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"I know that Chief, that's why I want to suggest a better plan" Rezen replied confidently

When it comes to seeing through things and formulating plans, even if Rezen is not the best, he is still better compared to many people especially the simple-minded tribesmen

"Oh? Then what is your plan?" The Chief asked while raising her brows. She is still suspicious of Rezen's origins but Rezen has proved his capabilities over and over again. If he were to say that he has a better plan then no one would think that he was simply being boastful

"My plan is similar to the Chief's, I also plan on obtaining the help of the other nearby tribes but I wouldn't teach them the method to farm potatoes in exchange for their help"

Getting the help of the other tribes is the safest route that Rezen could think of but he wouldn't teach them to farm potatoes unless they became part of the Waterside Tribe that Rezen planned on taking over in the future when he gained enough power

"Then what would you do for the other tribes to lend their help?" The Chief asked the important question and Rezen smiled

"This plan might be a bit bad but this is for the sake of our tribe's survival..." Rezen started to explain what his plan was and the tribesmen listened to him eagerly

In the end, after listening, the eyes of the tribesmen glowed as they applauded the plan of Rezen

Just like what he said, his plan was a bit bad as it was cruel but... just what kind of culture does the Savage Beast Realm has?

Rezen was originally thinking that the tribesmen would view him as evil but that actually wasn't the case. The tribe wholeheartedly accepted his plans

It seems like the line between good and evil is quite blurry in this realm as everyone is trying their best to survive various threats, once again reminding Rezen of how different this realm is from the earth realm


"Rezen, are you sure about this? You are the tribe's healer, you could have left this matter to me" Stone Head said anxiously and Rezen smiled at him

"Don't worry about me, Stone Head. I might have lost my memories but I'm confident in my fighting skills. You are a Junior Mage of our tribe, the other tribes especially the Metal Sword Tribe most likely know what you look like. We can't let them discover you, that would ruin our plans. Please stay here, I and the others would take care of this" Rezen said to reassure Stone Head

Since Rezen planned on becoming the leader of the tribe in the future, it wouldn't be bad to collect merits now since the position of the Chief has always been given to the strongest mage of the tribe

Currently, Rezen is with Stone Head and the four-man team of Jenna. There was of course Jenna herself, Borsus, Umper, and the person that Rezen likes the most, Yvter

With Rezen's insistence, he would spearhead the plan he suggested and for the sake of his safety, Stone Head would hide and come out only when his life is in danger. He was also accompanied by Jenna's team, the people that saved him before

"Stone Head, leave Rezen to us. We won't let anything bad happen to him!" Jenna said in assurance and the others followed suit

"He's our precious healer, we won't let him get hurt!" Borsus agreed

"Yup, yup! I promise not to be clumsy today!" Umper said while nodding her head vigorously

"Tsk" out of the four, only Yvter was in a bad mood. He has been isolated by the tribe for what happened before and now, he has to accompany the very same person that causes him to be isolated. How can his mood possibly be good?

"Alright, let's continue. We have to find a member of the Metal Sword Tribe soon" Rezen said to end the small talks

They are currently in the part of the forest where the members of the Metal Sword Tribe would most likely hunt

The forest is very big, there is no lack of hunting grounds for each tribe. What they lack are mages that could hunt!

For Rezen's plan, it was a necessity for them to encounter members of their enemy tribe and fortunately, it didn't take that long before they found their targets

Since tribes constantly send their people to hunt magic beasts for food, it wouldn't be hard to encounter members of the said tribe if you know where they usually hunt

"It's a Demon Tree, everyone be careful! Tsk, our luck is bad today, even if we defeat this Tree, we wouldn't be able to eat it!" A rough woman said as she guided her tribesmen

Not that far from Rezen and the others, four members of the Metal Sword Tribe could be seen and all of them were also only wearing beast skin skirts to cover their private areas

What made Rezen and the others sure that these people are from the Metal Sword Tribe was their Resonance Gems

Most tribes only have one kind of Resonance Gem and in this area, only the Metal Sword Tribe uses metal-type Resonance Gems. That is more than enough to give out their identities

In front of these four people was what they called a Demon Tree, a magic beast

Magic beasts don't only come in the form of animals or beasts, there were also plant-type magic beasts and an example of that is this Demon Tree

This particular magic beast literally has the body of a tree but with the help of its roots, it could move around. It even has a pair of arms that are made from its branches

The Demon Tree also has a malicious-looking face

"Be careful of its vines! If you let yourselves be caught by its vines, it would suck you dry!" The woman that seems like the leader of this team warned and everyone casts their magic spell

"[Metal Boots!]"

"[Metal Sword!]"

The four went to cast the signature spells of their tribe. The first spell formed covered their feet with a pair of metallic boots while the second spell formed swords in their hands

The boots improved their moving speed while their swords could be used as their offensive weapon. The combination of those two spells made the magic apprentices of this tribe stronger than the apprentices of the Waterside Tribe

"I know that I should wait until the Demon Tree made them tired but it felt like an eternity since the last time I fought while using magic" Rezen muttered to himself

He felt like his fighting skills has become rusty and his body was itching to fight

Since Rezen is confident of his skills and also the fact that Stone Head wouldn't let him die, he didn't do the logical thing of letting the tribesmen fight the Demon Tree first. What he did instead was to barge in before the fight between the magic beast and humans start

Rezen sent his mana to his Resonance Gem and it floated in front of him as he formed his magic circle

"[Surf!]" Rezen casts his spell and the magic circle formed below him

As soon as he casts his spell, the people from the Metal Sword Tribe sensed the magic fluctuations and they turned to look at him

However, what they saw was a tide of water approaching them as if it was a tsunami

Rezen stood on top of the water tide like a god, confident and overbearing

"Water-type magic! Damn it! Are they from the Waterside Tribe? How dare they when our tribe planned on turning them into our slaves!" The tribesmen became angry as soon as they saw water magic being used against them

With the help of their metal boots, the four tried to dodge but in the end, one of them was still caught by the 'tsunami'


The tide of water slammed against one of the four. It was a direct hit and he was washed away several meters away from his original position as his back collided with a tree

In just one move, Rezen immobilized one of the enemies but the four don't have the luxury to give Rezen all of their attention

Aside from the presence of humans, there was also the presence of a magic beast, the Demon Tree!

The Demon Tree uses its vines to attack the humans nearest to it. Coincidentally, only the people from the Metal Sword Tribe were the closest to it and they were forced to wield their swords to cut those vines

"Trash from the Waterside Tribe, just you wait! We'll kill you after we deal with this Demon Tree!" The leader of the four said angrily and Rezen gave her a smirk

"And you think that I would give you the time to do that? Fat chance!" Rezen spat as he readied another spell

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