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The more mana the embryo absorbs, the stronger its aura has become. At the end, when the embryo finishes absorbing as much mana as it could, it flew down and Rezen reached his palm out

The embryo is now a full-fledged mystic gem and it floated on top of Rezen’s palm while a magic circle below it

The mystic gem was oval in shape and is standing upright. Below the gem was a magic circle that seems to be holding it in its place

The gem’s color was light yellow and is giving off a warm sensation much like the sunlight. In fact, inside the gem itself, it has a small circle surrounded by lines, creating the image of the sun

Indeed, Rezen can feel the power of the sun from his Mystic Gem. His unconscious thought of the sun when sunlight blinded his eyes has given birth to his first ever Mystic Gem

Rezen closes his palm and the mystic gem vanishes, it stayed in his elixir field

“It’s that easy?” Rezen muttered in disbelief. When condensing mystic gems, there is a certain chance of failing

Once the mage failed, the mystic gem embryo would crack and shatter. They would even receive a backlash on their soul

All the mana that was used to create the embryo would then would be wasted

To think that Rezen would succeed on his first try and easily as that! This greatly surprises him as aside from the mana absorption, one’s talent also indicates their chance of condensing mystic gems and strengthening the already existing mystic gems

“Is it supposed to be this easy or is there another reason? Is this the effect of the system, the farm itself, or maybe the vismian grass that I consumed?” Rezen wondered

To answer this question, he decided to research it later. For now, he is excited to try his mystic gem’s power

Strong and high-leveled magic arts are in the hands of the government or the Academies but there are still common ones that are spread

The compulsory education is very important to the poor and middle class as they would learn a lot of things from there

With the excitement of gaining magical prowess, Rezen went out of his farm to check. After all, it would be bad if he were to harm the remaining vismian grass on his farm

Fortunately, Greenwood City has a lot of greenery and Rezen can use the tree as his target dummy

Rezen raised his palm and his mystic gem appeared again. His eyes glowed with a pale yellow light for a moment before they returned to their usual black color

In this world, there are all sorts of mystic gems but most of them hold the power of the elements. These elemental gems all have one basic attack which was the elemental projectile/stream

Fire type mythic gems release a fiery stream as their most basic power and water type gems release a watery stream

The elemental projectile is the basics of the basics and the easiest to activate but it is also not to be underestimated

The strength of the elemental stream is proportional to the strength of the mage

Rezen already knew the corresponding magic circle to use the elemental stream and he visualizes it

The remaining mana inside his elixir field gathered and fueled his Mystic Gem and a yellow magic circle appeared in front of it

“[Sun Stream]” Rezen chanted and soon, the magic circle controlled the mana in the environment as a yellowish stream of light was released

The yellow stream hits the tree, breaking it in the process. Rezen’s [Sun Stream] don’t have fiery firepower like the streams that fire type gems release but the temperature is equally high

The force blew the tree in a single hit and the heat even causes the broken parts of the tree to catch fire

“Oh shit!” Rezen can’t help but curse and he hurriedly took off his shirt to swat the growing flames with it

With how lush the greenery in the Greenwood City is, it’s not impossible for this fire spread for kilometers!

Rezen uses his shirt to kill the fire and in the end, he was left exhausted

There wasn’t much mana that is stored in his elixir field and he even used the power of his mystic gem. Not to mention, he has to hurry and kill the fire before it can grow bigger

This left him terribly exhausted and Rezen headed back to his house, went straight to his bedroom, and sprawled his body in the bed to sleep


The next day, Rezen was woken up by the loud knocking sounds on his house’s door. With a frown, he opened his eyes. He changed his clothes first before he went to see who was knocking to see his best friend outside

“What are you thinking, knocking in my house this early?” Rezen scolded unhappily and he saw Neil looking at him confused

Neil glanced at his wristwatch to check the time. “What early? It’s already 1 pm! I thought that you already committed suicide from depression! You scared me!”

Suicide? Depression? Rezen scowled

If it was a day before, indeed, Rezen would be depressed but with him activating his system, what is there to be depressed about?

He can just farm and farm and eat his crops and he would naturally become strong. What is there to be depressed for?

“Anyway, why are you here?” Rezen asks to change the topic and Neil handed him a small bottle with three mana pills inside

“My mother wants me to give this to you! Rezen, although you don’t have any future when it comes to cultivation, you can at least condense one mystic gem to help you!”

“Cheer up, take this and take it slow! I, your friend might only have inferior talent but I am ten times better than your ungraded talent! I would always help you!”

Although Neil is tactless, especially with his words, he is still a true friend and his parents are also very kind!

To think that they would give him three mana pills that are worth 15,000 credits! That much money can last a person for a whole month quite easily with some surplus

If it was before, Rezen might accept the pills but with his system, there is no need to do that!

“Thank you but you can take it back! I’m fine, you don’t need to do this” Rezen refuses and Neil shook his head firmly

“No! This is nothing! You can take it! Without mana pills, who knows how long will it need for you to condense your mystic gem? You might not even be able to condense one! Don’t you know that my parents owned a herb shop? It’s easy to exchange herbs with mana pills!”

Now that Rezen thinks of it, his friend’s family really does own a small herb shop. Poor mages would resort to eating raw herbs despite it being unsafe to aid their cultivation

Also, although mana pills can be created in factories using modern technology, a pill master can also make them manually

After all, before a pill can be commercialized, a pill master must create the pill first

There are some pill master that creates mana pills manually to sell or consume them

As such, herb shops were quite popular and just like Rezen, his friend’s family is also a middle class one

This gave Rezen an idea before he realizes something

“You… d-did you see something in my field?” Rezen asks unsurely

After all, although Grade 1 Vismian Grass is quite easy to grow compared to other spirit plants, wouldn’t it be weird for 25 of them to grow in Rezen’s field? That was especially considering that he only stayed on this farm since last day

“Oh, your field? Meh, you really are showing off, aren’t you? You complained in the text that your field has too many weeds but not even a single blade of grass can be seen now! I thought that you are Mr. Lazy but you are actually Mr. Hardworker now!”

Rezen scrunched his eyebrows at that. Not even a single grass?

Rezen glanced at his field and the remaining 25 vismian grass is still on his farm

Can’t Neil see them?

If so then this is a good thing! If people were to see how his crops grow at lightning speed then they might die from shock!

Not to mention, trouble would also surely arrive

Rezen decided to check and have Neil look at his farm again but Neil still cannot see anything

Rezen was delighted at that and only then did he remember to invite Neil inside and have him sit on the couch in the living room

“Wait for me here, I will show you something!” Rezen said before he run out to pull all 25 blades of vismian grass before returning inside

“Woah, vismian grass and this much? 3 blades of this grass cost 2 mana stones or 2 thousand credits in our shop! You made a small fortune discovering them! Damn, I guess if a person is untalented the universe would gift them with luck!” Neil exclaimed, giving Rezen an urge to punch him in the face

Although Rezen is aware that his friend doesn’t mean to insult him, Neil’s mouth really knows how to irritate people!

“I want to sell these to your shop!” Rezen said and Neil nodded his head

“Since you are my friend I think, my parents could agree with buying it from you for 1,900 credits for every three blades. If we resell, we would only gain a hundred credits for every three blades. What do you think? Aren’t I a good friend?”

Neil already thinks that this price was a complete bargain for Rezen. If not for their relationship, Rezen wouldn’t even have this price

However, for Rezen, that is far from enough. After all, the seeds cost 10 crystals each and only yield ten blades

Selling the vismian grass at that cost wouldn’t even let Rezen take his capital back, he also wouldn’t earn any money!

But thinking of it, this is normal since Neil takes these grass as normal vismian grass

“Eat one and you will know that these were not normal vismian grass!”

“What? Eat them? Hey! Even if I have better talent, you don’t need to resent me this much! At the very least, I would have diarrhea for eating it!” Neil complained while throwing Rezen a resentful look

Here he was, trying to help his friend yet his friend actually wants to ‘poison’ him. How horrible!

“Cut the crap. Eat one and I promise that it wouldn’t harm you!” Rezen said, lines forming on his forehead

Can his friend just shut his mouth about their talents?

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, I will only do this once to alleviate your anger and jealousy but there wouldn’t be a second chance!”

While resenting his friend, Neil grabbed one blade of vismian grass and reluctantly swallowed it

He is afraid that not only would the grass give him diarrhea, it might even taste terrible

However, as soon as the grass entered Neil’s stomach, it instantly bursts into mana

Neil just like Rezen already ate mana pills as such, he was sure that the mana that came from the grass he ate was at the very least three times more abundant that the mana pills that he ate, and that surprises him

To prevent wasting the mana worth 3 mana pills, Neil closes his eyes to cultivate. He absorbed the mana in his elixir field to nourish his mystic gem embryo

Neil has an inferior grade talent which means that he can absorb at most 10% of the mana of the things he consumed. His talent is ten times better than the one that Rezen has!

Even with the existence of his farm system, Rezen found out that he still can’t help but be envious

If he has higher talent then the initial hundred blades of grass that he grew would be more than enough for him to condense his mystic gem!

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