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Moments passed and only after absorbing roughly 10% of the grass’s mana did Neil open his eyes that gave his friend a shocked glance

“Bastard, you’re too lucky! You actually found top-grade spirit plants! With this much top-grade vismian grass, you made quite a fortune!” Neil exclaimed, his eyes glowing as he stared at the remaining 24 blades of grass

At first, Rezen was a bit surprised that his friend actually knew that his grass are top-grade but on the second thought, it wasn’t that weird

Neil’s family owns a herb shop. It isn’t weird if he knows a lot of things about spirit plants

“I think these 24 blades of grass can be sold for around a hundred thousand credit points! Damn, just thinking about it already made me envious!” Neil continued and Rezen’s eyes glowed

He could actually sell these grass that much when he only spends 25 mana stones (25,000 credits) for these grass?

A single seed costs ten mana stones (10,000 credits) and yields ten blades of grass. With 24 grass sold at around a hundred thousand wouldn’t that mean that each grass costs more than 4,000 credits each when the normal ones were only around 2,000 credits for three blades?

The difference in price was really huge!

“Why can it be sold that much?” Rezen asks in curiosity

“It’s because top-grade herbs can be consumed directly! Their mana is also much purer! The purer the mana, the easier it is to condense Mystic Gems Embryo, and the chance of successfully bestowing power to the embryo also increases! It’s just too bad that all top-grade spirit plants are rare. Even the lowest level is hard to find much less to grow!”

“If not for the top-grade spirit plants shaking one’s foundation, each blade of your vismian grass would cost more than mana pills just with the fact that they are at least thrice more potent than mana pills!”

There was actually such a thing? Rezen didn’t know that. Seems like the things that were taught at school were not that much

If Neil’s family doesn’t have a herb shop, he also wouldn’t know about such a thing since top-grade spirit plants are so rare that middle-class people like them wouldn’t know them

‘So that was it. The reason why I easily condensed my Mystic Gem is my crops and since all the vismian grass that I grew are top-grade spirit plans then wouldn’t that mean that I can easily condense more gems? But wait, why did I not sense my foundation shaking even after eating more than a hundred blades? Could it be that my spirit plants do not have that side effects?’ Rezen’s eyes lit up at that

“Are there any other benefits of top-grade spirit plants?”

“I don’t know. I was not too interested in spirit plants before and I only started learning. I thought that I could be an awesome mage but alas… I only have inferior grade talent. I could only inherit the family business”

Neil’s talent might be ten times better than Rezen’s talent but that still does not qualify him to become a mage that is worth nourishing

At the very least, one must have superior grade talent that can absorb 40% of the consumed thing’s mana since Heroic grade talent that absorbs at least 60% and Legendary ones that absorb 90-99% are rare

Even Neil is two grades away from superior grade talent and is not qualified

“Alright, alright, take all these herbs and sell them. I’ll give you and your parents a 30% commission on the selling price. How about that?” Rezen offered and Neil shook his head

“N-no! We can’t take that much! That is at least 30,000 credits! That’s a large sum!”

“Don’t worry about it! This is for long-term cooperation!”

Since Rezen is too lazy to find buyers for his crops then he might as well form a partnership with his friend’s family

Anyway, Neil’s mother was, even so, kind to gift him three mana pills after learning about his trash talent. They are at least reliable and trustworthy right now


Greenwood City

“Dad! Dad! Dad!” Neil shouted loudly as he entered his family’s herb shop

The shop wasn’t that big, only around 15 meters wide and 10 meters long

There are two customers inside the shop that was disturbed by Neil’s shout causing his father to frown

“Stop shouting! You’re already this old yet still acting like an excited brat!” He scolded before giving the customers an embarrassed look

“Dad! How can I not shout? Look at these!” Neil justified himself by giving a plastic Tupperware to his father containing 24 blades of vismian grass

Since neither Neil nor Rezen has a proper container to store the grass, they can only treat them miserably like this

“What is it?” He asks before opening the Tupperware’s lid to check the contents

Neil’s father grab one grass in his hand and inspected it before his face flashed a surprised expression

“Top-grade vismian grass?” He exclaimed

Unlike Neil, his father has more knowledge about spirit plants for running the family shop for decades

He can naturally recognize a spirit plant’s grade

“Top-grade grass and this many? Brat, where did you get this? Did you rob someone or something?”

“Dad, how can you accuse me! I didn’t rob anyone! These all came from Rezen. My friend is untalented but is favored by the heavens! He wants us to sell all the grass. Rezen even said that he would give us 30% commission!”

“For real?”

“Why would I lie to you?”

With that confirmation, Neil’s father stared at the Tupperware of grass in excitement

“You really are my son! You chose a good friend. Don’t you know, that a descendant of the Ceres Family got tested and found out to have a Legendary grade talent?”

“If I sell these grass to them, not only would they buy it for a high price, we would even form a small friendship and connection with them!”

Top-grade spirit plants are highly sought after. Most of the time, they are more precious than beast meats

After all, spirit plants are often small and a person could easily eat many of them in one go

As for beast meats… could a person even eat maybe an entire cow? pig? wolf?

Although eating beast meat is better than eating normal meat, there is still a higher limit compared to eating spirit plants

“Legendary talent? Damn, how can that person have such luck? If I had at least superior grade talent I would already be dancing in joy for days!” Neil said enviously

Legendary talent… that is like one in a hundred thousand. These talents are the target of everyone

Whether it be the government or magic academies, all of them would do their best to recruit a person with that level of talent

“Stop daydreaming now and tend the shop for me! I need to visit the Ceres Family!”


“Sir… you are?” The guard in front of the Ceres Family’s gate asks as soon as Neil’s father approaches him

“Hello brother, I’m Robert. I own a herb shop and I have something I wish to sell with Sir Fierce Fire” Robert replied

Fierce Fire is the title of the family head of the Ceres Family and also the father of the legendary grade talent

Robert wants to sell the grass to him to form a connection

The Ceres Family might not be at the top of the City but they are still quite powerful and influential. At least, no one would easily bully them

The guard frowned at that. He basically knew all the large shops in the City and all of them wouldn’t personally come to the gates of the customer

As such, the guard judged that Robert would sell something that his boss wouldn’t need

In his eyes, Robert is trying to form a relationship with the Ceres Family without a leverage

“What are you selling? I need to know before reporting” the guard said

Just to be careful, he wants to know what Robert’s goods are first and if it is not up to the standards then he would chase him away

“Top-grade vismian grass” Robert answered and the guard was stunned

After confirming the goods, the guard hurriedly reported to the family head

Even grade 1 top-grade herbs are quite rare!

Of course, it’s not like the Ceres Family cannot buy them it’s just that, the quantity is limited considering that other people with capabilities would also buy such quality goods

Now that the family has birthed a legendary talent, that is more a reason for them to buy treasures such as top-grade vismian grass!

Robert was guided inside the mansion of the Ceres Family and he entered the room where Fierce Fire is

“Sir Fierce Fire!” Robert greeted as he bowed his head

Truly worthy as the Family Head of the Ceres Family! Even without doing anything and just sitting there, Fierce Fire already exudes a dangerous aura

It’s like his presence alone would increase the surrounding temperature

“You’re Robert?”

“Yes, sir!”

“How many top-grade vismian grasses do you have? I will buy them all at a fair price”

“I have 24 blades, sir!”


“Yes, sir!”

Robert handed the small wooden box that he uses to store the spirit plants. It would be an insult to store such expensive items in a Tupperware. Not to mention, disrespectful to Fierce Fire

Fierce Fire inspected the grass and he was taken aback. Although he is not a herb shop owner like Robert, he is still a powerful mage

He can clearly sense the pure mana that each blade of these grass contains

It’s not like Fierce Fire has never seen and consumed top-grade spirit plants before, including top-grade vismian grass. The thing that surprises him was that each blade of grass was superior to any top-grade vismian grass that he had consumed in the past

These grasses made him feel like this is what a real top-grade spirit plant should be!

Giving these grass to his son would definitely aid him in his cultivation a lot!

Consuming just a few of them is enough for a legendary talent to condense a mystic gem embryo

Even if the bestowing of power to the embryo failed, after healing the soul injury, his son could start trying again since there is more than 1 blade of top-grade vismian grass

“These… I will pay you 180,000 thousand for them but you have to promise me that if you encounter more top-grade spirit plants, you would sell all of them to me” Fierce Fire said

Although the price he gave was higher than the market price of grade 1 top-grade vismian grass he doesn’t think that it was a waste

Each grass is superior to most top-grade ones. Besides, he could use this as a chance to be a priority of Robert

Even if there is a low chance for Robert to get his hands on herbs of similar quality, Fierce Fire wouldn’t lose much

“Definitely! I will make Sir Fierce Fire the priority!” Robert immediately agreed to that. He even hopes that Rezen’s luck would strike again and he discover more top-grade herbs

“Alright, give me your bank account details. I will transfer the money to you”

With that, Robert gave his bank details and he was excused from the Ceres Family mansion

After all, if not for his goods, Fierce Fire wouldn’t even meet someone like him

Robert’s cultivation was terribly shallow. He doesn’t have much strength while Fierce Fire is a powerful mage

Even if this world at least has some laws, there is still a difference between the strong and the weak

Even the strong murdering the weak can be excused to some extent as long as the strong is not too excessive in his actions!

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