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The beast-luring powder soon take effect as magic beasts started gathering in the place that would become their graves

There were all sorts of beasts that arrives, there were snakes, spiders, lions, tigers, bears, birds, and many more but the majority of them were still the grey wolves

At first, the magic beasts were only ungraded to 1st fusion rank and the hundreds of newbie soldiers fired their magic spells to kill them

Only when magic beasts at the 2nd and 3rd fusion rank arrived did the ‘seniors’ start moving with Ysel leading them

Ysel called out his mystic gems. One of them was icy blue in color and the other one was light green

He has the mystic gems of ice and wind element!

Ysel stepped out, his hands moving in front of him as two different magic circles has been created by him

The first one releases icy shards and the other one releases a storm of winds


The ice shards and the wind storm combined together into a lethal blizzard as if the world entered another ice age

The magic beasts were either frozen to death or the sharp winds cut their bodies into tiny pieces

Instantly, more than a hundred magic beasts have died with a single attack

Their corpses were not even respected as even if they are already dead, as long as they are still within the rage of Ysel’s spell, their bodies would continue to be attacked

Also, the pieces of their bodies that were cut apart mercilessly were soon frozen by the terribly low temperature in the blizzard’s range

The newbie soldiers can’t help but suck a mouthful of air

Too strong!

Is this what a 4th fusion rank mage could achieve?

He easily massacred hundreds of magic beasts!

“Combination Magic! Vice-Captain Ysel actually can use a combination magic!” Pierre exclaimed and Rezen became curious

“What’s a combination magic?”

Pierre stared at Rezen as if the latter is joking but seeing that the man’s face was very much serious, he explained even though he felt doubtful

“As you know, mages can fuse different types of mystic gems. A common example is a fire-type and earth-type gem that would give birth to a lava-type mystic gem”

“With a lava-type mystic gem, a mage would have access to the corresponding spells”

“However, mages cannot only use lava spells if they have the lava mystic gem. As long as the mage has the fire and earth type gem, they could use a combination magic of the lava element”

“But of course, there is advantage and disadvantages on both sides!”

“A mage with lava-type mystic gem could easily use lava spells with lower mana expenditure and pressure on the soul”

“Compared to using fire and earth gem to activate a combination magic, the firepower would be lower though”

“However, using combination magic means using two or more different types of gems at the same time. It is the same as using two magic at the same time instead of just one!”

“As such, the mana expenditure and pressure on the soul is also at another level. Aside from that, great control and comprehension are also required to fuse spells of different elements!”

Pierre explained and Rezen was enlightened. In other words, fused gems are equal to less burden and price for mediocre power while combination magic is more burden and price for more lethality

“Damn, I suddenly regretted my choice of mystic gems” Rezen lamented. How would he even fuse sun, earth, and water spells?

If it was earth and water, there is the choice of mud but how lame was that? The visual effects wouldn’t be good!

While Rezen was regretting his choices, the other seniors also made their move

Their spells were not as strong and visually pleasing as Ysel’s [Blizzard] but they are way more powerful than the newbies!

“[Metal Blades!]”

One of the seniors with a metal-type gem conjured metal blades. They hovered behind him like a wheel but whenever he moves and whenever the magic beasts tried to attack him, the metal blades would fly out and slay the enemies

Blood splashed on the ground along with the pieces of flesh and internal organs of the magic beasts as the metal blades cut them into pieces

“[Fire Breath!]”

Yet another senior made a move. He swallowed large amounts of air as he places his hand in front of his mouth

When the senior releases the air he swallowed, a red magic circle appeared in front of him and a fiery breath of fire roasted the magic beasts charging at him

Since the beasts are just low-level, what happened was a complete massacre. But of course, it would be a different scenario if they were high-level magic beasts

After all, a human would have a hard time fighting and defeating magic beasts at the same level as them

They were only massacring with such ease all because the beasts were levels lower than them

Watching such a scene, Rezen’s blood can’t help but boil. He is after all a man filled with vanity

This battle was like a battle straight out of a fantasy series. The seniors taking down one magic beast after another looks incredibly cool!

Since Rezen knew that he would be the one that will benefit the most from all the carcasses that would remain, he decided to charge at the enemies to fight personally

“Ah! Boss, wait! That’s dangerous!” Pierre cried out as he followed Rezen

Suddenly, a snake shot its body as if it was an arrow that flew out of a bow

Rezen was taken aback a bit but he still stretched his hand out and a magic circle was instantly materialize

“[Water Stream!]”

A torrent of water met the snake and its body was thrown away by the impact. Its mouth foamed and blood gushed out from it

Clearly, the internal organs of the snake were directly smashed by the impact

Rezen after all used the 2nd fusion grade version of his spell as he was in a hurry to defend. With his complete mastery of magic theories in the 2nd grade, how could a snake that is only at ungraded rank possibly survive?

However, Rezen just finished dealing with one magic beast when three grey wolves suddenly pounced at him and he clicked his fingers together

Above the wolves, ocean blue magic circles materialize that releases spears made from condensed water that impaled them

The wolves whimpered for a moment but their souls were soon taken by the grim reaper

“Boss, above you! Duck!”

Pierre’s warning entered Rezen’s ear and he hurriedly ducked. He was just in time before a large eagle succeeds to poke his skull with its claws

“Fuck! At least give me a break!” Rezen shouted profanities as he wiped the cold sweat on his forehead

“I take it back! I take back my bloodlust! This place is too dangerous!”

Rezen just entered the battlefield yet he was already attacked thrice! With his meager skills, how long could he survive?

Unfortunately, he was already quite deep on the battlefield and it would take a lot of effort to return to the safe line

“Boss, I almost died trying to help you! You have to ensure my safety!” Pierre said with dread

Only when a person is at the hands of danger would they know how dreadful it was!

“Why are you giving me responsibilities I didn’t ask for?” Rezen complained but he still casts his spells if he doesn’t want the both of them to die

“[Water Serpent!]”

The spell that Rezen just learned earlier this day was activated by him as serpentine water around three meters long appeared

The serpent swung its tail to slap a grey wolf to death. As a 2nd fusion spell, its might was quite great as it slapped a 1st fusion wolf’s head to a meat paste

“Boss, you’re really awesome!” Pierre praised and he moved closer to Rezen as he felt that only by being with him would he be safe

Rezen just rolled his eyes in return while controlling the water serpent to kill all the magic beasts trying to attack him and Pierre

One magic beast after another died and Rezen’s face was turning pale

The pressure from using 2nd fusion spells is not that much at first but if it exists for a long time, the burden was sizable!

“Boss, should I shout for help? Maybe Captain Claude would save us, he clearly likes you!”

Instead of answering, Rezen just popped a recovery pill in his mouth and swallowed it. Instantly returning him to his peak state

“I can handle this! How could I be such a disgraced?”

It was the hot bloodedness of the youth that creates this situation wherein they are in the middle of the magic beasts while the other newbie soldiers were in the safety of the seniors

If Rezen was proven foolish by thinking he is as awesome as the seniors, he wouldn’t have a face to show to Claude anymore!

Rezen can only grit his teeth as he continues to control the serpent that moved around the battlefield as if it owns the place

The serpent would sometimes use its tail to attack or open its mouth to bite the magic beasts to death or directly slam its body into the enemies

Anyway, as long as there is enough mana supplied to the magic circle supporting it, the water serpent would continue to exist and regenerate

However, that is when things suddenly went south

As if the magic beasts can recognize the threat that Rezen possessed, fifteen grey wolves decided to attack him at the same time

All of those grey wolves were at the 2nd fusion rank!

It was true that there are few beasts in this horde at that level but that is only comparing to the number of ungraded and 1st fusion ranked beasts!

The more time that passed, the more magic beasts were attracted to this place and the number of 2nd fusion rank beasts also continue to explode!

Rezen can use a 2nd fusion grade spell but since the resonance of his 1st fusion mystic gem is not enough to help his spell fully unleash its power, it wouldn’t be easy to defend against all those wolves!

Not to mention, when a human fights magic beasts at their level, they don’t only cast a single spell!

Rezen tried to use the water serpent to defend but after five of the wolves struck it, the serpent cannot endure the attacks anymore and broke down, turning into a formless puddle of water!

“Coughed!” Rezen threw up a mouthful of blood from the backlash and Pierre’s expression turned grim

“Boss!” He called out worriedly as if he could already see his and Rezen’s death when…

Rezen ate another ‘candy’ of his and Pierre almost fainted from rage. They are now close to death but Rezen is still in the mood to eat candies? What the hell is wrong with his head?

“Fuck your mother!” Rezen cursed. The backlash was horrible!

As a man from the parallel earth where no dangers of the magic beasts exist, the most painful thing that Rezen experienced was his toe hitting the table

He never experienced something as painful as spell backlash and that experience made him furious

“Fuck you all! You want a fight? I will give you a fight!” Rezen said in extreme anger as he waved his hand

His water-type mystic gem floated in front of him and it worked to the fullest to resonate with the natural laws

Two magic circles appeared in front of Rezen and they released one water serpent each

Creating one water serpent alone already gave quite some pressure on Rezen’s soul, what more if there were two of them?

No doubt that if other mages do the same thing as he did, they might not even last a single minute

But who is Rezen? He is a man that has hundreds of recovery pills!

Who is afraid of who?!

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