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My Girlfriend is a Zombie

Chapter 515 - Gamble

Chapter 515 – Gamble

Editor: Zephyr04 Translator: Jhung & Zephyr04

Jian Qi sensed a familiar aura coming from the leader’s body...


The situation inside the Air Force Regiment quickly stabilized. With Wen Xuan’s fast and decisive methods, they didn’t even get a chance to react.

Wen Xuan couldn’t believe that he had gotten the Air Force regiment to submit while having a much weaker force.

If it had been someone else who was a bit more cautious, they might not have been able to get the job done.

Only someone as reckless as Wen Xuan would dare to act so aggressively while being at a disadvantage.

However, he also knew that this was only temporary. He quickly began transfers and changed the defenses before the Air Force Regiment people could react, permanently controlling them in his hand.


At this moment, the Falcon headquarters in City-A had gone crazy with the news.

“Hey, is the news true? Did we really take down the Air Force Regiment?”

An officer who couldn’t contain his curiosity quickly pulled the people around him and asked while rushing towards the conference room.

“I highly doubt it. We’ve always been pushed around by the Air Force Regiment... Everyone here wants to fight them, but the problem is, we’re too far away, and it’s not worth the risk...”

Another officer frowned and shook his head.

“Yeah, the losses would be too much for us. Our main goal is to survive, not fight them to the death. Didn’t we talk about this in our last meeting? If cooperation was possible, then cooperate. There’s no need for a fallout with them...” The first officer nodded in agreement and said, “But if we really did take them down, how wonderful would that be...”

“Hey, who do you think they would send if we really did take them down? Wouldn’t that person be the ruler of that area?”

“Shh. Keep your voices down. We don’t know anything about the situation yet, and you guys are already thinking about this...”

This group of people immediately became surrounded by another circle of people. Everyone started to talk about it, but all of them doubted the credibility of the news.

The Falcons had endured the Air Force Regiment’s bullying for the longest time and were upset.

But if they wanted to take them down, they would have to deploy an enormous amount of manpower and spend a lot of time planning.

But in the past few days, none of them had seen any big moves.

“Ahem, stop talking. The General Staff is here...”

A person glanced back suddenly, then coughed dryly, and said.

Everyone suddenly became quiet and turned their heads to look at the other side of the corridor.

All eyes were on Su Qian Rou as she walked over in her military uniform...

She held a report in her hand and had a calm and confident expression on her face.

Due to last time’s stolen experimental body incident, Su Qian Rou’s position in the Falcon Camp had become a bit awkward.

All the staff on duty in the lab had died, yet she didn’t even know who killed them.

At that time, many people questioned her ability and even held a meeting to condemn her.

For this reason, many people were gloating at her.

“How does a woman, who isn’t even a soldier, have any qualifications to be the General Staff?”

“Even if you wanted to give a high position to appease those psychics, you didn’t need to give it to her... Now you see what happens? Shameful, right?”

“She only got to her position because she knows how to use her pretty face... Does she really think anyone takes her seriously?”

Su Qian Rou had heard a lot of similar rumors.

But she chose to remain silent. Even the matter of her attack was kept secret.

The only person that knew about this matter was Li Wei.

Towards these rumors, responding wouldn’t win her any sympathy. Instead, it would probably make her situation worse...

But remaining silent didn’t mean Su Qian Rou didn’t make any moves.

Vigorously supporting Yu Wen Xuan, making him the main unit in the construction of the X City isolation area, and finally stabilizing the psychics positions in the Falcon camp...

But when Wen Xuan went to talk to her this time, Su Qian Rou wanted nothing other than rejecting him.

“What a joke!”

Without any information and no advance preparation, just for him to say “I want to do something very important, assign some men to me.”

If someone else talked about this matter, Su Qian Rou would definitely think that the other party was crazy.

But Wen Xuan is different, he is really crazy...

“It’s very ‘important’... This reason alone is not sufficient.” Su Qian Rou pondered for a while, before replying, “Why are you acting so secretive?”

“ has to be kept as a secret.”

Wen Xuan was pulling his hair, and a gleam of light suddenly flashed in those lunatic eyes: “In short, if I lose, you can just make me the scapegoat. Everyone here knows who I am, No one will really try to blame you over a lunatic’s actions. However, if I win, you’ll hit the jackpot, and reap a huge benefit you could never imagine.”

The two stared at each other for a while, and Su Qian Rou’s heart skipped a beat.

“Something I could never imagine?”

“You mean...”

Wen Xuan smiled slightly, turned around, and slowly walked towards the door.

When he passed by the wall, he raised his arm, his fingers slowly moved across on the Map of X City Surroundings, and then stopped at the location of the Air Force Regiment.


He knocked right at that location, as he walked out of the door without looking back.

While holding the door handle, he heard Su Qian Rou’s startled gasp.

Su Qian Rou clenched her hands and stared at where Wen Xuan had just knocked on as her breathing got heavier.

She had finally guessed his gamble...

This is indeed a big gamble... The question was, to gamble or not?

Wen Xuan took all the risks by himself, and she wouldn’t lose anything.

However, it’s hard to place a psychic at a high position. If he fails, all of her previous efforts will be for naught...

The bad relationship with the Air Force Regiment in the future, the punishments to be received later, and cleaning up all the mess...

But all the risks are insignificant compared to the possible benefits!


Su Qian Rou bit her lip and stayed silent for a long while, before finally taking a deep breath: “You choose the people. I will send you... to collect supplies.”

Wen Xuan paused, and a smirk appeared on his face.

He unscrewed the door handle and whistled happily: “Brother-in-law asked me to convince General Staff Su, he really is accurate enough...”

Seeing Wen Xuan’s back disappearing into the door, Su Qian Rou, who had remained calm until the door was closed, collapsed to her chair...

From then on, time, for Su Qian Rou, was ticking extremely slowly...

Until today, when requested a contract from Wen Xuan from the Air Force Regiment, Su Qian Rou finally showed a smile.

She had won the gamble!

Although the ins and outs are still unknown, it is definitely an unprecedented victory for the Falcon to be able to take down the Air Force Regiment without a single drop of blood.

The X City isolation zone has just been established recently, and now all the resources and strength of the Air Force Regiment was also acquired...

The Falcons future suddenly got extremely bright!

The only thing that made Su Qian Rou feel slightly conflicted was that Wen Xuan, who had never asked for a position of power, asked in the walkie-talkie.

“I’ve taken over the Air Force Regiment. Um... It shouldn’t be a problem for me to be a Branch Commander, right?

“A Branch Commander... If I refuse, will this guy rebel?”

Looking at the suspicious and expectant expressions of the officers in front, Su Qian Rou suddenly felt a headache

“This lunatic... he is deliberately asking me to quarrel with the others...”

But when Su Qian Rou squeezed the report in her hand, her eyes became extremely firm.

Wen Xuan had won and now controlled the Air Force Regiment and became the Cranch Commander, which was also a victory for the psychics in the Falcons.

For Su Qian Rou, this is a good opportunity to balance internal forces.

She glanced sideways at Li Wei who was following her, and suddenly said in a low voice, “Remember to close the door when we start.”


Li Wei was stunned for a moment, then quickly covered his mouth and nodded.

When Su Qian Rou shows this look, it means that she is ready to go crazy...

Li Wei patted his heart that was beating wildly, but suddenly thought of Ling Mo.

It was because of that “**” that he had to bear a secret...

When she finally found Su Qian Rou, she almost fainted on the spot.

Although he didn’t see Ling Mo do it with his own eyes, Li Wei knew that the only one who could do it was the guy who appeared in City A for no reason.

Even the theft of the experimental body must be inextricably related to Ling Mo.

She didn’t quite believe that Ling Mo would kill so many innocent people, but Ling Mo must be involved in this incident.

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