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My Girlfriend is a Zombie

Chapter 23 That touch of deep gully

Chapter 23 That touch of deep gully

After Ye Lian extracted the brain gel from this mutated zombie, Ling Mo immediately took it, and compared it with the previous gel.

These two gels all came from mutated zombies, but the color is different from the ones before. Much more bloody red, with a more pungent odor. This shows that the brain gels in these mutated zombies are much pure, the condensation out of the focus has changed along with it.

It’s obviously right to come to the main city center; only in the densely populated zombie areas will have much stronger mutated zombies!

After tucking away the gels, Ling Mo took Ye Lian to walk upstairs through the staircase. A closed building like this, there is definitely more than just one mutated zombies. And even though there is danger in hunting mutated zombies, but compared to the harvest, the risk is nothing.

In the end of the world, people who did not dare to fight will for sure not live good days. This point, Ling Mo sees particularly clear. When Ye Lian was evolving, for sure there are other mutated zombies evolving as well, and nobody knows the final stage of these mutated zombies’ evolution.

But one thing is certain, the higher the degree of evolution, the more dangerous the mutated zombies’ strength! If we don’t improve, and only seek stability, it will not only make us more vulnerable, but also drag down Ye Lian! You know, mutated zombies’ priority targets are their own kind!

And right now Ye Lian is under my control, regardless of when she regains her consciousness, I must think for her sake.

What does adventure count? Before meeting even stronger mutated zombies, we have to as much as possible to increase myself and Ye Lian’s strength, which is the first priority!

Factual evidence shows that Ling Mo’s guesses are right. Several classrooms inside the science building were closed at the time of escape, and the zombies who are trapped inside only had the choice of killing each other. But to Ling Mo’s surprise, in one of the classrooms on the second floor, there are no mutated zombies produced, but are clean dead. This is indeed an unexpected discovery, but after he carefully observed for a while, then find out why.

It’s not because there wasn’t, but because that mutated zombie escaped through the broken windows…

For a time Ling Mo could not help but to worry about Shana, in this situation, it means that at least more than one mutated zombie is wondering around the campus, it’s highly possible they might encounter each other….

“With that chick’s skill, it should be no problem right?” Ling Mo glanced outside the window, through this window he could see the avenue after the playground and the tall educational building not far away, and also could see several buildings that looked like dormitories. The Third High School has taken a lot of ground, but right now looked desolate dilapidated, with blood everywhere, and everywhere you can see slow wandering zombies.

But Shana and Liu Yu Hao are nowhere in sights. Shaking his head, Ling Mo then turned his attention back to the hunting…

For nearly an hour, Ling Mo worked in the science building and the laboratory building in the back, killed six different mutated zombies. Right now within his chest, there are now several gels, in addition to the two gels with darker color, the other five looked very polished.

This assembly of such virus would shun normal people, but Ling Mo is holding these gels, and delighted at heart.

With these gels, for sure we are able to evolve again! By that time maybe my body strength will also subsequently upgraded to a new level!

Right now Ling Mo’s spiritual power has been evolved; he could even control two mutated zombies at once. Not to mention ordinary zombies, it will be no problem to control four at once. Most importantly, he could feel that while he was controlling Ye Lian, there was not more sense of that kind of estrangement, but felt as if Ye Lian is part of his body. As a result, the two coordinated much more naturally.

But the drawback is that, even though Ling Mo’s spiritual power was able to evolve, his physical strength did not get the same breakthrough. After a whole morning battle, even though he was not exhausted, hestill felt somewhat powerless.

“If the body could also experience evolution, it would not be this bad….”

In fact Ling Mo’s physical strength is much more stronger than that of an average adult, but looking at Ye Lian who is still breathing evenly, he still felt grouchy.

Grabbing Ye Lian using one hand, and on the other hand also took some deep breathes for a while, Ling Mo finally felt that he regained some strength. But just as he got up, he took a closer glimpse of Ye Lian’s neckline.

Ye Lian is wearing a collared shirt in which he randomly found from one of the store, probably because the movement is too big during the battle, the buttons on the shirt has collapsed, revealing a hit of deep ravine. The motion in which Ling Mo raised his head, his nose just stopped before the gully, suddenly feel dizzy by that shaking fair skin, abdomen instantly raised a flame.

Staring at that deep gully for a long time, and he could not help but to go much closer, Ling Mo finally came back to his consciousness.

“Restraint! Restraint!”

Usually helping Ye Lian to dress and bath is something unavoidable, but to take advantage in this situation, Ling Mo does not want to do this to the girl he loves. Not to mention one look is considered fortunate enough..

Helped Ye Lian with the buttons, Ling Mo then took Ye Lian to continue to the next destination. Since it took so much effort to come to this school, it’s naturally that he will need to hunt more mutated zombies, to acquire their brain gels.

But Ling Mo did not notice is that, shortly after he walked away, a figure covered with blood suddenly appeared before the avenue, a pair of pernicious, but looked fully congested like eyes, stared strongly at the other end of the avenue, to those heavy piles of buildings.

This man’s upper body is heavily bandaged, but to one’s dismay is that whenever the exposed skin were torn into pieces and bits. And through his nails, it’s full of blood and flesh mixed mud. The most horrifying thing is that face, it’s been scratched pliable, mouth opened slightly, revealing scarlet gums, a pair of bloodshot eyes could not be stared by people.

Although completely changed appearance, almost out of human shape, but it’s not hard to tell that this person is Lu Xin who was left out at the supermarket by Shana and those people.


After squeezing out a pole sneer hoarse sound from the throat, Lu Xin suddenly jumped forward, soon crossed the avenue and rushed into the building complex.

At this time, Ling Mo has just brought Ye Lian into that nearest educational building, but he doesn’t know that just as soon as he stepped onto the second floors, less than 50 meters away from him, Lu Xin is just rushing by.


Ling Mo suddenly felt a hint of longing from Ye Lian, but right after he showed a hint of smile: “This building really has mutated zombies ah!”

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