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My Farm System: Reaching The Top In The Parallel Earth!

Chapter 225 225: Metal Sword Tribe

"Ivy, what are the chances of saving this tribesman if I were to use healing magic?" Rezen asked

He now has access to magic again and he learned a large number of spells. While Rezen didn't use all the spells he learned, he still used some of them including healing magic

"He has about 50% chance of surviving but master has to be careful when it comes to using certain types of magic like healing magic as the rest of the universe is different compared to the earth realm"

"Theoretically, mages at the Junior Rank and above could use all types of magic, including ones that could heal injuries as long as they learned that kind of magic. However, the might of their magic is low"

"Even if a Junior Mage were to use healing magic while it was effective to Magic Apprentices, the effect their magic would have on a fellow Junior Mage is not much"

"Every mage has different affinities and those that don't have a talent for healing magic will have magic that is not that effective when it comes to healing mages at and above their level or even those below their level"

Since the earth realm has broken laws, the way things worked there was different compared to the rest of the realms in the universe

Junior Mages could theoretically use any type of magic as long as they learned it but that is only in theory

People only say that because apprentices could only use magic that is the same as the element of their Resonance Gem/s. As for Junior Mages and above, they could learn every type of magic that they want but everyone is still born with different affinities

If they don't have a talent for certain types of magic then they might not progress much or be unable to use certain types of magic

Rezen understood the importance of mages that could heal other mages. They might get kidnapped and be forced to constantly heal mages without rest, technically reducing them to slaves

However, that would only happen if the healer mage don't have enough offensive power and Rezen definitely wouldn't become someone like that!

"Healer! Healer! Please heal him! I can't lose my friend!" The tribesman's words brought Rezen back to reality

"Jenna! Call Jenna immediately!" Rezen said to the other tribesmen. Since everyone here was basically family with each other, the tribesmen immediately called for Jenna and it didn't take that long before she arrived and gasped after seeing her fellow tribesman that is on the brink of death

"Let me borrow your nature-type Resonance Gem!" Rezen said

While other elements could also be used to cast a healing spell, they still differ in effectiveness

The element of fire is superior when it comes to offensive might but has low healing efficiency

While the nature element is not as strong as the element of fire when it comes to offensive power, it offers better healing capabilities

"M-my nature-type gem?" Jenna stuttered and Rezen spoke impatiently


"A-ah, yes!"

Almost every tribesman only has the water-type Resonance Gem and many of them wanted to have Jenna's nature-type gem. As such, Jenna is uncomfortable in lending her gem but sensing the urgency in Rezen's tone, she unconsciously gave her Resonance Gem to him

As soon as Rezen received the gem, he immediately poured some of his mana into it and the gem floated in the air

It was not long of a time but Rezen felt like he hasn't cast any magic for years as a green magic circle appeared below the tribesman that was holding the injured tribesman

Rezen focused on casting his spell as he muttered softly "[Nature's Cradle!]"

From the green magic circle, vines suddenly appeared and the vines took the injured tribesman

More and more vines grew from the ground until they completely covered the injured tribesman. He can't even be seen anymore amidst the sea of vines

"Is it because I haven't cast any magic for some time but why do I feel like my spell is a bit stronger than normal?" Rezen wondered and fortunately, Ivy gave him an answer

"It is because of the nature of Master's mana that was influenced by the farm. With Master's mana, the magic that Master could cast is a little bit stronger than normal. The effects might not be much now but the more that Master's mana is influenced by the farm, the stronger Master's spells would become"

Rezen's mana could expedite the growth of normal plants and in the future, high-ranking Spirit Plants. He didn't expect that it would also have an effect on his spells. This is surely a pleasant surprise

"I did what I could for now but he only has a 50/50 chance of surviving. I apologize but this is all I could do" Rezen said sadly

"No, it wasn't your fault!"

"You did what you could!"

"You have done more than enough!"

The tribesmen immediately 'comforted' Rezen with their words before they proceeded to talk about his magic

They are aware that Rezen was previously unable to use magic but now, they just witnessed him use one. Not to mention, it was even healing magic that no one from the tribe has learned

The spells that the tribesmen could learn are limited after all. They don't have a lot of magic spells, affecting their flexibility

"Now then, tell us what happened. Why did the Metal Sword Tribe attack our family?"

While the tribesmen gathered around Rezen, the Chief was actually also present and she asked the important question

Everyone remembered hearing that their family was attacked by the Metal Sword Tribe and after remembering it, they were instantly filled with fury

Who wouldn't get angry after hearing that your family member was attacked by other people, right?

Fortunately, after Rezen did his best to heal the injured tribesman, his friend explained what happened

The Metal Sword Tribe is a tribe slightly stronger than the Waterside Tribe

If the Waterside Trib with its name specializes in the element of water, the Metal Sword Tribe on the other hand specializes in metal magic

They are famous for their magic that could materialize a sword, hence the reason for the tribe's name

If it was before, since the Metal Sword Tribe is only slightly stronger compared to the Waterside Tribe, they wouldn't be audacious as to attack them for no reason

In terms of Junior Mages, the two tribes have the same number. The only reason why they were a bit stronger was that their magic apprentices are generally stronger compared to the apprentices of the Waterside Tribe

However, things became different when a pair of famous twins from that tribe has broken through and became Junior Mages

With the addition of two more Junior Mages, their strength exceeded that of the Waterside Tribe by quite a large margin

The two tribes originally has the same number of Junior Mages but the Waterside Tribe lost one of theirs while the Metal Sword Tribe gained two. One look was enough to see who was weaker and who was stronger

With the addition of two more Junior Mages to the Metal Sword Tribe, their ambition grew stronger and they set their sights on the Waterside Tribe

Tribal Wars are not uncommon in this realm and generally, the losers would become the slaves of the winner

That is exactly what the Metal Sword Tribe wants to happen. They want to expand their strength by defeating and absorbing other tribes

Since the Waterside is close to them, it was this tribe that has become their next target

The injured tribesman was merely a warning to the Waterside Tribe as the Metal Sword Tribe asked them to surrender

After hearing this, everyone has an ashen face. While they gained Skinny Yan, a Junior Mage, that only recovered the Junior Mage that the Waterside Tribe has lost

If the Waterside Tribe gained Skinny Yan and didn't lose Big Nose, since they have two mages that could use a magic spell, things wouldn't be as dire

Unfortunately, the Waterside Tribe at the present only has three Junior Mages (excluding the ones on a mission) while the opposing side has a total number of five Junior Mages

Even though the Waterside Tribe has the Chief and Stone Head that could cast a magic spell and not only use simple magic, the situation still doesn't look good especially since their third Junior Mage just joined them

The tribesmen are assured of Stone Head and the Chief's loyalty to the tribe but it was different for Skinny Yan

Skinny Yan has just joined the tribe and hasn't fully integrated with it yet. When the first sign of danger appears, Skinny Yan might betray the Waterside Tribe and join the Metal Sword Tribe to ensure the survival of his real family

"Everyone, let's wait for Stone Head and the other tribesmen that went out to hunt and we will have a discussion on how we should resolve this"

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