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My Girlfriend is a Zombie

Chapter 9 Encountering survivors

Chapter 9 Encountering survivors

But when Ling Mo led Ye Lian to go towards the direction of the main city, he found that Ye Lian not only showed changes in self-awareness, but more on amplification of instincts.

When facing normal zombies, Ye Lian’s attitude became like confronting inferior organisms, and her way of killing also became cleanlier with her eyes looked like trampling on lowly insects. And her attack speed is a lot faster, if she was simply like cheetah before, then now she is entirely a humanoid cheetah.

Although the viral evolution had made Ye Lian to appear closer to ordinary human, but her behavior is much closer to the real beasts, especially during weaker creatures hunting. Probably to Ye Lian, normal zombies are all just weak scums.

Ling Mo could not help but think, how will Ye Lian act when facing humans…. But under his control, preventing Ye Lian’s random attack is still completely doable.

He rode a bicycle with Ye Lian through the streets, if it wasn’t for all the zombies around them, Ling Mo would have enjoyed more of the ride.

But not for long, as soon as they stepped into the main city, Ling Mo found that trouble came to the door.

To be precisely, he confronted head-on with two survivors surrounded by zombies.

The two survivors, one man and one woman don’t look much older, it was not hard to tell from their backpacks that they came out to scavenge for food. And the place they were fighting at was outside the gate of a supermarket. Using the door of the supermarket as cover, those two barely withstood zombies’ ferocious attack, but the appearance of more zombies began to incur frequent crisis for them.

These zombies all attack rapidly with strong power, the door of the supermarket were soon smashed into pieces, these two had to recede inside, using shelves and counters and other obstacles to slow down the zombies.

And Ling Mo look at them afar, originally wanted to detour to leave, but was attracted by that girl.

That girl is holding a long knife, always smiling, and with each occurrence of the crisis, her sudden swift slashes are always able to kill all the zombies that rushed forward. Her speed at moments is even on par with Ye Lian. If not seen with his own eyes, Ling Mo would not even believe that such extraordinary skilled little girl exist among the ordinary people.

The key is her smile. Usually, girls in these kinds of situations would be scared to death, or they would at least be ashen and trembling. But from her expression, she seemed to enjoy this very course of fighting, even in the case of obvious disadvantage. No matter how strong she is, facing with more and more zombies, her strength would sooner or later be depleted, even Ling Mo can see that, her instant acceleration kind of attack not only posed great challenge to the physical body, but also challenge for the mind’s concentration.

But even in this situation, she still remained calm….

Ling Mo even incurred a hint of doubt at this moment; does this girl also have some kind of special abilities like myself?

As soon as the idea came out, Ling Mo suddenly had a great curiosity toward this girl, but looked at Ye Lian sitting in the back seat, he decide that it’s better to mind his own business. It would be no problem if the person is an ordinary survivor, if she really have special ability, she might be able to see through Ye Lian’s true identity, then they will be in trouble….

Just when he intended to ride to bypass, but a cry came from the supermarket’s direction: “Bro! Please help out!”

Hearing the sound of shouting instantly made Ling Mo’s head felt a burst of pain.

Besides the sound of bro made Ling Mo annoyed, not to mention the sound of shouting alone is enough to bring greater trouble! Zombies’ hearing are much more sensitive than average person, after the boy shouted, several zombies immediately came out from nearby alley or stores. And as soon as they appeared, they instantly noticed Ling Mo and rushed directly towards them.

“What a troll, AH!” Ling Mo curse loudly in his heart, pulled out knife from the waist and jumped off the bike. Because he was suspicious of the girl’s identity, Ling Mo had to let Ye Lian stay behind him, not letting her attack in order to prevent revealing her true identity.

But dealing with nearly ten zombies by himself is really his first time. Just relying on his own attack ability is probably far from sufficient to cope with that many zombies.

Fortunately, Ling Mo still had the ability to control puppets, and right now is the perfect time to verify the result. When raising the knife towards the first zombie that rushed forward, Ling Mo’s eyes had already turned to the second zombie, in the instant of making eye contact; his tyrannical spiritual power had immediately controlled this zombie by force.

While he killed the first zombie, at the same time the second zombie who was controlled to jump on Ling Mo’s sword.

That was only the beginning, seeing several zombies rushed forward towards myself, Ling Mo kicked the corpse off his sword as he was shocked, but the mind was never this clear before.

He had already tried controlling two zombies at once, what about three zombies at one time?

Controlling three zombies at once is a new challenge for Ling Mo, but at that critical moment, he had no time to think, he only allowed this idea to float into his head for one moment and then immediately put to practice.

One swift movement of cutting the zombie at the front, at the same time controlling the two zombies that followed up, when their movements showed short-term stagnation, Ling Mo’s knife at the same time have also promptly cut through their throats. This type of control only affected zombies’ actions in a very short time; even Ling Mo did not expect its extreme effectiveness when applying it into combat.

Under the law he concocted (TL: implying he’s repeating the method), Ling Mo, rushed into the zombie crowd appearing relaxed, and directly killed nearly a dozens of zombies with an incredible fast attack. Almost in the blink of an eye, zombies’ corpses surrounded Ling Mo.

Spattered with blood, Ling Mo now looked like the Killing God, suddenly blindsiding the woman and man in the supermarket.

“Oh s***! Shana, did you see that? What did that person do, so cruel!” That boy stared directly, could not help but shout shockingly, and he did not realize that a zombie squeezed through the cracks of the counter and reached out to him.


A slash of coldness went before his eyes, then that hand fell besides his feet, and he was covered in cold sweat watching the girl that stood beside him.

Shana eyed him coldly, at the same time she thrusted the long knife into the zombie’s belly, then forced it out: “ How’s that my business?”

“We are saved! Come on, let’s break out!” Even though Shana react indifferently, but the boy is exceptionally excited, after all, it’s a turning point.

Regardless whether Ling Mo was willing to save them, this boy immediately jumped out of the counter, and Shana also followed to rush up after frowning her brow.

From a distance, watching the two people breaking through towards his direction, Ling Mo knew that temporarily it would not be possible to shake them off. So, instead of watching them attracting over another group of zombies, why not help them get away.

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