan turned his head and saw a pure and moving woman standing not far behind him.

She was extremely beautiful, and had all the good points of an oriental beauty.?Her eyes were bright and her teeth were white.?Her every frown and smile was charming.

If beauty could be rated, Fang Yuan would not hesitate to give her a nine point five out of ten.


Why did she look a little familiar?

“You are?”

Fang Yuan was still recalling.?He did not remember meeting such a beautiful girl.

“Hmph! It’s only been ten years and you already don’t remember me!”

The girl had her hands on her hips.?She was unhappy.

Two small dimples appeared on her face.

Fang Yuan came to a realization: “Little sister Yu Bing.”

Yu Bing was his distant cousin.

When she was young, her physique was not good, and she was sent to the city to recuperate.?The two grew up together, and only after Fang Yuan was sent to the Gu Immortal Sect did they part.?They had a good relationship.

Seeing that Fang Yuan recognized her, Yu Bing smiled happily, she ran forward and hugged his arm, saying intimately: “At least you have a conscience, you haven’t forgotten about me.”

“A girl really changes as she grows up.”

Fang Yuan lowered his head to glance at her and sighed, “The little girl who used to run around naked has also grown up so much.”

“How annoying!”?Yu Bing’s pretty face turned slightly red as she gently hit him.?Then, as if she had remembered something, she asked, “I just came back and heard Big Brother say that you’re going to the capital?”

“Yes, to deliver the goods.”

Fang Yuan stuck out his lips and gestured for her to see the things he was packing.?“The luggage is ready.”

Hearing that, Yu Bing’s delicate brows immediately furrowed.?“This journey is not safe...?brother, it wasn’t easy for me to see you.?Can you not go?”

“I won’t hide it from you.?Something has happened at home.?As a member of the Fang clan, I have to stand up.”

“Then I’ll go with you!”

Yu Bing immediately let go of Fang Yuan’s arm and rushed to his father and mother’s courtyard.

It looked like she was trying to convince them.

Fang Yuan looked at her and shook his head, “This girl’s personality hasn’t changed at all.”

After packing up, Fang Yuan sat cross-legged on the bed and took out the Soul Capture Gu that Shi Hao had given him.

A larva was different from a worm egg.

It was a Gu worm that already had a certain amount of strength and had not acknowledged its master.

It was hostile towards anyone.

If one wanted to control it, one had to have enough strength to suppress it and make it submit.

There was a certain amount of risk, but fortunately, this was only a newly hatched level one larva.

If this was a level five or six adult worm, Fang Yuan would have been controlled by the Soul Capturing skill the moment he placed it in his acupoints.

It was still very easy now.

The four Gu worms in his acupoints worked together with his spirit essence to easily suppress the new Soul Capture Gu.

It also quickly put on a subservient posture and let Fang Yuan feed it his blood, forming a master-servant contract.

[Ding! Congratulations on obtaining the Soul Capture Gu!]

[Your Soul Capture Gu’s cultivation efficiency has been greatly reduced due to the lack of a servant whose mind is controlled.?Current cultivation efficiency is 3% . ]


Alright, another master with requirements.

Fang Yuan shook his head, he could not just randomly find someone on the street to control, so he could only leave it like this.

The night passed without a word.

Early in the morning.

A long fleet of carriages was gathered outside the Fang residence.

Each carriage was filled with goods.

With so many carriages, Fang Yuan naturally would not pull them alone.

Other than him, there were twenty Gu masters from the sixth layer of the Qi Refinement Realm to the second layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm to help him transport the goods.

Fang Yuan knew very well that if they encountered any unexpected situations, he would be the only one with the ability to fight.

After all, from the system interface, this was a group of boys whose Gu worms had reached the second level and whose cultivation speed was only at 50% .

Some of them did not even have a second Gu worm.

Their strength was extremely mediocre.

If this group of people fought Fang Yuan, it would be over in one move.

They could not break through the entanglement of the Worm Cloud Bind.

However, even though they were not strong, they still had their uses.

At least, Fang Yuan alone could not support the all the goods and act as a coachman.

Before they left, the members of the Fang clan reluctantly sent them off.?They did not stop following them until they reached the outskirts of the city.

“Be careful.”

Fang Cheng hugged his younger brother tightly.?After ten years of separation, he did not expect to be separated again in just half a month.

Mother Fang’s tears welled up in her eyes as she said a lot of exhortations.

Fang Wen Heng had a thousand words in his heart, but in the end, it turned into a simple sentence.

“No matter what, even if the goods are lost, you have to come back alive.”

Hearing the concerned words of his family, Fang Yuan nodded heavily.

“Don’t worry, Father, Mother, Big Brother, help me take care of them.?I’m leaving.”

With that, he turned around and commanded like a general, “Let’s go!”

The convoy of more than a dozen people officially set off.

Fang Yuan resisted the urge to look back again and followed the convoy in large strides.

He was afraid.

He was afraid that he would not be willing to leave if he took another look.

Parting was the most bitter since ancient times.

Fang Yuan finally experienced this feeling in his lifetime.

Not long after, a small head poked out from the carriage in front and waved at him.

“Second Brother, come here.”

It was Yu Bing.

She really convinced her parents to let her go with him.

Fang Yuan was a little helpless, so he chased after the carriage and got in.

He glanced at Yu Bing’s beautiful face and could not help but raise his eyebrows.

Only now did he realize that the system’s interface did not appear.

There were only two possibilities.

First, Yu Bing was an ordinary person, and the system would not show her attribute panel.

Second, Yu Bing was stronger than him, and because he was not strong enough, he could not see it.

The latter was more likely.

After all, his parents couldn’t let Yu Bing, if she wasn’t strong enough, take the risk.

No way...

This distant cousin of his was actually a big shot?

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