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“Rezen! Rezen! Rezen!” A loud shout entered Rezen’s ears. He was not in his farm house and is practicing his magic in the woods yet even then, he still could hear his friend’s voice

Just how loud was Neil shouting?

Rezen shook his head helplessly as he closes his palm. The Mystic Gem that was hovering on top of his palm vanishes and was stored back in his elixir field

His face was a bit pale and he looks tired. As for the reason? He found another disadvantage of his talent

Humans cannot absorb the mana from the environment but it does not mean that they cannot recover their mana

Their elixir field has a natural mana recovery as mana is required to create magic circles and that magic circle would then control the surrounding mana to create a supernatural phenomenon

Turns out that one’s mana recovery also depends on a person’s talent! With Rezen having the lowest grade of talent possible, he needs more than a single day to replenish 100% of his mana

“Sigh… I really envy people with talent” Rezen mumbled before he went back to his house and saw his friend aggressively knocking on his door

“Why don’t you just break my door?” Rezen grumbled as he wouldn’t be surprised if his door breaks down from Neil’s fist

“Oh, you’re actually not inside. Anyway, look! I have never seen this many mana stones before!!” Neil said excitedly as he showed the sack of mana stones. “My father sold the spirit plants for 180,000 credits! This sack contains almost 200 mana stones! Do you know how heavy they are? I almost broke my arms! Why do you even want them to be in form of mana stones?”

Rezen’s eyes twinkled. The grass that he grew for just around 4 hours was actually sold for that much?

With 180 mana stones, how many vismian grasses could he grow? Wouldn’t that mean that being a millionaire would only take him days?

A cheat is really a cheat!

“Alright, alright, as I promised, I would give 30% commission!”

30% is 54 mana stones and is equal to 54,000 credits! For a middle-class family that is not a small sum

“No, no! How can we take your money? My father said that forming a connection with the Ceres Family is already more than enough for the commission!” Neil refused but Rezen still counted 54 mana stones and stuffed all of them into his friend’s hands and pockets

Fortunately, mana stones were like small pebbles in size

“I told you that this is a for long-term cooperation. Come back a few days later, I would give you more top-grade vismian grass”

With that, Rezen pushed his friend away from his home. He wants to sell his grass as soon as it grew but that would be a bit too suspicious


After chasing out his friend, Rezen hurriedly used his mana stones to buy more seeds from the system

Since he has 126 mana stones left he could buy 12 seeds with a surplus of 6 mana stones

“Plant! Plant! Plant!” Rezen chanted. He made small holes in his field before carefully planting the seeds. He even wants to kiss them as they are his precious seeds

“Hmm, precious seeds? That sounds dirty!”

After several minutes, Rezen finally finished digging twelve holes and planted the seeds in them

He also watered them even though he is not exactly sure if that is necessary

“Sigh… cultivating is hard. Others only need to sit in their rooms, eat some grass or meat and cultivate to absorb mana but here I am. I need to plant my seeds first and after that, I have to harvest the fruits of my labors, and only then could I cultivate!”

“For now, planting twelve seeds is not hard but in the future, if I have to plant hundreds or even thousands of seeds, how long would that take? If I knew it would be this hard, I would have chosen an earth-type mystic gem! One wave of my hand and I have holes to plant my seeds!”

“Hmm, why does that sound dirty again?”

Rezen talked to himself as he lamented how ‘hard’ life is and how hard it is for him to cultivate

If others were to hear his words, they might just grab a stick to beat him to death

What hard is he talking about when most people can’t consume even a single top-grade spirit plant?


Hours later

“La la la la la~” Rezen happily hummed as he pulled the fully grown top-grade vismian grass from his field and stored them in his storage

To his delight, the storage with ten cells cannot just store ten items!

A single cell can be stacked and for how much? Rezen doesn’t know

He already harvested more than 50 blades of grass but they all still fit in one cell

“It would be good if every cell can store an infinite amount of items!”

The twelve seeds produced 120 blades of vismian grass. If 24 of them can be sold for more than a hundred thousand, how about a hundred of them?

Not to mention being a millionaire, even being a billionaire is not impossible for him!

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, I barely grew 150 blades of grass with the help of my newbie package and my own mana stones but now, I grew more than a hundred only using my own money. The saying is really true, the rich gets richer! Hurray to Capitalism!”

“Hmm, one cell can actually store all the grass? Seems like the system still has some functions that I do not know. But I could slowly explore that in the future”

“But for now… I need to eat! I am hungry!”

If this was before, Rezen might choose to be stingy since he doesn’t have a lot of money

But now, what is there to be stingy for?

“Should I have ramen? steak? sushi? pork cutlets? Hmm…”

In the end, Rezen chose to eat ramen and he ordered one online

His home might be ten minutes away from the city but as long as he can pay the delivery fee then it doesn’t matter

“Hmm, wait, since I’m not really good at cooking then I might as well buy two. One for lunch and one for dinner. This also would save me some money for the delivery fee”

“Hehe, am I actually generous or cheap?”

With that decided, Rezen placed the order before washing up for a bit and entering his bedroom

Rezen sat in his bed and a blade of vismian grass appeared in his palm that he directly threw in his mouth

If others were to see how he is carelessly treating top-grade spirit plants, they might just bite him to death

“Hmm, since eating vismian grass lets me absorb its mana then doesn’t that mean that I can use it to replenish my lost mana?” Rezen thought

His ungraded talent has too low mana recovery rate. If he can just eat his crops to replenish his mana, wouldn’t that be awesome?

“Outside of battle, this sounds plausible but what if I am fighting some bad guys? I have to focus on absorbing the mana but I cannot do that while in the middle of a fight”

Rezen thought for a while before he took ten blades of vismian grass from his storage but he still thought that it was not enough and he took out ten more

He stuffed his mouth with 20 blades of top-grade vismian grass as if they were just candy. He chews on them for a bit before swallowing everything

Soon, a burst of cool energy exploded in Rezen’s stomach. This time, he didn’t use his mind to manually absorb the mana from the grass

To his delight, his elixir field is automatically absorbing mana. Of course, it wasn’t as efficient as him manually absorbing mana (which is not efficient in the first place) but it is still better than nothing

With this, he can replenish his mana even while in a fight. Twenty blades of grass are already a lot of mana for him

“Wait… then doesn’t this mean that I have to constantly eat plants? Damn, is the system forcing me to be a vegetarian when meat is my favorite?”

“Ayaaa, that sounded dirty again”

Rezen always thinks that his friend Neil has the talent for irritating people with his mindless words

He seems to not know that he is even worst than Neil

Other people’s problem was they don’t have enough spirit plants to eat but here he was, fearing to be a vegetarian because of being ‘forced’ to only eat spirit plants. Who wouldn’t be infuriated by his words?

“Hmm, I don’t think I can live a life only eating one type of plant. Not to mention, it was grass. I’m afraid I would turn into a cow for eating too much grass!”

“Should I try to plant other types of plants? Hmm, that sounds like a good plan. But I’ll try to plant normal vegetables or normal fruit trees first”

“If I only plant spirit plants then wouldn’t the normal plants feel jealous? They might dig themselves out of the ground to kill me!”

“Eggplants, cucumbers, bitter gourds, silk squash… wait, why am I only thinking of these kinds of vegetables?”

While Rezen was thinking about his future plans, he suddenly heard a loud howling sound

“The fuck? Is that a wolf howl? In the middle of the day? Isn’t it usually at night?” Rezen frowned as he went out of his house to check the situation and saw a running wolf

His lucks seems to be bad as originally, the wolf was running aimlessly but as soon as the wolf saw him, it changed directions to attack him

“Grey Wolf? If you are going to run why run towards me?!” Rezen complained

Aside from the [Sun Stream], he doesn’t know any other magic spells yet!

This is not a world where when a person has the power of fire, they can manipulate fire to their will

No! The mages of this world are not like that! More often than not, a single magic circle can only perform one type of attack

If it’s a magic circle for a fireball then it can only release a fireball!

The elemental stream is a widely used magic art and basically, everyone knows how to use it

As for other magic spells, they are at the hands of the government and magic academies!

Rezen is not prepared to fight a magic beast yet! At least wait for him to learn some more magic spells!

“System, you there? Can you help me?”


“Tsk! What a useless system to think that you would let your handsome newbie Host fight a grey wolf! Is this an initiation or something?”

Seems like although others cannot see the things that Rezen planted on his field, the farm’s effect is just that

It offers no defensive capabilities at all!

“Ayaaa!” Rezen shouted as he dodged to the sides, his body rolling on the ground

“Grrrr!” The wolf growl menacingly as its saliva drips down its teeth

“The fuck? Are you looking down at me?” Rezen asks angrily when the grey wolf pounced at him again and his earlier courage seems to have been pop

“I’m just joking!” Rezen cried out as he rolled to the ground again to dodge

What a joke! Although grey wolves are basically in the ranks of the weakest magic beasts, it was still a magic beast!

This world also has the cliché of magic beasts having stronger bodies than humans. As such, humans at the same level as them are often weaker!

“Good doggie, stop attacking me now, alright?” Rezen tried to communicate with the wolf but it didn’t work and that is when his fury flared

“Bad doggie! You think I’m one of the three little pigs?” Rezen said angrily as he raised his palm

A magic circle appeared on top of his palm and above the magic circle was his mystic gem

His eyes briefly glowed with a light yellow light before returning to their original color

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