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The military guy nodded his head at that. Based on the lingering aura of the grey wolves, their levels were just at the same level as ungraded mages

The power needed to kill them is not an uncommon power

“Alright. Currently, there is some unrest in the Ratois Mountain. It is still under investigation but from what it looks like, it is not something serious. But for safety’s sake, I suggest that you stay inside the city first” he kindly suggested but Rezen shook his head

“It’s fine, I will stay here” he refuses. Even if Rezen is given a billion dollars, he still wouldn’t move out

This is the place where his farm is located! How can he abandon it?

This made Rezen think that his system is really unreliable. If the system is going to give him a farm then at least turn the farm into a separate dimension that he could carry wherever he goes!

In that way, Rezen wouldn’t be forced to stay in this place forever

The military guy didn’t push it and he just handed a business card to Rezen. “If you sighted another wave of magic beasts, contact me immediately. Although the situation doesn’t seem to be dangerous, for the citizen’s sake, no mistakes can be done”

Rezen accepted the card. It is good to form a connection with a mage from the military especially since Rezen knew that this guy is currently far stronger than him

Claude Preston… turns out that is that guy’s name

“By the way, these magic beast corpses, you can sell them to the military. We are always in need of magic beast meat”

Mages cultivates by consuming resources filled with mana. Mana pills are expensive as they have to be concocted with various ingredients

Top-grade spirit plants on the other hand are rare and it is not something that can be mass produced

As such, most people, and by that, the poor and middle-class ones would rely on magic beast meat and a few mana pills or even mana stones when cultivating

In fact, the most popular mana resource is the beast meat. It’s not that they are the best but because they are easy to get

After all, even just a single grey wolf would already last a person for quite a long time!

Whether it be the government, the Magic Academies, or private businesses, all of them would want to get as much beast meat as they could

“I will think about it” Rezen replied. If it is money, he could easily earn them with the help of his farm

Since his farm could absorb corpses and give him lottery tickets then he would definitely feed it with corpses. He needs corpses, not the little money he could get from selling the beast corpse!

Rezen’s goal is to obtain more mysterious peaches!

“Alright, I will go now” Claude said as he finally went away. The grey wolves weren’t worth much after all. It doesn’t matter if Rezen sell their bodies or not

Rezen waited until he is confident that Claude cannot see him or his farm anymore before he had the system absorb the body of the four grey wolves

[Ding! Absorbing Grey Wolf corpses x4]

[Ding! Congratulations to Host for obtaining Blessing Points x4]

[Ding! Blessing Points 4/100]

“Hmm? Blessing points? Not lottery tickets? What’s this?” Rezen frowned. He thought that he would earn at least one more lottery ticket

He still wants to have more mysterious peach and learn all the magic spells in the world!

“System, what are blessing points, and what are the ways to earn them?”

[Blessing Points are used for the Host to obtain a random blessing]

[Blessing Points can be earned through the farm absorbing resources with energy. Example: Spirit Plants, Magic Beast corpses, Mana Stones, Human corpses, etc.]

“A blessing!” Rezen’s eyes lifted at that and he decided to use one mana stone and have the farm absorb it but he was disappointed by the result

[Ding! Absorbing mana stone. +0.1 Blessing Point! Current Blessing Point: 4.1/100]

“The hell? Only 0.1 point? That’s not even half a point! Does this mean that I need a thousand mana stones for a single blessing? How extravagant!”

Rezen can’t help but hiss. He thought that with more than a hundred mana stones, he was already a bit rich. He didn’t expect that his fortune can’t even afford a single blessing!

“Why is a grey wolf corpse worth 1 point while the mana stone is only worth 0.1 points?” Rezen wondered and his mind focuses on the ‘energy’ part

“Energy… energy… does this includes lifeforce or vitality or whatever and not just mana?” He guessed

Mana stones only contain mana while the grey wolf corpses should still have some vitality since they aren’t dead for a long time

“Tsk, to think that a farm is an omnivore. Well, corpses are indeed good fertilizer for the soil…”


Ceres Family Mansion

In a certain room, a young man 18 years of age can be seen. He was sitting with his legs crossed and his eyes closed

Suddenly, a dull gem came out from his stomach or to be specific, from his elixir field

This dull lifeless gem is non-other than the Mystic Gem Embryo that he condensed

The embryo reaches its peak as it resonated with the laws of the universe

The young man can perceive the endless and boundless laws of the universe but with his current attainment, he can’t even understand half of them

While bestowing power in the embryo, most people would just think of the power that they want to have but that is not the right way

Before condensing the embryo, a person must have some understanding of the power that they wish their mystic gem to have

If a person wished to have a fire-type mystic gem then he or she must have some understanding of the power of fire first

But of course, when condensing the mage’s first ungraded mystic gem, even just the thought of fire would already let them succeed

It was another matter for the second, third, or so on mystic gems though

Soon, the young man started gathering a certain type of power in his embryo that slowly turns into bluish in color

More and more mana gathered in the embryo until it finally turned into a mystic gem

Only then did the young man open his eyes as he raised his palm

The mystic gem landed on top of the young man’s palm and a magic circle can be seen below it

The gem has an oval shape that is standing upright and inside it, the shape of a lightning streak can be seen

“Finally” the young man muttered, his eyes glowing with blue light for a moment before returning to their normal color

With the successful condensation of his first mystic gem, the young man went out of his room where his father – Fierce Fire is already waiting

Fierce Fire has sensed the movement of mana and he knew that his son was condensing his mystic gem and that he even succeeded in it

“Congratulations son, you are a mage now!” Fierce Fire said with a smile

To other people, Fierce Fire can be cold but since this is his son, he naturally is warm to him

“Thank you, dad!” Maze replied happily before smiling sheepishly

“Dad… can you give me more of those top-grade vismian grass?” He said. Those grasses were really wonderful! They contain an abundant amount of pure mana which made it easier for Maze to condense his mystic gem

At his son’s words, Fierce Fire frowned as he scolded him

“Top-grade spirit plants can be consumed directly and help the mage a lot in their cultivation but you can’t consume them too frequently. Have you forgotten that they make the mage’s foundation shaky?”

As a man from a prestigious family, Maze naturally is aware of that but he forgot such a basic thing. As for the reason? It was the vismian grasses themselves!

While consuming them, Maze only felt his cultivation improving but he did not feel any side effects at all!

“Ah, right. But dad, the grass didn’t make my foundation shaky that’s why I forgot!”

“What? That’s impossible”

“It’s true! You can check!”

Although Fierce Fire doesn’t believe his son but Maze is also not someone that would lie to him like that

As such, Fierce Fire placed his palm in his son’s stomach and his will entered Maze’s elixir field

He inspected the elixir field and indeed, there is no problem with his son’s foundation and Fierce Fire retracted his will

“That might be because of your talent. You don’t need a lot of vismian grass to condense your embryo. You were also successful in condensing your mystic gem, that might have mitigated the spirit plant’s side effect” Fierce Fire still doesn’t believe that the grass has no side effects and he thought of a logical reason

However, Maze personally uses the grass and he really felt no problem with his foundation

“Dad, why don’t you try it first? I am sure that the vismian grass really doesn’t have any side effects!” Maze insisted and Fierce Fire wanted to refuse but looking at his son’s eager expression, he has no choice but to try

He took out one blade of vismian grass and swallowed it

At his level, consuming a grade 1 spirit plant is simply a waste as it wouldn’t affect him whatsoever but he still could distinguish whether it has side effects or not

To Fierce Fire’s shock, his son was actually telling the truth

The vismian grass has no side effects!

Even if grade 1 spirit plants don’t help his cultivation, the side effects still remained when consuming them

A mage’s cultivation is not so miraculous that when they reach a high level, the low-level spirit plants wouldn’t affect them anymore

“How could this be possible?” Fierce Fire exclaimed in disbelief

He never heard of top-grade spirit plants that don’t have any side effects!

This is like a miracle!

“Right? I told you! That’s the reason why I forgot about top-grade spirit plants’ side effects!”

Fierce Fire can only nod his head at that before he decided on something


“Honey, say ahhh” Robert said to his wife Emily that lightly hit him in the chest

“Hihi, you’re still my sweet husband!”

“Hehehe, of course!”

The pair of husband and wife is currently in the middle of eating their lunch and as usual, they gave out free dog food and that is when the bell in their shop rang. This means that a customer entered their herb shop

“Welco—” Robert’s words were cut off as he stared at the customer that entered his shop

Seeing who it was, he hurriedly stood up from his seat as if he had just seen a ghost

“S-Sir Fierce Fire!” Robert exclaimed in surprise and the other man nodded his head

“Where did you get the vismian grasses that you sold to me?” Fierce Fire asks and all the hair in Robert’s body stood up, including the ones in the areas that must not be spoken

“S-sir, is there a problem with the spirit plants? If there is, we would immediately return your money!” Robert said fearfully

With Fierce Fire, a strong mage personally coming to his shop to inquire about the spirit plants, he can only think that there was something wrong with them and he had offended such a mage

In that, Fierce Fire shook his head. What a joke! He would even gladly exchange ten normal top-grade vismian grass for one of the vismian grass that Robert has sold to him

“No, it’s the opposite. I want to ask if I could buy more vismian grass of the same quality that you have sold me”

If Robert can buy more of those grasses then not only would his son benefit from them but also the other younger generation of his clan

They would definitely have a head start compared to the mages of other families!

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