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Rezen didn’t waste any more time as he chanted the word ‘storage’ and a screen instantly appeared in his vision

The screen contains ten cells with only one of them containing something. It was the newbie package!

Rezen willed it and the package was opened by him

[Ding! The newbie Package has been used! Congratulations to Host for obtaining grade 1 Vismian Grass seed x10!]

“Vismian Grass?” Rezen felt that this grass is quite familiar to him and he searched through his memories to remember details about it

“Wait… vismian grass… isn’t that the main ingredient of the mana pills?” Rezen muttered after he remembered some information about the grass

There are different grades of herbs and different grades of mana pills. The one that Rezen have was just the lowest of them all

To make a grade 1 mana pill, a grade 1 vismian grass is needed

“Vismian grass has a lot of market demand but still, isn’t the system too stingy? It only gave me ten seeds and of the lowest grade at that!” Rezen complained

Humans really are the type of creature that would ask for a mile when given an inch

Rezen lamented the system’s stinginess before he planted all ten seeds, making sure that there was some distance between individual seeds

After that, Rezen reentered his house. He grab a watering can that he brought with him and filled it with water before returning to his farm

He carefully watered the areas where the seeds are planted, making sure that they weren’t drowned in too much water

“Will my crops grow ten times faster? A hundred? A thousand?” Rezen thought as he waited for the vismian grass to grow but only after a few minutes, he already became bored

“Well, whatever, I’ll just return later. What can staring even do?” Rezen muttered as he shrugs

Rezen wants to reach the top but he also has some distinguishable characteristics. Two of which were laziness and impatience

As such, he decided to eat some instant noodles first to satiate his hunger before he took a shower and rested for a bit


Only when Rezen felt rested enough which took approximately five hours as he actually accidentally took a nap did he return outside to check the condition of his crops again

To his shock, his farm was indeed magical. Even if it isn’t a vismian grass, any other plants or grass wouldn’t grow in such a short period of time

Rezen excitedly approached the field of grass. He only has ten seeds but these ten seeds grew around a hundred blades of vismian grasses

This means that a single seed yields ten grass!

Rezen doesn’t know if this yield is good or bad but this still would help him

If he can sell these grass, he would have money to buy more mana pills

Isn’t the problem with low-grade talents the cost of nourishing them?

With Rezen owning a magical farm, does he still have to worry about the lack of resources?

Rezen touched the grass the closest to him to harvest it. He doesn’t know the proper way to harvest the grass or if there is even a proper way but for now, he could try pulling one of them

The moment that Rezen touched the grass, a blue screen instantly appeared in his vision

[Name: Vismian Grass

Quality: Top-ranked Grade 1

– A grass that contains a small amount of mana. It is of the highest quality for Grade 1 and doesn’t need to be made into pills for consumption]

Rezen was shocked by the brief description. Well, how could he not?

Magic beast meat is different from spirit plants

The meat is generally safe for consumption as long as they were cooked

As for the plants and herbs, not all of them could be consumed directly. Some must be turned into pills or medicines first

Vismian grass is one such example. It must be turned into mana pills first before a person can consume them and absorb the mana it contains. But now, the system was actually telling him that he could consume the grass directly?

Still, the system is the system. If Rezen’s golden finger would lie and harm him then he might as well ignore it for the rest of his life

As such, Rezen decided to try eating the grass. He thought that it would have that earthy bitter taste but the vismian grass is actually a bit sweet. It even tastes quite good

And just like what happened when Rezen consumed mana pills, cool energy gathered in his stomach

The almost non-existent mystic gem embryo that Rezen condensed from his first mana pill was still there

The mana was in his stomach but at the same time, they are not. It’s like there is a separate yet connected dimension in his stomach that holds mana and the mystic gem embryo

Rezen willed the new mana inside him that comes from the grass. To his surprise, although the grass wasn’t turned into pills, it actually contain more mana than the pills!

It was more than thrice the amount!

Even if Rezen’s talent only allowed him to at most absorb 1% of the mana of the grass if he works at full capacity so what?

With his farm system, he could grow and consume as many vismian grass as he wants! There is no need to hold back at all!

This is his golden finger! His cheat!

Soon, around 99% of the mana that the vismian grass dissipated and was flushed out of Rezen’s system, absorbing less than a percent of it

However, Rezen was unbothered by that. He finished one vismian grass then he would have more until he finally condensed his first Mystic Gem


A few hours passed and the skies were already darkening. At this moment, Rezen finally finished all the vismian grass but even then, he still wasn’t able to condense his Mystic Gem

After all, he can only absorb 1% at most if he works at full capacity and it was impossible to be always at his peak for hours!

As such, in each grass, Rezen absorbed less than a percent

A legendary talent can absorb 90-99% percent mana of things they consumed but even they would need more than one mana pill to condense their Mystic Gem

Rezen consumed a hundred grass and although they contain more mana than the pills, he still needs some more grass!

At this moment, the embryo in his stomach is not almost non-existent anymore. It grew quite a bit

The embryo merely looks like a small dull gem stone without any hint of luster

An embryo is still an embryo and it doesn’t contain any power yet. Only when the embryo turned into a full-fledged Power Gem would it gain some color

Rezen wants to continue consuming vismian grass but found out that he already ate all of them

“This wouldn’t do. If I knew that a hundred grass wouldn’t be enough, I would have planted more of them earlier to avoid delaying my cultivation” Rezen muttered before he frowned as he realized something

Even if he knew earlier that a hundred grass is not enough so what? He only has ten seeds!

Even if he wants to plant more, what could he even plant?

Rezen completely forgot about this part. Does he need to buy vismian grass seeds and plant them or something or…

“System, is there a shop function?” Rezen asks and the system does not fail him as another blue window appeared in his vision

It simply has the word ‘Shop’ at the top and on the list, there is only a single item to purchase

It was the same seed that he gained from the newbie package – the vismian grass seed!

Rezen checked the price and saw it at ten mana stones per seed

The currency used is mana stones and not credits which were understandable

Credits after all is a human made concept and its value is tied with the mana stones that have a real use

At first, Rezen thinks that the price was too high. After all, a single mana pill costs 5,000 credits and that is equivalent to 5 stones yet a single grass seed is already priced at ten mana stones

But when Rezen thinks of it, the value of the seed is still much higher

Not only could the seed yield ten blades of grass, but each grass can also be consumed directly and they have more mana than a grade 1 mana pill!

It means that a single vismian grass is already worth more than a single mana pill

Fortunately, Rezen has some mana stones with him. The pills and the mana stones were actually something that his parents readied for him

As soon as he can finally start cultivating, he could use the pills and mana stones

If he doesn’t have the stones beforehand then he would have to ‘withdraw’ them which would be quite troublesome

Rezen went to his belongings and for now, he only have fifty mana stones, enough only for five vismian grass seeds

Still, this amount although far from enough to support Rezen’s cultivation is already high enough to put a strain on his family’s pockets

If not for his parents planning ahead and saving up before Rezen can even cultivate, he definitely wouldn’t have these fifty mana stones worth 50,000 credits

“Seems like I either have to withdraw and convert my credits into mana stones or…” Rezen glanced at the blue window in front of him as he think about the vismian grass

“…. No, not or, I definitely have to sell some vismian grass. Only then could I earn mana stones that I can use to buy the seeds”

Rezen maid a rough plan in his mind as he bought the seeds with all of his money and planted all of them

Although Rezen doesn’t know if he should even water them with how fast the grass grew, he still did just to make sure

Unless he is overflowing with money, he must make sure that all of his seeds would successfully yield


Rezen waited for a few hours before the seeds grew into vismian grass again and only then did he resume his cultivation

When about half of the grass that he grew was consumed only then did Rezen finally feel something

His mystic gem embryo seems to have gained life and it came out of his elixir field

It still has a dull color as before but it doesn’t feel lifeless anymore. In fact, it was teeming with life and is resonating with the universal laws

Rezen can feel a special connection with the embryo as it gave him a wonderful perception

It made him sense the wonders of the universe and its infinite power

The universe is filled with endless power everywhere and Rezen can instinctively feel that he can choose one of those powers to bestow into his Mystic Gem

“Wait… I haven’t thought of what power I want yet!” Rezen realizes that. To think that he would actually forget such a thing!

He was too anxious to get his talent tested for him to start cultivating that he forgot such an important part!

The birth of the Mystic Gem is not something that could be delayed and Rezen is sensing that his embryo’s resonance with the universe is already weakening

If this goes on, his Mystic Gem Embryo would be wasted and he would receive a backlash!

“Think, think, think, what sort of power is suitable for me?” Rezen thought anxiously as he stared in the skies as if the answer was in there

His eyes were blinded by the sunlight because of his actions. At that time, Rezen’s mind is filled with unconscious thoughts of the sun and he suddenly felt his embryo heating up

The free mana in the surroundings was sucked by the embryo but Rezen knows that it was only absorbing a certain type of mana that felt quite warm

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