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My Girlfriend is a Zombie

Chapter 20 Pierced that thin layer of film

Chapter 20 Pierced that thin layer of film

But this is not the time to account for responsibilities, let alone that Ling Mo would like to thank these two idiots. 𝘪𝙣𝓃𝒓𝗲𝒶𝗱. 𝐜o𝗺

These two days, Ye Lian has already been hungry and thirsty…And Ling Mo happened to reach the bottleneck, maybe after Ye Lian evolves, he will also break through this level and become even stronger.

Therefore this terrifying zombie in the eyes of Ling Mo is not only not scary, but very friendly!

But while the eyes are shining with light, Ling Mo vividly felt that this mutated zombie seems to be a little different than the ones he encountered before, seems to have a much stronger power….it doesn’t matter if its stronger, the key is to get rid of it as soon as possible!

Lu Xin’s scream simply rang through the entire supermarket, soon Shana and Liu Yu Hao will rush over, and thought by the time he killed the mutated zombie, it will not be possible to pull out the gel from the brain in front of everyone, wouldn’t it be all for nothing?

And the mutated zombie saw the sudden appearance of Ling Mo and YE Lian, also did not hesitate and rushed up.

But what let Ling Mo’s heart been stunned is that the attacking target is not him, but Ye Lian!

Sure enough, compared to average zombies, mutated zombies target primarily their own kind, rather than ordinary people.

“How dare you attack Ye Lian, you are looking for your own death!” Looking at the mutated zombie rushing directly toward Ye Lian, Ling Mo simply emerged in strong fury, he simply reduced the limit on Ye Lian to minimum and allowed Ye Lian to have freedom to act. And he on the other hand pulled out a short knife, walking sideways near the mutated zombie.

As soon he has been liberated, the terrifying atmosphere from Ye Lian’s body immediately surged, that pair of black eyes are full of undisguised fury and vigour! Affected by the connection spiritually, Ling Mo also felt the blood flow in his whole body speed up, with only that mutated zombie in his eye!

Compared to the tyrannical power of this mutant, Ye Lian is lacking slightly in terms of power, but she wins in her compact, lightweight body and agility over small-scale maneuvers, and also has a slightly faster attacking speed than this mutated zombie. But the environment here is not very favorable, it is by the wall, and the other side is a shelf.

This big fat mutated zombie only needed to wave one hand to cover almost completely the attack range that included Ye Lian and Ling Mo. This made Ling Mo who carries a short knife almost impossible to implement close combat options.

For a while even though Ye Lian is not in danger, but also does not have the upper hand, there is almost a faint trend where she’s on the downside.

This is because of the impact of Ling Mo’s spiritual connection that made Ye Lian’s attacking pattern not deathly like the mutated zombie….And mutated zombies are completely ruled by instincts, as long as he have a breath in, it will be impossible for him to stop attacking, and will never have the thought of defense exist. Although his body has already been cut on several places, he was not affected at all!

After all it’s all thanks to this body of fat, one knife down will not even hurt the bones.

And at this time he can already hear the sound of Shana and the rest of them rushing over, must speed up!

Under the emergency circumstances, Ling Mo’s heart also broke out a wave of vicious energy. He gave up the strategy of attacking on the side, but directly rushed to the front of the mutated zombie!

As a result, even if the mutated zombie totally does not care of him, but have to attack him. But just as that mutated zombie’s terrifying big hand is grabbing toward him, at the same time Ling Mo’s eyes has become calm in an instant.

At this instant, at this life and death moment, Ling Mo relied on the willpower he had cultivated during this time, abruptly restrained his inner fear, and focused his full attention over the mutated zombie’s spiritual light ball!


An extremely uncomfortable feeling immediately swarmed Ling Mo’s heart, his chest has become extremely uneasy as if been stuffed with a mouthful of blood, while his head is also receiving wave of faint feelings.

Controlling two mutated zombies at once is naturally a brand new challenge, because mutated zombies are completely differently than average zombies, they have much stronger instincts, to control them will also compromise Ling Mo’s own spirit!

Especially it is during the process of attacking two mutated zombies!

It’s either I die or you die! With the surge of vicious energy, Ling Mo really did hold up!

Within this short period of milliseconds, Ling Mo felt as if a day has past. Even though, after feeling that he has completely control the body of mutated zombies, Ling Mo still wanted to laugh out loud!

He did not expect that under this kind of situation, he would succeed, the growth of the spiritual strength really did allowed the rapid growth of his own physical strength.

But excitement is just excitement, just as the mutated zombie been controlled, Ye Lian who has already circled behind his back already removing the gel inside his brain with lighting speed. With this monster-like corpse crashing down, Ling Mo has already took the gel from Ye Lian’s hand, excitedly putting it inside his arms.

As soon as the fighting is over, Ling Mo suddenly felt an empty head; a trace of warm fluid immediately flew out from his nose.

At this time, Shana and Liu Yu Hao who just rushed just saw the scene of the body fell down; Ling Mo’s nose is bursting with blood.

“Are you alright??” Shana anxiously asked, and Liu Yu Hao is watching this scene looking shocked.

“It’s alright.” Nose bleed this kind of small thing is nothing, able to successfully control two zombies, this result to Ling Mo is a breakthrough! He could clearly feel that even though his own fighting ability did not evolve at the same time, but spiritual strength has broke through that thin layer of film!

Not relying on Ye Lian to evolve, but obtained by using his own hard work and risking his own life! How could this achievement not make Ling Mo happy?

Seeing Ling Mo is really without any serious injuries, Shana turned her eyes to the two people on the ground.

That person who was directly been disjointed is naturally dead, but unexpectedly Lu Xin was fortunate enough, he had a huge and terrifying slash wound on the back, but did not damage the internal organs. And when Liu Yu Hao turned him over, he is actually conscious.

“Ah…..” Lu Xin uttered a sound of pain, but not many people are paying attention to him.

No mind was paid of that scary looking zombie corpse on the ground, or the guy who is still choking all is much more worthy paying attention to.

Only Liu Yu Hao quickly pulled out bandages and hemostatic agent, started to treat Lu Xin’s wound, but while he was uttering painful noises, Lu Xin’s pair of resentful eyes all secretly locked on Ling Mo.

“Why! Why not save him! Ling Mo could have more than saved him at that moment!

Lu Xin’s heart is filled with deep-seated hatred, but this mutated zombie’s death however clearly tells Lu Xin that no matter how much hate he has, he does not dare to provoke Ling Mo!

“He is dying.”

Shana walked beside the fellow who was mutilated, whispered.

But he is still choking, breathing, even that pair of darkened eyes revealed a hint of praying look.

Even at this time, no one is willing to die like this. It’s not difficult to tell from his look that he still wanted to live, still does not want to die. Even in such a painful situation…

But with the sudden flash of the blade across the eyes, that trace of light quickly dimmed down, within the widened eyes still have the afterimage of the shadow where Shana swing the knife.


One of the girl immediately covered her mouth and screamed, and Ling Mo showed a hint of an approving look.

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