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My Girlfriend is a Zombie

Chapter 5 – Viral Evolution

Chapter 5 – Viral Evolution

Around morning, a sudden trace of throbbing instantly woke up Ling Mo.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Ye Lian sitting in the corner.

Ye Lian, with a cleaned body and clean clothes look no different from the past…. The only difference is that pair of eerie red eyes…

The abnormal sensation Ling Mo felt before came from Ye Lian’s instinctive desire. If Ye Lian could speak now, then her first sentence would be: “ I am hungry.”

And the food she needs is those special kinds of gels from the head of zombies.

From Ye Lian’s performance, that special gel could trigger a new kind of mutation of the virus in her body, and it’s very effective. Since she has the desire, of course I have to satisfy it.

When thinking about it, Ling Mo had mixed feelings. Average survivors tries to dodge zombies at all cost, and I need to take initiative to find them. Most importantly, a mutated zombie now follows me.

After bringing some food with them, Ling Mo pulled out a brand new knife from the bag. That boning knife has been worn out; it would affect me in the battle and cannot be used anymore.

He tried to feed a slice of ham to Ye Lian, but noticed that she took no interest in it at all, the food she only needs seemed to be that special gel.

“Come on, let’s go find you some food.” Pulled up Ye Lian, Ling Mo took her downstairs.

The city is now completely dead, short on everything, except for zombies. But the places where zombies gather together are still too dangerous for Ling Mo; he could only take Ye Lian to the ones that were singled out.

During the cautiously scavenge process, Ling Mo couldn’t help but thinking one problem. To those wondering zombies, their only food sources are those survivors who are risking their lives in search for food, and most survivors are usually extremely careful, even if they don’t collect much, they still have the ability to stay alive.

So will these zombies be like Ye Lian, under the condition where they cannot find food, would they start to kill each other? Maybe in some places, there are already mutated zombies existing like Ye Lian.

For survivors, this is no doubt adding another layer of frost to the snow….

After strengthening spiritual connection, Ling Mo was able to control Ye Lian much more easily than yesterday. And after a night of studying, he also mastered the technique of controlling Ye Lian.

Different from average zombies, Ye Lian not only have instincts, but she also have a strong desire to attack, and she was able to communicate her needs to Ling Mo. Plus she has powerful strength, fully controlling her will only limit her abilities and lead her to resistance. Therefore Ling Mo only maintained spiritual connection between him and her to make sure that he never becomes her target, and did not restrict her freedom.

Because of the existing spiritual connection between two sides, even though Ye Lian could move by herself, but she did not leave from Ling Mo’s sight and even closely followed him.

Fortunately, this is the suburb, population is not very dense and Ling Mo soon found some wondering zombies at the intersection.

As soon as she saw these zombies, Ye Lian could not wait to rush forward, displaying her nimble movements and brisk attack. After been shocked a little, Ling Mo also quickly carried his knife and rushed up.

Just one minute later, these zombies were taken out, and Ye Lian’s eyes became even more agile after devouring the gel.

At the same time, Ling Mo also felt his spiritual power strengthened, physical power enhanced. Even though this change is not obvious, but for Ling Mo, it was a gratifying progress.

When Ye Lian was fighting, he felt an evident increase of violence.

After bringing Ye Lian hunting in the nearby for the morning, they killed at least a dozen zombies that finally satisfied her needs.

But something surprised Ling Mo, after eating a dozens of zombie brain gel, Ye Lian started to show signs of fatigue and her mood has also become very unstable. If during this process, Ling Mo and Ye Lian didn’t have such a tight spiritual connection, Ye Lian might have run off already.

Seeing the situation not going well, Ling Mo quickly found a residential building and brought Ye Lian into one of the uninhabited house.

At this point Ye Lian has already become irritated with clenched fists, yet the body seemed to have lost strength, with the whole body completely limped down. Ling Mo carried her to the bed, felt her body burning high with a frightening fever 𝓲𝐧𝙣𝓇ℯ𝓪𝐝 c𝚘𝒎

Is it because of eating too much at once, that the virus has become unstable?

Just when Ling Mo was worrying about Ye Lian, an instant sense of fury and violence swept through his mind, everything before him seemed to be covered by a layer of blood.

Obviously, when the virus mutated inside Ye Lian’s body, it also affected him through spiritual connection.

So painful…..If I disconnect the spiritual connection now, I can be freed from this disgusting feeling, but Ye Lian who will be out of control and might attack, Ling Mo can only bite down on his teeth and remain patient.

His body felt more and more hot, head full of cold sweat, whole body felt like it’s about to explode. Especially that wave of bulging feeling came from the head, it felt like something is about to crawl out. If it wasn’t controlling zombie puppets these days enabled Ling Mo to have a strong will, he might have fainted by now.

And Ye Lian is gasping for air rapidly, the pale cheeks were taken over by a layer of abnormal reddish, the eerie redness of the eyes become much brighter. In the eyes of Ling Mo, she finally closed her eyes, became silent, and fell on bed.

Ling Mo was surprised at first, and then he quickly calmed down. For this particular virus, he would not have any knowledge, let alone a mutated virus. Although worried, there was not much he could do. At least through their spiritual connection Ling Mo could feel Ye Lian’s normal body vital sign. But because her body was simmering a kind of forceful power, she could not take it temporarily, so the body started a self-protection mechanism that let her fainted temporarily.

While waiting for Ye Lian to wake up, Ling Mo was also enduring physical torment…

Until a few hours later, Ling Mo finally felt a sense of heat circulating the whole body, even though it calmed down, the remaining power seemingly saturated with each cell and refreshed his whole body. Ling Mo shook his fists, felt a surge of power. As for other changes, I guess he would have to see in battles.

At this time Ye Lian also slowly opened her eyes, but the moment they were open, Ling Mo was shocked. After this mutation, Ye Lian’s eyes restored to normal appearance.

To be exact, they turned from that eerie redness to translucent black, not only more profound, but they made her whole appearance look icier. But that kind of dangerous atmosphere is now hidden, for people who did not know her strength would probably think her as a normal surviving girl instead of a mutated zombie!

The virus mutation that happened on her body is more like a viral evolution! The evolution that relied on swallowing the same kind!

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