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My Girlfriend is a Zombie

Chapter 11 Reward you with a slap in the face

Chapter 11 Reward you with a slap in the face

Walked upstairs and after opening one of the room doors, Ling Mo was surprised to find that there were more than two people living in this building besides Shana and the boy.

A dozen of men and women turned to look at the door at the same time. A quick scan, all of them are young people who are no more than twenty years old. One of the girls wearing junior high school uniforms excitingly came over as soon as she heard the door opened: “Big sister, you guys are back!”

“Hmm, you guys brought back two other people?” The female junior high student looked across Shana to Ye Lian and Ling Mo and she casually asked, then she turned the attention to Liu Yu Hao’s backpack, “How’s the loot for today?”

“It’s alright! Just looted that big supermarket by the south street, there are still a lot of things I did not take back, but I already hid them. We can go get them once we are out again.” Liu Yu Hao somewhat smiled proudly, but simply did not mention how they were in the life-and death situation, nearly died.

“By the way, I will introduce two people to you, this is…..sorry brother, I forgot to ask you your name….”

Liu Yu Hao just opened his mouth passionately, and then suddenly stopped embarrassingly.

“Ling Mo. This is my girlfriend, Ye Lian.” After sighing secretly, Ling Mo introduced himself.

“Ah ha ha ha, it’s big brother Ling!” Liu Yu Hao shortly resumed his passionate tone, wrapped his arm around Ling Mo’s shoulder, pushed him to the middle of the living room, “Everyone pay attention, this is the one who greatly helped us today, so we decided to invite him to eat and drink!”

This group of young men and women were all either sitting on the sofa in the living room or on the floor, and they did not particularly care about the appearance of Ling Mo and Ye Lian. But right after hearing the words of Liu Yu Hao, they all looked surprised to see Ling mo.

One of the men who was lying on the sofa directly sat up straight, looked up and down at Ling Mo suspiciously, said: “How is it possible, there is Shana, what are the chances for him to help?”

“That’s right, with big sister Shana here, how could an outsider help?” Another person also echoed in agreement, and especially emphasized on the word ‘outsiders’”.

Then the middle school girl from before walked over, waved and said: “Anyways, it’s just a meal, you guys don’t have to be like this.”

“Freeloading is freeloading, no need for excuses. Liu Yu Hao, you are too good of a person, we never had any more food to spare originally.” The man who questioned earliest gave another grunt and said.

Liu Yu Hao’s expression became embarrassed again; he stole a look from Ling Mo, but realized the criticism did not trigger much reaction from Ling Mo.

“Everything I said is true, how could you guys know, Shana gets carried away whenever she fights, so she forgets to pay attention to the surroundings at all….” Liu Yu Hao clearly does not know how to cope with this kind of situation, even though he tried hard to explain, but this group of young men and woman still have that skeptical expression on their face.

At this time Shana also walked over with Ye Lian, but she did not seem willing to help to explain at all, instead looked at Ling Mo with a trace of quizzical smile, eyes clearly signaled, let’s see how you handle this situation.

Holding a grudge from earlier! She is such a vengeful girl!

Obviously, although she put down her attitude before, but she did not forget how she was taken back by Ling Mo’s sentence before.

But she was obviously wrong, for these who only know to reap profits, and a group of clique moths, Ling Mo does not even have the slightest interest to argue with them. He only sneered and turned to pull Ye Lian’s hand, and wanted to leave: “excuse me, I never had the intention to be a freeloader, you enjoy your meal.”

“Yo! He’s cocky too!”

Shana and Liu Yu Hao were all stunned, and the young men who just opened his mouth also showed off a sudden ugly expression because he felt that Ling Mo’s reaction putted him in an embarrassing position, so he cynically said: “This kind of man even brings a women, can you even feed her? You are lucky that you will be given food, how dare you to act all mighty…..”

This is really unbearable! It was going to be okay for you of acting all creepy for the thought of me being a freeloader and be afraid that their food supply will become less. I was ready to leave but they still tried to embarrass me, you really think that I am made of tofu?!

Ling Mo’s pupil suddenly shrunk, almost in the blink of an eye he dashed before the young man, and in this process, Shana was the first one to realize Ling Mo’s attempt. But the moment when she reached out to block, Ling Mo has already swept past her, although her speed is fast, but her neural response is far behind of this seemingly ordinary man.

At the same time when she reached out her hand to grab him from the back, Ling Mo seemed to have seen through her actions, avoided her with the high-speed movements, not only went past her, but also appeared in front of the young man without stagnation.

The young man only felt a flash of blackness before his eyes, then felt his collar grabbed by someone, with both feet off the ground.

“You mother f….”


A sonorous slap in the face stunned all people at the scene.

“This is called rewarding you with a slap. If you dare to speak another sentence that offends me, I will reward you more.” Ling Mo’s cold eyes, made the young man whose face became instantly swollen afraid to cry out.

Humiliation, resentment, and even too afraid to struggle. In Ling Mo’s eyes, he can clearly feel undisguised coldness, and with Ling Mo’s skill, he knew Ling Mo was not bluffing.


The young man shouted with a stutter, although he held his face sullenly, not trying to show off his fear to Ling Mo, but the panic in his eyes have already betrayed him.

Ling Mo’s ruthless move surprised everyone, including Shana. But when heard the youth cry out, although her eyes flashed a hint of disgust, but still stepped forward and spoke: “ Ling Mo, let go of him.”

“Apologize.” But Ling Mo said coldly.

Shana frowned: “You have already hit….”

“Two different things, apologize.”

“Why should I!” As soon as the young man opened his mouth, there comes a sound of “Pa”, his face suffered another slap.

Shana looked at Ling Mo sophistically, then turned to look at the young man whose both cheeks are swollen, said: “Lu Xin, apologize, it’s your fault that your moth stinks.”

“I….” He expected Shana to stand up for him, but did not expect to provoke another slap in the face, the whole house people are now looking at him, each of their looks are like needles stinging on his body, Lu Xin’s face showed as if he swallowed a fly and his heart was also full of anger.

“I stood up because I wanted everyone to eat a little more! How dare you say my mouth stinks, and no one stood up for me seeing me take the beating!”

But under Ling Mo’s watch, Lu Xin could only swallow these sentences back to his stomach, through his teeth he squeezed out three words: “I am sorry.”

As soon as the word came out his mouth, he felt his face burning, almost like been slapped by Ling Mo consecutively ten times.

Ling Mo let out a disdained grunt, threw Lu Xin on the ground, then grabbed Ye Lian to walk towards outside without hesitation.


Liu Yu Hao finally reacted, quickly caught up, took out two tins of beer and a few packs of chocolate from the backpack and stuffed them into Ling Mo’s hands, his face was full of regret: “I am sorry, really sorry….”

“What kind of people are those? Just depend on you and Shana to find food?” Even though Liu Yu Hao tricked him once, but Ling Mo held no grudge towards him, and could not help but asked.

“All classmates…. We all came from the same boarding school.” Liu Yu Hao reluctantly shook his head, “That Lu Xin, he came from a very wealthy family, usually very arrogant, don’t mind him. Besides, even if we let them to go out to find food, it will just give us trouble. You saw it, Shana is the most powerful one among us. Originally I also hoped that you could join us….”

“I don’t keep people that leech, no excess energy.” Ling Mo directly interrupted Liu Yu Hao’s words.

“Ah I see….. Anyways, thank you for today…..”

Liu Yu Hao did not finish his sentence, and Shana followed over.

She looked at Ling Mo deeply, then turned to look at Ye Lian sympathetically, eventually spoke in a low voice: “It will be dark soon, come and spend the night. Even if you can hold it, big sister cannot take it… Don’t mind that Lu Xin, he would not dare to offend you again.”

Shana spoke sincerely, but Ling Mo really does not intent to stay with this group of people: “No, I can always find a place in the city.”

“Don’t go!” Just when Ling Mo turned around, he felt someone dragged his sleeve, he turned back, and it’s Shana.

Seeing Ling Mo casting a questionable look, Shana actually showed a hint of tweaking expression, until Ling Mo seemed to have become somewhat impatient, then she finally spoke with a lot of determination: “I see that you are very powerful, and not scared of zombies, I would like to ask for your help!”

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