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My Girlfriend is a Zombie

Chapter 12 Trade

Chapter 12 Trade

“Oh…… I refuse.”

Ling Mo decisively shook his head, saving them was originally out of frustration, not to mention of experiencing some unpleasantness a moment ago. Right now, he just wanted to leave quickly with Ye Lian, or else it would be impossible to leave when it gets dark.

“How could you be like this! I didn’t say anything yet!”

Shana bite her lip depressingly, clutched to Ling Mo’s shirt and did not seem to want to let go at all. Although her face appeared stubborn, but observing closely, Ling Mo realized that she actually has a baby face that look much younger than her actual age. Before, he only noticed her ice cold side when cutting zombies, and he was completely unaware that she is actually a cute little girl.

Maybe it’s because she had to bear the responsibility of taking care of these many people or because she experienced too much battle, Shana gives off a much more mature feeling than her appearance.

“Hey, do not stare at me!” Noting Ling Mo’s eyes had been locked to her face, Shana suddenly raised her eyebrows, and threw off his arm, “We are all survivors, and you do have some tricks at your sleeves, why aren’t you willing to help?”

If really so powerful, why do you still need my help…. Hearing Shana’s tone, she is obviously reluctant to admit that she is not better than Ling Mo, Ling Mo thought.

“Let’s put it this way, if it’s related to those leachers, I will not help.” Ling Mo really does not have much feeling toward those who sit and reap the profits, and ever since Shana and the boy came back, these people never even cared about their safety, instead they only cared about their own profits and how to exclude outsiders. Slapping Lu Xin’s face to a certain extent was also a hit to these worm’s faces indirectly.

But that is, after all, Shana and Liu Yu Hao’s own choice, so Ling Mo did not intend to say anymore. But to ask him to do something related to these people, it would be impossible.

But after listening to his words, Shana actually showed a hint of enigmatic smile: “Does this mean, you are willing to help as long as it’s not related to them? That’s good, because this business really has nothing to do with them.”

“I did not say that…..”

“I just heard that Liu Yu Hao told you, we are students from The Third high school from X City, you know about this school right?

“I know…. Prestigious boarding school right?”

In X City, The Third High school is very famous, but for Ling Mo whose grades was only mediocre, he had only heard about the school but he had never actually been there. Rather Ye Lian graduated from Third High School the year before, and she was admitted to X City University. But he would’ve never guessed that the retarded Lu Xin who appeared to be asking for punches, is actually part of The Third City High School…..

At this time Liu Yu Hao added promptly: “That Lu Xin was admitted through money.”

“You are so annoying!” Shana glared at him, then continued, “When we escaped from there, some of the students were left at school, we were going to pick them up after settling down, but when we went back there once, it was impossible to go near. You only need to help me to enter the school, how about it?”

To be honest, Ling Mo does not have this self-sacrificing spirit, and will not force his own standards onto others.

He looked at Shana somewhat meaningfully, suddenly extended his hand: “What about payment?”


“You did not think that I am a free labor right?” Ling Mo rightly asked.

Liu Yu Hao’s eyes suddenly jumped, instantly asked witlessly: “Who told me that after the outbreak of the disaster, everyone will help to benefit each other! Big brother Ling, I suddenly feel that the world is very dark!”

“It also depends on what kind of disaster, do you still think there is still order and morality?” Ling Mo gave a cold grunt, said.

Indeed, there are full of zombies out there, the living ones hide like mice, surviving in between the cracks. The order of the entire world has completely collapsed, a week ago, maybe they still counted on been saved, but now they have completely understood that in this situation, besides saving ourselves, there is no other option.

During the disaster outbreak, everyone may become zombies in an instant, and no one could even explain exactly through which channel did the virus spread. But in such a large mass of outbreak and how it swept across the world in a single day, the virus was probably spread through air….

And when these mutated zombies encounter living people, they will only immediately tear and swallow them, not giving them a chance to mutate at all.

Shana looked stunned for a while as she stares at Ling, then a hint of smile suddenly surfaced, “That’s reasonable, but didn’t you already got your payment? “ Shana’s hand pointed at Ling Mo’s waist knife, “This, is made by my relative.”

“You and Wang Rin are relative?!”

Ling Mo was shocked; the world is a bit too small! But this actually explained why this little girl have such sharp long knife, this tool is already out of the scope of the common control in the capital, it can completely be called a lethal weapon that’s illegal to carry!

But when Ling Mo looked to her long knife, he found that the lettering on the handle is slightly different, the letters inscribed is not the name of Wang……

Probably saw Ling Mo’s doubts, Shana touched the exposed knife handle using her backhand, coldly grunted and said, “You don’t have to look anymore, I made this myself. By the way, the one you have is made by Wang Rin.”

“Wang Rin?” This really stunned Ling Mo, he did not expect that Wang Rin, who appeared so weak and sick can actually create handmade swords, and crafted it so well…. But then he thought, Wang’s shop is a family business, it would not be strange for her to inherit the craftsman skill.

However, at this young age, and with such good craftsman skill, but to be killed at such early age without leaving behind a complete corpse…. Ling Mo could not help but to clench the handle, and his expression had also become somewhat gloomy in an instant.

Shana did not notice the subtle changes in Ling Mo’s eyes, but continued to speak: “Even though she did not make it as good as me, but this knife still worth quiet a bit? You are considered to have received an advance payment, so shall we start? If you are worried about the safety of the big sister (TL: referring to Ye Lian), she can wait for us here, my classmates will take care of her……”

“No thanks.” Ling Mo directly interrupted Shana’s seemingly lighthearted proposal, no kidding, Ye Lian is actually a mutated zombie, once out of his control, probably all they will see later is a pile of bones and meat scraps when they come back.

“Although you are quiet annoying as a person, but you are good at this aspect. Even though big sister cannot talk, and seems quiet introverted, but she is beautiful, you should continue to cherish her!”

Shana raised her eyebrows, suddenly patted Ling Mo’s shoulders, looked seriously and said.

Actually, little sister, you really misunderstood… But knowing that Shana and Wang Rin are relatives, Ling Mo’s heart also loosened up about not wanting to help her out. In a place like densely populated school campus, there are naturally more zombies; the people who stayed in there most likely had the odds against them. Although Shana may have thought about this result already, she still did not give up.

Should we really say that she is persistent, or just stupid…

“Only to the door.” Ling Mo carefully considered for a moment, it would be no problem to break through until the front door. In case if there are any unforeseen circumstances, he still has Ye Lian besides him.

“Great! Big Brother Ling, it’s rare to see that you are willing to stay and help, we must drink tonight! Ha ha ha…” Liu Yu Hao secretly gave Shana a thumb up, then put his arm around Ling Mo’s shoulders, and laughed.

“Since it’s a trade, then I will not say thank you.”

Shana smiled slightly, and then pulled Ye Lian. Looks like she took a liking to this beautiful sister who cannot speak at all and carries no expression…

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