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“[Sun Stream] go!”

Rezen visualized the magic circle for [Sun Stream]. The mana inside his elixir field was instantly turned into a magic circle placed in front of his mystic gem

While the grey wolf was pouncing at Rezen for the nth time, the light yellow magic circle releases a stream of fierce sunlight

The impact threw the grey wolf several meters away. Some parts of its fur were even burned from the magic’s heat

Rezen’s sun-type magic might not be fire but it still packs a high temperature!

“That’s what you get for underestimating me!” Rezen said proudly. He was about to store his mystic gem back in his elixir field when he saw the grey wolf slowly standing up while shaking the dust off its body

It’s not like Rezen’s sun stream did not affect the wolf. In fact, the wolf is injured now with some of its flesh either bleeding or burnt

However, despite the injury, the wolf is still capable of fighting. Its bloodshot eyes filled with rage

“Bad doggie! You attacked me first and I only retaliated! Why are you angry?” Rezen questioned angrily

He was originally just minding his own business earlier when this wolf attacked him! He is completely innocent!

“If one [Sun Stream] wouldn’t work then two or more will!”

Rezen wield his mystic gem again as he condensed the same magic circle he had used earlier

Anyway, the only magic spell he can use is the [Sun Stream] and he can only create its magic circle

The wolf pounced yet again on Rezen that met it with another stream of sunlight

The wolf was thrown in the air again, its injury worsening and Rezen uses this chance to consume a few more vismian grass to recover his used mana

Fortunately, he was brimming with mana since he just consume 20 blades earlier but just to make sure, he ate a few more

“[Sun Stream!]”

For the third time, Rezen activated his [Sun Stream] and fortunately, this time, the wolf did not stand again after being attacked

Its body was releasing some steam as parts of its flesh were ‘cooked’

“Wow… maybe, I should pursue cooking in the future?” Rezen thought and he was about to check the wolf’s corpse when…

[Ding! Detecting magic beast carcass. Does the host give permission to the farm to absorb the grey wolf’s corpse?]

“Hmm? There’s actually something like that? I knew it, this system is not reliable! Why can’t it explain all of its functions from the start?” Rezen said unhappily but he still gave permission to absorb the wolf’s corpse since he was curious about what would happen after

[Ding! Permission granted. Absorbing Grey Wolf’s corpse…]

[Ding! Absorption successful! Congratulations to the Host for receiving lottery ticket x1!]

“Lottery ticket? This isn’t so farm-like, right?” Rezen muttered but he still chose to use the lottery ticket

In Rezen’s vision, a roulette wheel appeared but he can’t see the possible prize as they are just question marks

Rezen willed it and the roulette started spinning and soon, it bursts and a single peach remained

[Ding! Congratulations to the Host for obtaining mysterious peach x1!]

“Mysterious peach? Why do I feel like the system just doesn’t know what to name it?” Rezen pursed his lips

The peach looks as ordinary as any other peach on the market though it was plump and looks really good. Even it scent was mouth watering

Its appearance was not what attracted Rezen but the mysterious aura it has

[Name: Mysterious Peach

Quality: Top-ranked Grade 1

– A mysterious peach that would help the eater comprehend a magic spell with the power of ungraded to 1st fusion randomly]

“Damn! System, I take it back! I love this peach!” Rezen exclaimed happily

A treasure! This is definitely a treasure!

To a mage, the most important thing is their talent when it comes to absorbing mana from things they consumed

After all, mages cannot just absorb mana from their surroundings. They needed to consume various resources

As for the second most important thing for a mage, that would be their comprehension

The better their comprehension skills are, the easier it is for them to master magic spells!

The more and stronger magic spells a mage knows, the better!

“Heh… in the standards of the mage, I’m just an ungraded mage fledgling. But if I am lucky enough, I could learn magic that has the power of mages at their 1st fusion! This peach is indeed a treasure!”

In this world, one not only cultivate by consuming resources and condensing mystic gems

In most cases, a mage would always condense ungraded mystic gems from the embryo no matter how strong they are

The power offered by these ungraded gems is no different than the power that Rezen’s gem offers

As such, the only way to increase a mage’s firepower is through fusion!

The mage could either fuse mystic gems with the same or different attributes!

For example, two ungraded fire-type mystic gems can be fused into 1st fusion mystic gem, boosting its power

It would still have the same effect of letting the mage use fire-type spells but the resulting strength was higher compared to ungraded gems

Another example is the fusion of 1 fire-type and 1 earth-type gem. In most cases, the fusion would result in a lava-type mystic gem, enabling the user to use lava-type magic spells

If Rezen eat the mysterious peach and he gained a magic spell at the 1st fusion level then he would hit a jackpot!

It’s hard to learn a high-level magic spell even if you have the instructions. It was also time-consuming to upgrade the grade of the spell that a mage already knows after reaching a higher fusion rank

In excitement, Rezen bit the peach. The delicate, floral sweetness engulfs his taste buds and he can’t help but moan happily

The peach was really delicious and Rezen impatiently devoured the whole peach and that is when another notification rang in his head

[Ding! Congratulations to the Host for learning the 1st Fusion Grade Magic Spell: Sun Blast!]

A wave of information directly entered Rezen’s mind as he instantly comprehended the magic spell that has an initial might of 1st fusion

Any magic can be upgraded but the mage must modify the spell model first. As such, although Rezen’s [Sun Blast] has the power of 1st fusion right now, it doesn’t mean that it would remain that way forever

The effect of the mysterious peach was really mystical as it only took seconds before Rezen understood a magic spell that is 1 level higher than his ‘rank’

He even feels like he could use the magic spell as naturally as breathing!

“Should I start a magic beast massacre? I want to have more mysterious peaches!” Rezen muttered as he imagined himself casting various magic

He might even gain the title: Myriad Spells Magician with the number of magic spells that he can cast

As if the gods themselves wanted to help Rezen, he suddenly heard growls as more grey wolves arrive. There were four more of them

“Shit! I was just joking!” Rezen cursed. One grey wolf alone already gave him a lot of trouble. What more if there were four of them


The wolves stared at Rezen murderously. Beasts are really beasts, they would deem any living creature that they encountered as a must kill enemy

“Good doggies, you won’t attack me right?” Rezen said in hopes that he is right but all four wolves pounced at him at the same time

“Bad doggies!” Rezen cursed and he didn’t hesitate

His mystic gem hovered in front of him as he uses his mana to form a magic circle to use the magic spell that he had just learned

Rezen can feel that he could use the [Sun Blast] much more effectively than his [Sun Stream] since he learned it by eating the mysterious peach

A large amount of Rezen’s mana was used to form the magic circle but it was lower than he had expected

After all, Rezen is still at an ungraded rank and his elixir field cannot hold the amount of mana that veteran 1st fusion mages that already upgraded their elixir field has

But this is not a surprise to him as he is not ignorant enough to not know that the higher the mastery of a magic spell, the stronger and lesser mana would be required to use it

Not to mention, the mana expending of the mage is only through condensing the magic circle

As for the magic itself, the magic circle would draw mana from the surroundings

Soon, Rezen’s magic circle releases four orbs of condensed sunlight that flew toward all four grey wolves

As soon as the orbs made contact with the wolves, they instantly exploded

It was as if the sun shone on Rezen’s farm due to the brightness of the explosion

It wasn’t a fiery explosion but an explosion of pure heat!

The blast even forced Rezen back

“Damn… what power… if I was the one in the center of that explosion, I would have died already!” Rezen thought, his forehead sweating

The power of his [Sun Blast] was higher than most 1st fusion spells as he has complete mastery over it!

Terrifying! This is too terrifying!

Only when the explosion died down, can Rezen see the wolves again. The four wolves are mere corpses now

Their bodies were still releasing steam as if they were just baked. In fact, a large majority of their flesh was even cooked or blasted directly by the heat

“Bleeegghhh! So disgusting! Did I actually kill these things?!” Rezen almost threw up in disgust

The first wolf that he killed was in a much better shape than these four wolves

Since he killed these four through explosions, Rezen blasted the flesh of the wolves and the gruesome sight was really disgusting

Although he is already aware when he transmigrated into this world that if he were to walk the path of a mage, he would kill magic beasts and even humans, this is still very much disgusting for him

Just a month ago, Rezen is still a perfectly normal human living in a world without magic and magic beasts

He already adapted quite well but seeing the wolves that he killed still disgusts him to a great extent

Before Rezen can fully recover, his ears heard some more footsteps. Fortunately, it was a human this time and not wolves

“Excuse me, who killed all these wolves?” The person that just arrived asks

He was wearing a military uniform and looked quite strong. At the very least, Rezen cannot defeat him

“I am the only person here are you blind? Of course, I am the one that killed these wolves!” is what Rezen wanted to say but he didn’t

Firstly, he won’t want to act cocky to a person stronger than him. Secondly, he doesn’t want to arouse suspicions that might divulge the existence of his farm and system

And last but not the least, Rezen originally planned on not selling his crops too often but he just thought of a perfect way to sell his crops without courting death

This military uniform man thought that it was not Rezen that killed the wolves. In fact, the military guy’s thoughts were normal

Rezen is clearly still young and even his mana signature shows that he hasn’t cultivated for long

If he can kill one grey wolf then fine, he might be one of those with talent. But four grey wolves that are killed in this way? Fat chance!

Even a talented ungraded rank mage that just started cultivating cannot replicate such a feat

Not to mention, it was easy to find out that Rezen’s talent was ungraded, not even at least superior or Heroic grade!

Since the military guy thought that someone else killed the wolves then Rezen will use this to his advantage

“My master killed them”

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