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"[Water God's Armor!]"

After using one spell, Rezen let the Demon Tree trouble his enemies as he casts another spell

Apprentice mages in this realm generally have a slower casting speed compared to mages in the earth realm because of the difference between Resonance Gems and Mystic Gems

The Resonance Gems merely contains abundant elemental energies while the Mystic Gems contains the power of the laws itself albeit at an extremely small concentration

Just by the description alone, it was easy to guess what was superior

Aside from that, Rezen just broke the influence of the earth realm's laws over him and he still hasn't fully adapted to the laws of the rest of the universe

This made it harder for him to use magic but even then, it seems like his casting speed is not that bad

It didn't take that long before another magic circle formed below him and an armor that covered his body from head to toe formed. In his hands, water whips also appeared

It was as if Rezen was really given armor by the God of water itself. His current look was astonishing and there was even a smile on his face as if he was a War God itching for a fight

His 'comrades' that were unable to react when he suddenly made a move have their jaws fall down the ground

They have never seen such a spell before since the tribe doesn't have a lot of spell models. The spells that the apprentices could use are less than ten in number

"What the hell is that magic?!" The people from the Metal Sword Tribe exclaimed in surprise as Rezen grinned at them

In terms of battle experiences, in some ways, Rezen is still inferior compared to these tribal people that spent their whole lives fighting. However, he has learned more spells that any of them and in terms of flexibility, he is far superior

What Rezen lacks in experience, he would make up using skills and knowledge that these people don't have access to!

Using the element of shock, Rezen moved his hand as his water whips shot out into the air

"Bastard!" The leader of the four said angrily. "Take care of this Demon Tree while I kill this trash from the Waterside Tribe!"

Two mages were left to fight the Demon Tree while the leader pounced at Rezen

With the support from the [Metal Boots], the leader's speed was not bad. It might not be as fast as using wind or lightning type movement spells but it still did improve her speed

Unfortunately, in front of Rezen that has a better spell, this woman is not much

"Ha!" The woman tried to cut the water whips using her sword. At first, she thought she succeeded as she was able to cut one of the whips but the other one actually changed its course

Her eyes trembled and the next thing she knew was that the water whip already wrapped itself around her waist

"Scum! Let go of me!" She barked but it was useless

The woman sensed herself being lifted up the air before being mercilessly thrown and the direction she was thrown at was the direction of the Demon Tree

"Sigh... it seems like I really have become rusty. If it was in the past, one of my water whips wouldn't be cut like that" Rezen muttered

"Sister!" Another woman from the Metal Sword Tribe called out as she caught her sister before the Demon Tree could kill her

As for the remaining mage on their side, he relentlessly cut the vines coming from the Demon Tree to aid the two women

Unfortunately, Rezen is crueler than they think. He charged at them and slashed his water whip toward the two sisters. The impact from the whips sent the two sisters flying back toward the Demon Tree

As humans are generally weaker compared to magic beasts, one mage is not enough to fully hold back the Demon Tree since it was a magic beast that is tricky to deal with

Most magic beasts have weak points and once they are injured, their fighting strength would falter but that is not the case for the Demon Tree that don't have flesh and blood

It basically doesn't have a weak point and even if you cut its branches or trunk, it wouldn't weaken like an injured magic beast of flesh and blood

As such, the Demon Tree succeeded in wrapping the two mages that were caught off guard with its vines

Once a person was wrapped by the vines of the Demon Tree, it was hard for them to break free on their own

Not to mention, since Resonance Gems follow and float near the user, the gems were also wrapped by the vines and the constriction force crush those gems

Even Mystic Gems could be broken, what more for Resonance Gems?

Without the aid of magic, how could those two possibly break free from the Demon Tree's clutches? They are as good as dead now

"Noooo!!!" The remaining standing mage cried out as he charged at the Demon Tree to try and save his tribesmen but that proved to be a mistake

"Ahhkk!" The mage coughed out blood and when he turned his head down, he saw a whip of water penetrate his chest

With this level of injury, death is inevitable. Even Rezen doesn't have the ability to prevent this person from dying

In his last moments, the mage turned his head to look at Rezen

"B-bastard!" He cursed before he drew his final breath

"Well, this was easy. All thanks to you, my friend" Rezen said as he looked at the Demon Tree

No doubt that the Demon Tree has helped him greatly. Unfortunately, even if Rezen were to thank this Demon Tree a thousand times, it wouldn't care

Its limited intellect causes it to attack even Rezen and the result... its demise

After Rezen finished dealing with the Demon Tree, he returned to his fellow tribesman that was dumbstruck at his performance

They all regarded Rezen as the tribe's healer and healers should be weak, right? They didn't expect that after regaining his magic, Rezen would be this strong

Excluding the Junior Mages, no doubt that Rezen is the strongest magic apprentice of the tribe! No one could replicate what he did!

"I got what we need here but two of their Resonance Gems broke but considering the circumstances, this would suffice for now" Rezen said as he and his team departed, not knowing that Yvter's resentment for him grew

"How could he be this strong? This shouldn't be happening! I want to kill him!" Yvter thought while staring at Rezen


"Targets found. Wait for me here guys, if any of them managed to get past me, do your best to block them but don't leave any injuries on their bodies!" Rezen said

"Be careful! There is no magic beast to divert their attention. Please don't get hurt!" Umper said while looking at Rezen worriedly and the latter simply smiled at her

"[Metal Boots]"

"[Metal Sword!]"

Rezen casts these two spells first. Fortunately, his long list of magic spells that he learned in the past also includes these two extremely simple spells though he doesn't have a chance to use them back in the earth realm

With these spells activated, Rezen started running towards his targets

"Hmm? Is that someone from the Metal Sword Tribe? What is he doing?"

Rezen's target was also a team of four tribesmen but these tribesmen neither came from the Waterside Tribe nor the Metal Sword Tribe

They are instead from the Windy Tribe and they use wind-type Resonance Gems and magic

"Brother, he is running fast. Could there be a magic beast that is chasing him?" Another tribesman said and the four looked at each other

Tribesmen aside from the Junior Mages generally hunt in a team of four. To see a lone magic apprentice is rare and often times it means that magic beasts slaughtered their tribesmen

Since the said magic beasts could kill three magic apprentices while forcing the fourth one to flee for his life, it should be a strong magic beast. It might even be a Junior Beast!

Thinking of this, the four from the Windy Tribe also decided to run, exposing their backs

"Hmph!" Rezen harrumph and threw the metal sword from his hand

"Huh?" The four sensed the danger and the mage that Rezen targeted tried to use a spell to block the metal sword

Unfortunately, since apprentice mages of this realm generally have a slower casting speed, he wasn't able to cast his spell in time and Rezen's sword hit him on the shoulder

The man's shoulder instantly blood as he groaned in pain

"What the hell are you doing?!" The other three mages asked but Rezen don't plan on answering them

He only has one goal and that is killing these people using the spells that the Metal Sword Tribe uses to frame them!

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