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Chapter 11: Soul Capture Gu, Rod Technique’s Fourth Revolution!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The two had not seen each other for many years, so there was naturally a lot of small talk.

Shi Hao had watched the Fang brothers grow up, so he was very fond of them.

After hearing that Fang Yuan was going to help him with the Song clan’s goods, he was relieved but also a little worried.

“Second Young Master, do you know how many dangerous places you will have to go through on the way to the capital??Have you really made up your mind?”

Hearing Shi Hao say this, Fang Yuan nodded firmly.

“Uncle, now that something has happened to the family, I have the responsibility as a member of the Fang clan to help overcome the difficulties.”

Hearing this, Shi Hao couldn’t help but fall silent.?After a long time, he said, “Second Young Master, you have just entered the secular world.?I originally didn’t want you to experience a bloodbath so early, but this old man’s body is severely injured.?I really have the heart but not the strength.”

As he said this, he sighed, “Forget it.?Since you have already made up his mind, I can’t stop you.?Since you called me uncle, I’ll give this to you.”

Following that, Shi Hao took out a wooden box from his pocket and placed it in Fang Yuan’s palm.

Fang Yuan was stunned for a moment and opened the box.

A small worm as black as ink appeared.

The system scan automatically activated.

[Soul Capture Gu]

Level: Tier 1

Type: Support

Grade: Bronze

Skill: [Soul Capturing]


It was actually a hatched larva?

And it was Bronze grade?

This was not cheap.

Fang Yuan carefully looked at the details of the skill, and it was even more powerful.

[Soul Capturing] : can reside in the nerve center of the opponent’s brain, can be used to control the mind and control the opponent like a puppet.?(cannot control if the opponent’s spirit essence is higher than your own)

The amount of a Gu master’s spirit essence is usually calculated according to the Gu worms in the Gu master’s acupoints.

The more Gu worms, the higher the level, the higher the total spirit essence a Gu master has.

Fang Yuan’s acupoints has a liquid spirit essence lake, so it can be said that at this point, he can control most Gu masters at the third layer of Foundation Establishment or even some weaker fourth layer Gu masters!

If he used the Soul Capturing Gu for himself, Fang Yuan would be invincible in his realm.?This was something that many so-called geniuses could not do.


It was too valuable.

Such a Gu worm could not be appraised according to its grade.

With such a tyrannical skill, even a Silver rank Gu worm could not be exchanged for it.

Shi Hao saw the hesitation in Fang Yuan’s eyes, and he smiled. “Second Young Master, this is my intention as your uncle.?The journey is dangerous, you must return alive.”

Fang Yuan was moved.?“Then I will accept your request.”

Shi Hao laughed heartily, explaining to him the matters he had to pay attention to on the way to the capital.

Fang Yuan listened attentively, memorizing the important points.

In this world, the threshold to become a Gu master was not high.?As long as one opened their acupoints, they could nurture Gu worms and start their cultivation journey.

Thus, this also resulted in an extreme lack of cultivation resources.

Most of the resources were concentrated in the hands of the large clans like the sects and the imperial family.

The rest of the lone cultivators could only explore the dangerous areas, risking their lives to find one or two low level Gu worms.

However, there were many powerful mutated beasts in the wild.?If they encountered them, they would die.

Thus, a portion of the lone cultivators gathered together to develop the wild areas, occupying the mountains as kings and controlling the local resources.

Not only that, they would also rob passing caravans and Lone Gu masters, and their actions were similar to bandits.

Shi Hao traveled on the trade routes all year round.?Those people knew of his strength and would not find trouble with him.

Fang Yuan was different.?He was an unknown young man, and even though he was wearing the Gu Immortal Sect clothing, he was alone, so those thieves might not be afraid of him.

Thus, Fang Yuan had to pay attention to not only the wild beasts along the way, but also those malicious Gu masters.

“Second Young Master, about half a day away from cloud summit city, there is a dense forest.?That is Black Wind Mountain Village’s territory.”

“They have many people, and they like to set up ambushes in the forest.?Most of them are Qi Refinement Stage Gu masters, so they are nothing to be afraid of.”

“But a few village leader level people still have some tricks.?The weakest third village leader might only be at the third layer of the Foundation Establishment, but he is sinister and crafty, and he has many tricks up his sleeves.?You have to be careful.”

“And that Black Wind Mountain Village’s first village leader, he is at the sixth layer of Foundation Establishment.?If you are not confident, do not clash with him.”

Listening to Shi Hao’s detailed explanation, Fang Yuan understood that he was really worried about his safety, so he nodded slowly.

“Uncle Shi Hao, I’ve remembered everything.”

Hearing this, Fang Cheng laughed lightly.?“Uncle Shi Hao, you might not know this, but just now, when brother was at home, he beat that subordinate of the Song clan to a pulp with one move.?Guess what Song Yuanhong said?”

“Oh?”?Shi Hao’s eyes lit up.?“Young Master, you’d better tell me directly.?I’m too old to think.”

Fang Cheng imitated Song Yuanhong’s tone.?“Sigh, the second young master is a giant among men.?Ordinary sixth layer Foundation Establishment experts can’t even get close.?Stop fighting.”

“Haha, Uncle, you didn’t see the way that one was beaten up.?I was dying of laughter.”

Fang Yuan glanced at his big brother.?How could he not remember Song Yuanhong praising him as a giant among men?

Shi Hao was greatly astonished.?“Second Young Master was actually able to defeat someone in the sixth layer with the cultivation of the fifth layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm.?This is...?God has blessed the Fang clan.”

Fang Cheng felt honored and said with a smile, “So, that so-called Black Wind Mountain Village chief is probably just some small fry who won’t be able to escape even one of my brother’s moves.”

“That person underestimated the enemy, and the cultivation method that my nephew learned was simply more overbearing.?It was just a fluke.”

Fang Yuan could not bear to hear it anymore, so he still explained, and then said, “However, if my rod technique improves a little more, even if he was serious, he might not be able to stop me.”

“Second Young Master is learning a rod technique?”?Shi Hao raised his eyebrows when he heard that.

“That’s right.”

“That’s good!”?Fang Cheng smiled and said, “Uncle Shi Hao is also someone who intimidates those rascals using the rod technique.?Brother, if you don’t mind, can you show Uncle the technique so he can get some pointers?”

“No need, the sect’s cultivation technique cannot be leaked.”

Shi Hao hurriedly shook his head and said, “Second Young Master can just demonstrate it.”

Fang Yuan smiled slightly and directly handed the nine-turns rod technique book to him.?“We’re family.”

“Second Young Master...”

Shi Hao’s heart was burning, and his eyes were moist.

Faced with Fang Yuan’s trust, he was at a loss.

In the end, he took a deep breath to calm himself down and he opened the first page of the nine-turns rod technique.

After looking at it for a while, he said in surprise, “What an overbearing rod technique!”

He flipped through it so quickly that he couldn’t remember the contents.?It seemed that he was just trying to understand the principles of this rod technique.

Soon, he flipped to the fourth revolution section.

“Uncle, this is what I’ve been wondering about recently.?I haven’t been able to break through.”?Fang Yuan pointed out to him.

Shi Hao only took two glances before he started to explain with a smile.

Fang Yuan listened very seriously.

As Shi Hao explained, Fang Yuan seemed to have understood something in his mind.

Soon, a bell rang.

[Ding! Your nine-turns rod technique has received guidance from an expert and has successfully broken through to the fourth revolution!]


It has broken through!

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