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The video that Neil played was none other than the video that Pierre has recorded

“How did you get that video?”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, still acting innocent! Didn’t you upload this on Youtube?”

“Why would I even do such a thing?”

“Because your dream is to be a strong mage but your talent made your dream impossible! But damn, I really didn’t expect that you would be this good at editing videos! If I didn’t know how trashy your talent is, I might believe that this was real!”

Rezen’s sore spot is precisely his talent. Maybe if the person teasing him now is not his best friend he would have already used his [Sun Blast] on him

This bastard is too judgemental! Is Rezen even the type of person that would edit a video of himself to deceive others?!

Rezen felt greatly humiliated at that!

As a result, Rezen had his mystic gem come out from his elixir field

The light yellow gem resonates with the natural laws as Rezen clicked his fingers together

Instantly, three magic circles formed above him, and each of them let out an orb of sunlight

The sunlight orb flew in the air before exploding

The dark night was momentarily illuminated as if morning arrives

The light coming from Rezen’s magic was no different from the light that comes from the sun

It really looks like morning had arrived for a moment

“N-no way!” Neil’s jaw dropped as he rub his eyes

He cannot believe this! How can his friend use a magic spell with this much firepower? How is he already at the 1st fusion rank?

“Hmph, you see now how awesome I am?” Rezen said arrogantly

In front of the omnipotent Claude, he is nothing but in front of Neil, Rezen is like a god!

“Fuck!” Neil curses

Since his talent is only inferior grade, he did not spend many resources since walking the path of the mage would be too costly for him

But even then, with the vismian grass that Rezen gave to him, he managed to condense a mystic gem

However, Neil still cannot use any magic spell aside from the basic stream magic

This was because he was learning about spirit plants to inherit the family shop and he don’t have much time for cultivation

As such, seeing Rezen that has way worst talent than him achieving such a feat shocked him to the core

“So? You still think that the video is edited?” Rezen questioned with his nose reaching the skies and Neil can only make a ‘hmph’ sound

“Go get your mana stones in my car” Neil said in an aggressive tone and Rezen rolled his eyes

How petty! Normally, Neil would give the mana stones to him directly but because of that slap on the face, he was acting like this

Still, the mana stones that Neil delivered to him would solve his problems

Rezen excitedly went to Neil’s car to check his mana stones and he saw 2 boxes. One small and one large

“The small box is the profit from the 500 blades of vismian grass and soul-tearing peas, there are 2,750 mana stones in there. The large box is sent by people from the Ceres Family for their pre-order. 10,000 mana stones for vismian grass, 18,000 for soul-tearing peas, and 5,000 for your new product or whatever” Neil explained and Rezen nodded his head

Hearing that, Rezen’s eyes turned into the symbol of money

Rich! He is rich! With this many mana stones, he could buy enough seeds of rainbow clementines!

Rezen would solve his mystic gem slot problem!

10,000 mana stones of vismian grass are only 4,000 blades of grass and the capital is also only 4,000 mana stones!

18,000 mana stones of soul-tearing peas are for 6,000 soul-tearing peas when the capital is only 2,600 mana stones!

5,000 mana stones are for the rainbow clementines and it seems like Fierce Fire is still just trying to check the effect of the spirit plants and Rezen has not set the price yet

Since Rezen feel like his head would explode from all this math, he decided to just price the rainbow clementines for 10 mana stones each

At first, he thought of pricing the clementines for 5 mana stones but that would only give him a profit of 5 mana stones for every 5 clementines

There is the option of choosing the price of 7 or 8 mana stones but that would make the math harder

Math is clearly not Rezen’s strongest suit and although he felt like he was extorting too much money, he justified this for the sake of his mental health

5,000 mana stones would be 500 rainbow clementines with the capital of 2,000 mana stones

Overall, Rezen would gain 24,400 mana stones of pure profit!

In credits, that would be more than 24 million!

Indeed, the world of ‘mortals’ and ‘mages’ is really different!

However, Rezen is also aware that 24,000 mana stones to high-level mages or families are nothing much

Just look at Fierce Fire, he can spend so much money just for the sake of the younger generation of his family

How much more money would he spend for the 2nd fusion rank mages and above?

Just thinking about it gave Rezen goosebumps. He aspired to be as rich as those mage families!

“Rezen, tell me honestly, are you smuggling goods or something? How can you supply and sell so many spirit plants?” Neil asks doubtfully and Rezen almost kicked him in the ass

Is Rezen someone that would do such illegal crime? How disappointed his Brother Claude would be if he do that?

“I guarantee that I got them through legal means. Alright, now go away and just come back tomorrow for the spirit plants!”

Rezen immediately pushed his friend back to his car after taking the mana stones boxes and giving Neil the 1,200 mana stones that he originally had prior to this transaction

“What the hell! Why are you giving me so much money? Are you trying to make me your accomplice?”

“You bastard, stop painting me as a bad guy! That is for you and uncle, I would be troubling you to sell my goods! Buy more Tupperware, the ones I have wouldn’t be enough!”

It was already nighttime and Rezen still has to do a lot of farm work

He might have earned a lot of mana stones but it also comes with a ‘ton’ of farmwork

He needed to stay up until the spirit plants matured to harvest and cultivate then tomorrow after Neil picked up the goods, he would have to return to the Ratois Mountain for the extermination of the magic beasts

He is too busy that his schedule is basically full!


Greenwood City Military Department Branch

“Vice-general Fritz, I am asking you to send more reinforcements in the Ratois Mountain”

“Why? I already gave you 20 soldiers. Why are you still asking more when the only problems were low-level magic beasts?”

“You gave me 20 but all of them are just newbies! Just earlier this day, 5 of them already died! Do you want to see more of our soldiers die?!”

“Why are you blaming me, Captain Claude? Aren’t those 20 soldiers under your jurisdiction the moment I sent them to you? Aren’t you the one at fault here?”

“Cut the crap, you are doing this not because you think that it was the right decision but you just want to see me fail and humiliate myself, right?”

In the Vice-general’s office, two people can be seen arguing

One of them was Captain Claude Preston with a face red from anger

As for the other one, it was the Vice-general that is already in his forties or fifties that smirks at Claude

“Captain, I don’t know what you are talking about. It is sad that the soldiers of our country died but that is not enough reason for you to blame their deaths on me. Do show some respect to your superior. I am one of the Vice-general in this City” Vice-general Fritz rebuked

His tone in the first part contains fake sadness but in the latter part, he was filled with an air of superiority

“Hah… What a good Vice-general. If I did not reject that position, who do you think would be the Vice-general of this City?” Claude retorted with venom and the vice-general’s face turned dark from extreme anger

Claude’s words were a great humiliation for him!

To be a Vice-general, the mage must be at the 5th fusion rank

Vice-general Fritz and Claude are at that rank but it doesn’t mean that they are equals

In position, Fritz was superior but when it comes to fighting prowess, Claude is undoubtedly stronger

In fact, that is the reason why Fritz is antagonizing Claude… it was all because of jealousy

Fritz knew that if Claude did not reject the offer, he wouldn’t be sitting in his current position

Fritz has always wanted the climb the ranks but just because a mage is at the 5th fusion rank doesn’t mean that they can easily become a Vice-general

Vice-generals must have the power stronger than most mages at the same rank and unlike Fritz, Claude perfectly fits that description!

Fritz has an inferiority complex since the position he dreamed of was only given to him because a young man that is just in his twenties rejected it

That was the reason why Fritz is standing in Claude’s way and it was a good coincidence that the other high ranking military officers also wanted to send the newbies to prevent them from buying the soul-tearing peas

“Shut your mouth! You’re just a captain!”

“Unlike you bastards that are content with sitting pretty on your position while commanding the soldiers to their deaths, this mere Captain chose to be always in the frontline where the danger is! You don’t have the right to shut my mouth!”

The atmosphere instantly turned tense as the two opposing sides stared at each other with daggers in their eyes

The air seems to solidify from the pressure making it hard for people that would enter the office room to breath

“Arrogant bastard! Who do you think you are?!”

“Shut up! This is how this will go! You will send stronger reinforcement in the Ratois Mountain and prevent any more deaths of our young soldiers! Do you understand that?!”

If Rezen was present, he would undoubtedly be surprised. The kind Brother Claude he knows actually has this kind of side?

So fierce! So cool!

This is the epitome of how a man should act! So freaking domineering!

“Y-you… I will not listen to you! Get out! Get out you fucking bastard!”

Claude clenched his jaw at that and since talking wouldn’t solve the problem, he controlled his darkness-type mystic gem and it flew out of his elixir field

“Bastard, are you trying to attack me?!” The Vice-general questioned angrily as he broke the desk in front of him with a bang of his fist

In reply, Claude activated a magic spell

“[Fear Grip]” Claude muttered as magic circles suddenly appeared in his eyes

Since Fritz was staring at him, Claude easily succeeded in using his magic on him

People know that Claude is a kind soldier. The kind of soldier that would risk his life for the civilians

It was no doubt that he is a kind and good person

However, Claude is also not the foolishly kind type of person

If need be, he wouldn’t hesitate to attack high ranking officers if their actions and decisions are negatively affecting the civilians

As such, despite mostly mastering direct offensive-type of magic spells, Claude still learned [Fear Grip] which can be said to be a despicable magic spell

As long as the user has a stronger soul compared to the target, he could inflict and leave great fear in them

As expected, Claude has a stronger soul and Fritz was affected. His eyes had the same magic circles that were on Claude’s eyes as his body shake and his face paled

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