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“I think it would be better if we were to search for the crazed grey wolves first. I felt something weird from them whenever they die” Claude suggested and Ellery nodded her head as she agreed

As such, Claude, Ellery, and the other soldiers that were at least at the 3rd fusion rank separated into different teams to search for the crazed grey wolves

Minutes, tens of minutes, and even an hour have passed but… none of them discovered even a single crazed grey wolf!

Whether it be Claude and Ellery or the other team of the soldiers, the most that they have encountered were normal grey wolves!

Not a sign of the crazed grey wolves can be found!

“Captain… are you sure that there were crazed grey wolves?” Ellery asks in doubt and Claude explained that he sensed something coming out of the crazed grey wolves whenever they die

“It’s not that I don’t trust you Captain but since we can’t see the crazed grey wolves… maybe we should just proceed with trying to find the possible treasure for now?”

Claude frowned. Compared to his subordinates, as a 5th fusion rank mage, his senses were more sensitive

He was sure that he sensed those strange things but his subordinates don’t. This made him wonder whether he was actually wrong

“Alright. Let’s go see if there is a treasure in this mountain” Claude agreed since the lead he originally had were cut off

Ellery nodded her head as she controlled her wind-type mystic gem and activated a spell

“[Whispher of the Wind]” she muttered slowly and her ears perked up

[Whispher of the Wind] is a sensory type spell that has a simple use

If a place has a strong mana signature, a loud sound would come from the direction of where the mana signature is coming from

The stronger the mana signature is, the louder the sound the spell would create

Almost all treasures have a vigorous mana signature and most of them could definitely be picked up by the [Whispher of the Wind] as long as they were not concealed on purpose or not

“Captain, I sense a strong mana signature in that direction. Judging from the sound coming from my spell, it should be a great treasure” Ellery reported as she pointed in the direction where the loud sound was coming from

The two mages didn’t waste any time as they hurried to where the mana signature is coming from and they found it inside the cave

The cave has one 5th fusion rank grey wolf and three 4th fusion rank grey wolves guarding the treasure in the cave

“Captain, look, it’s a Quality 5 Claw Mushroom! Judging by the number of grey wolves we have encountered around this cave, I think this is really the reason why the grey wolves are disturbing the other magic beasts!” Ellery said

Almost all pieces of evidence were pointing out that this is the reason for the magic beasts’ unrest but somehow, Claude is still very much doubtful

“Wait for here, I will kill them” Claude said and a hint of panic flashed on Ellery’s face before they vanished instantly

“Captain, it’s not that I don’t trust you but I’m just a sensory mage and aside from the 5th rank wolf there are also 4th rank ones and the wolves in the vicinity might also come back here! I suggest that you just snatch the claw mushroom. Without it, there wouldn’t be any more reason for the grey wolves to disturb the other magic beasts!”

Ellery’s words sound logical and Claude also doesn’t want to endanger the life of the sensory mage

Claude agreed and with the help of his shadow spells, he was successful in stealing the claw mushroom before he and Ellery escaped hurriedly

If the operation would be described in one word it would be… smooth-sailing

It was too smooth-sailing!

Even if Claude uses his darkness-type mystic gem that is good at dodging and movement spells, the process was still too smooth-sailing that it was abnormal!

“I don’t think that this mushroom is the reason for the unrest…” Claude said to Ellery

“Captain, I think you were thinking too much! How about this, let’s observe the magic beasts for a few days? If nothing changes then we would investigate again”

At that, Claude can only agree reluctantly


At this time, Rezen just finished sending his friend off after giving him 1,000 vismian grass and soul-tearing peas

Currently, Rezen has amassed a wealth of more than 27,000 mana stones. If they were exchanged for credits, that amount is already in the millions!

In the world of the ‘mortals’ Rezen is rich but in the front of the mages he was still far from being even just a little bit well-off

The ones that can be considered rich would have millions of mana stones and Rezen’s net worth hasn’t even reached a hundred thousand yet

Poor… he was too poor…

However, Rezen believes that as time passed, he could become the richest mage in the world. But for now, since today is his day off after a long time of working hard (just almost a week), Rezen has to pamper himself

Today’s destination is Greenwood City!

Rezen washed up and wore clothes that he normally wore when going out. It was just a simple white shirt that he topped off with a black cardigan along with a grayish black pants

It was a simple attire but since Rezen himself is quite handsome, his attire increases his charm

“Rezen, you’re the man!” He complimented himself while looking at himself in the mirror. Truly the act of a narcissistic guy

After he was done, Rezen rode his car and drive to the city

At first, he wanted to visit his friend’s shop and take Neil with him to play around but he instantly changes his mind

Rezen parked his car on the side of the road while trembling a bit

He now knew why Neil was so afraid of the customers!

Only around an hour passed when Neil picked up the spirit plants but even from this distance, Rezen can already see the ‘bloodbath’ happening in that small shop

The customers were pushing each other to be the first in line. Their eyes look as if they would tear and kill each other

Indeed, these customers are really scary but they can’t be blamed though

These people are aspiring mages with no background or wealth

For people like them, Rezen’s products were like god-sent opportunities. No wonder they look like they would kill just to be the first in line!

“Damn, I think I have to treat Neil a little bit better in the future. They are facing these scary monsters on my behalf” Rezen muttered with a goosebumps

At first, he thought that Neil was just exaggerating but turns out that he wasn’t! He was simply stating facts!

In fear that Neil would see and point him out as the supplier, Rezen hurriedly started his car again to escape from that place and he went to a mall

He has the attitude of poor to middle-class people that wants to go on a spending spree after making a small fortune!

“Hmm, what should I buy? Should I buy clothes? They said that clothes make the man. Wouldn’t I be closer to Brother Claude’s level of charm if I buy branded clothes?” Rezen thought but in the end, he shook his head

He indeed has the intention to show off but he also knows that these branded clothing lines are basically scamming their customers

What the customers were buying was the brand rather than the clothes itself

“Hmm, I think custom made clothes would be better”

Rezen was thinking deep while he was strolling inside the mall before he heard a loud shout

“Thief! My bag! My bag!”

Hearing that loud shout, Rezen’s imagination turned wild. Could this be the start of a legendary romantic love story of Rezen and a heroine?

Rezen tried to find the thief and save the beauty in distress but he didn’t expect that the thief would actually be running in his direction

“Move away!” The thief said angrily and Rezen’s heart turned cold

The hell? Does this thief think that he is a vegetarian? A weakling? Why did he choose to run in his direction and not in another direction with different people?

Rezen felt greatly insulted by the thief’s action and he snorted coldly, his mystic gem flew out of his elixir field as he condensed a magic circle

“[Water Prison!]”

The thief with no surprise was imprisoned inside a dome of water and it panics

Although the inside of the water dome was hollow and don’t contain water that will cause the thief to drown (thanks to Rezen’s skillful control) , people’s impression of the mages was still a mixture of awe and fear

Magic is common in this world but it doesn’t mean that everyone can cast spells easily!

There is a great difference between mortals and mages when it comes to power. How could the thief not be afraid when he seeminglyy offended a great mage?

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