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The serpents raged as they slammed their bodies against the grey wolves. With the help of Rezen’s complete mastery of the water element, despite his mystic gem only at the 1st fusion grade, his spell still packed a great power

If one serpent is not enough to kill all the grey wolves then use more!

The serpents ‘sacrificed’ themselves to kill two of the wolves but that gave the other wolves the time to almost reach Rezen

“Ah! Boss! Boss! They are coming!” Pierre cried out in panic but he still bit the bullet to cast his spell

“[Water Stream!]”

Pierre is only a 1st fusion rank mage and his [Water Stream] was inferior compared to Rezen’s spell. As such, the grey wolf was only pushed back a bit with some moderate injuries but the spell wasn’t enough to kill it directly

“Come! Come! Let’s see who will die bastards!” Rezen taunted after swallowing another pill to recover himself back to his peak

His water-type mystic gem hovered above him and a magic circle appeared

The magic circle flew down on Rezen’s body as if it was scanning him and his clothes started to change

A layer of watery armor clung to his body, increasing his defense and in his hands, whips of water formed

The armor only covered Rezen’s arms, chest, and legs along with the water whips weapons. It was still far away from Claude’s [Shadow Suit] that protected his whole body but this is already enough to greatly surprise Pierre

“[Water God’s Armor!]” Pierre exclaimed in disbelief

Water God’s Armor is a famous spell not only because of its might but also because of the difficulty in using it!

1st fusion mages cannot even dream of using it because of the demand on the soul’s strength and also the spell casting skill itself

At the very least, a mage must be at the 2nd fusion rank before they can use it

Even if Rezen can use a spell such as the [Water Stream] and [Water Serpent] at the 2nd fusion, those were still at the level of ‘geniuses’

However, to use the [Water God’s Armor] is another thing! This is not the realm of geniuses anymore but monsters!

Of course, it’s not like this was also easy for Rezen. If using two [Water Serpent] can only last him around a minute then using the [Water God’s Armor] would only last him for 15 seconds!

He can only swallow pills constantly to maintain his state

“Come, come!” Rezen laughed loudly like an evil Lord

He charged at the wolves that wanted to kill him as he waved his whip


Four wolves instantly have their bellies ripped apart from the force

It was true that normal mages would find it hard to defeat a magic beast at the same level but if they were to use spells such as the [Water God’s Armor] things would be different

Rezen continue as he wildly swung his water whip, ripping the flesh and organs of the wolves that were hit

The spell not only gave him tyrannical firepower but also a boost in physical ability

It was as if Rezen was dancing amidst the group of 2nd fusion rank wolves. His whip reflected the sunlight a bit, giving him an ethereal glow as he massacred the grey wolves

The dangerous situation suddenly turned into a one-sided massacre. No wolves survived the rage of his whips

As for the duration? Fuck it! One recovery pill would bring Rezen back to his peak!

However, despite killing those wolves, the number of magic beasts now reached the saturation point

Rezen feared that even with his ‘senzu beans’ he still wouldn’t survive and he swung his whip toward Pierre

“A-ah! B-boss, it’s me! Don’t attack me!” Pierre cried out and he can already envision his death when the whip actually just coiled around his waist

“Eh?” Pierre was taken aback but he was soon pulled away

With the physical boost that the spell provided, Rezen run away from the encirclement of the magic beasts

Despite being a hot-blooded youth, Rezen is also pretty rational. He already ‘avenged’ himself from those wolves and seeing that the magic beasts reached a saturation point, why should he continue staying?

Even if there were magic beasts that tried to stop him, he only used his free water whip to smash them to death or rely on the physical boost to jump

This was simply a breeze for Rezen but not to Pierre that was being mercilessly dragged, especially when Rezen was jumping

The man isn’t even standing anymore, the whip just dragged his waist while his face was already kissing the ground

After much effort, Rezen finally returned to the protection of the seniors where the other newbies were located and he breathed a sigh of relief

“Fuck! I almost died multiple times!” Rezen muttered, his heart still beating fast as he deactivated his spell, and only then did he return his gaze to Pierre that is now unconscious

However, he doesn’t have the time to care for Pierre as his senses picked up a gathering of a large amount of magic

Claude Preston finally made his move!

In the air, Claude with his [Shadow Suit] can be seen. He jumped several meters high and while he was falling down, he stretched out his arm, and almost instantly, a large magic circle appeared on the ground

This magic circle was the largest magic circle that Rezen has ever seen!

It was even bigger than a basketball court and the surrounding mana was instantly sucked by the magic circle

“[Shadow Beasts Field!]” Claude muttered and at the same time as he reached the ground by smashing a bear’s head with his foot, his magic was activated

Countless four-legged beasts that look a bit similar to dogs suddenly materialize from everyone’s shadows

The beasts don’t have a physical body and they look like they were made from a mass of shadow that was molded and solidified

The chaotic battlefield has turned into a space of carnage!

The shadow beasts all moved with one goal and that is to slay all the magic beasts!

The claws of the shadow beasts rip apart the magic beasts, dying the ground with even more fresh blood than before

The magic beasts either use their bodies or their own beast magic to destroy the shadow beasts but it was futile

Even if the heads of the shadow beasts were smashed, the ‘shadow fragments’ would regather and regenerate the beasts

After all, these shadow beasts are not really living creatures. They are just entities that were temporarily created using magic

As long as the magic circle was working and being maintained, these shadow beasts would remain forever!

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! That is what an entrance should look like!” Rezen exclaimed, feeling his blood boiling yet again

The visual impact of Claude’s entrance was every man’s dream!

The way that Claude jumped high in the air and when he landed, not only did he smash a bear’s head with his foot, he even activated magic that was slaughtering the magic beasts without the help of the other soldiers!

Claude waited until the number of magic beasts reaches enough number to kill them all in one go!

This is what they meant by Claude alone can slay thousands of magic beasts!

The only reason why he even has a headache for the unrest in the Ratois Mountain is that these magic beasts are scattered and even with his power, it would take him time to find them one by one!

Moreover, he was also worried that while he was slaughtering the magic beasts, some of them would come down the mountain and bring havoc to the residential areas!

Now that these magic beasts are gathered in one place, killing them was a piece of cake!

This is the reason why Claude greatly praised Rezen for the ‘plan’ that he thought of

As if the shadow beasts were still not enough, Claude even summoned three mystic gems

Rezen already knew of Claude’s darkness and wind-type mystic gem but there is still the third type which was fire!

The darkness-type gem went into Claude’s right, the wind-type gem went to his left and the fire-type gem hovered in front of him as three magic circles of different elements formed

To the right, dark energies gathered that fused with the wind energies from Claude’s left side

Soon, dark winds with astonishing might formed from the combination of dark and wind magic but that wasn’t the end yet

The fire-type magic circle spews out tongues of flames that even with the distance of tens or even a hundred meters, the rise in temperature that it brought was still felt by the other soldiers

The temperature was the least bit of their concern though as the pressure from high-level spells was simply terrifying!

None of the people or beasts present around don’t feel their souls trembling in fright!

“[Hellfire Storm!]” Claude muttered as the fire and dark winds fused together, creating a raging fire of darkness

Soon, the storm arrived at the magic beasts outside of the range of the [Shadow Beasts Field] since the shadow beasts cannot move outside of their magic circle

As such, Claude has to attack them using another magic

The storm of hellfire incinerated the magic beasts whether they are ungraded or 3rd fusion rank beasts

Even their corpses were not spared as they were turned into ashes

“NOOOOO!!!” Rezen shrieked miserably. There are many magic beasts inside the range of the [Shadow Beasts Field] but there were also many outside of it but with that storm of hellfire, the beasts were burned to ashes

In fact, even their beast cores that were not easy to destroy were also burned mercilessly!

Rezen’s heart can’t help but ache. With the number of magic beasts that died from the hellfire, how many blessing points and lottery tickets could he obtain?

Heartbreaking! This is too heartbreaking!

Rezen can feel his heart shattering and tears streamed out of his eyes

However, none of the soldiers have enough mental capacity to care for Rezen as all of them were in a state of disbelief

Hellfire Storm… a combination magic that uses three mystic gems and spells of different elements at the same time!


Vice-Captain Ysel’s combination magic of two elements already made the soldiers admire him, what more now that they have seen Captain Claude using combination magic of three elements?

With that kind of magic, if Claude is at the 5th fusion rank then his combination spell would reach the standards of 6th fusion spells!

That’s how special combination magic of three elements was! It was simply astonishing!

The newbie soldiers were tongue-tied, all of them forgot how to react

Even the seniors that already witnessed Claude’s might in the past were still filled with admiration

No wonder… no wonder that other mages strived to become a Vice-General but that position is simply offered to Claude!

No wonder Claude’s prestige is that high!

If a mage can do the same thing as he could, they would undoubtedly become well-known

Combination magic of three elements on the surface only looks like a ‘cool’ and ‘strong’ magic but there are many things that it signifies!

The most important was the comprehension skills of the mage

Cultivation ranks can be slowly grinded using resources but comprehension… that is another matter!

Mages with not enough comprehension talent might spend decades of studying and learning but still not imitate what the Claude that is only in his twenties did

Not only did Claude comprehend three elements but he also has an otherworldly degree of control over them

Combination magic is not simply adding one magic to another magic! These spells of differing attributes must be fused skillfully

Two elements are already bothersome, what more if there are three?

This is like mixing oil and water, the things that would normally not combine with each other!

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