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“What? No! You can’t do that!”

“Right, right, it’s dangerous!”

As expected, the newbie soldiers refused but Rezen insisted

“I promised I wouldn’t hold anyone back. I’ll just cast magic from a distance. Wouldn’t that make our progress faster? The more magic beasts died, the safer the residential areas would be”

As much as it pricks his conscience, Rezen can only lie. In any case, despite his goal being the magic beast corpses, it was true that with his help, the residential areas would be safer

No one can refute his logic and the soldiers can only reluctantly agree

Their group started moving again after Rezen stored all the corpses in his storage

To his surprise, all the wolves also fit in one cell! With this, he wouldn’t have to make many trips from the mountain and his farm!

He was more than delighted with this outcome! Just thinking about the blessing points and lottery tickets he would receive made his mood soar into the skies

The Ratois Mountain has a lot of magic beasts and most of them were the grey wolves

After just searching for a few minutes, Rezen’s group has encountered another group of magic beast

This time, it was a group of ten magic beasts

“R-retreat! Alert the seniors!” The leader of the group hurriedly said

If it was only ten magic beasts then so be it. The problem was that there were three grey wolves at 1st fusion rank!

This is not a group of magic beasts that they can defeat by themselves!

If they don’t retreat now, they might get wiped out!

All the soldiers’ faces were filled with anxiety and that is when a light yellow orb flew in the air


The orb landed on one of the 1st fusion rank wolves and it exploded. Bright sunlight filled the area as the sound of the explosion rang

“Bleegghh!!” Rezen almost vomited from the sight that he had caused personally

The entirety of the grey wolf’s head exploded into smaller pieces of meat!

Blood and brain matter splattered around the now headless wolf

Although Rezen’s [Sun Blast] when he was at ungraded rank already caused a gruesome sight, this was still on another level!

The power of his magic spell increased after he entered the 1st fusion rank, directly smashing a wolf’s head as if it was a watermelon

This development stunned the soldiers. To think that Rezen was actually a 1st fusion mage when the majority of their members were just ungraded rank!

Not to mention, from what it looks like, Rezen is ‘not’ a newly advanced 1st fusion mage. His magic spell clearly is at a high mastery already!

How can they not be stunned when the civilian they thought was weak and needed protection suddenly erupted with such power?

Rezen reacted as if he can’t see the gaze he was receiving as he cast his magic spell again

One [Sun Blast] after another flew out and they never failed to kill the wolves

Since Rezen’s elixir field was upgraded and can store three mystic gems, the mana in his elixir field also increases and he managed to kill all the wolves with the mana he has

However, it also left him tired and fatigued. His head hurt like hell as if he just exhausted himself

“The hell? Is this the so-called side effect of using too much mana? This is freaking uncomfortable!” Rezen complained as he grabbed his aching head

This feels similar to a fever headache!

Not wanting to make himself suffer, Rezen retrieved one recovery pill from his storage and popped it in his mouth

“Dang, I forgot to bring water! Oh, well, I’m not a kid that can’t drink medicines without water”

Rezen swallowed the pill and he was surprised as the pill’s effect was instantaneous!

Whether it be his mana, physical strength, or soul, all of them recovered to their peak condition!

This is a pleasant surprise!

The pill’s description didn’t lie! It can really bring the user back to the peak condition!

“Hohoho, I think that system isn’t actually that stingy! It even gave me senzu beans! With these recovery pills, wouldn’t I become a human war machine that doesn’t get tired?”

Rezen imagined himself on a battlefield casting his spells and when his mana was drained, he would pop a pill and cast his magic again

If there is forbidden magic in this world, the type that could erase an entire city but would drain all the mana of the user it would be even better!

Rezen can spam forbidden magic to the enemies and who can even stop him?

He was in a dreamy state, imagining himself revered by everyone

Even his handsome and dashing Brother Claude would even look at him as if he was the salvation of mankind!

When Rezen finished daydreaming only then did he notice how the soldiers were staring at him as if they were seeing something unbelievable

“Brothers, no need to look at me like that. I am just a humble citizen of the country” Rezen said ‘humbly’ as he pats everyone on the shoulder before storing the magic beast corpses inside his spatial ring


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Explosive sounds continue to ring inside the forest. Every banging sound would mean that a magic beast have died


“I-I feel like I am dreaming…”

“W-what the hell is this…”


None of the four soldiers with Rezen was not in a state of disbelief as they watched him spam magic spells as if he was merely throwing small stones

They had already lost count of how many magic beasts Rezen has defeated using his [Sun Blast]

It was a bit boring seeing the slaughter when the slaughterer is only using a single type of magic spell but the visual effects make up for that

Rezen looks so laid back as if casting those magic spells were the same as breathing for him

The soldiers even watch him munch on ‘candies’ while fighting

Indeed, the recovery pills look like candies and the soldiers don’t associate them with a treasure at the same level as senzu beans

After all, as far as they are aware, in this world, there is no treasure that looks like a candy that brings the mage back to their peak condition

Even if there are, would people even treat them as random candies that can be bought in the store?

“Boring…” Rezen muttered under his breath. For the past hour, he hasn’t done anything except for searching for magic beasts, casting magic spells, and storing the corpses of the magic beasts

As long as the corpse was from the same species and rank, all of them would only take up one cell and there were already quite a lot of them in Rezen’s storage

This Ratois Mountain is a treasure trove for him! It was filled with low-level magic beasts that would die from a single [Sun Blast]

In fact, Rezen also killed a few beasts at the 2nd fusion rank. If one [Sun Blast] wouldn’t work then he would cast two, three, four, or more!

Complete mastery over a magic spell is indeed terrifying as Rezen can insta-cast his spell

“Ah, no, sorry, I didn’t mean to say that your companies are boring. These magic beasts are just too weak and they bored me” Rezen said as he ‘realizes’ his mistake and the soldiers were tongue-tied

They didn’t know what part they should be offended by. The part where their companies are boring or that they feel like Rezen was slapping their faces and calling them weak indirectly

Brother, it’s not like the magic beasts are weak! You are just too abnormal to insta-cast magic spells as if they were nothing!

You were even constantly munching candies while slaughtering them!

This even made us feel pity for the magic beasts that encountered you!

The soldiers have a belly full of curses but they didn’t let that out

Now, they think that there is a reason why Captain Claude had Rezen help them!

“B-Brother, your name is Rezen, right? I’m Pierre, can I ask you something?” The only 1st fusion rank soldier said to Rezen that nodded his head

“What is it?” He replied after casting another [Sun Blast] that once again blasted another magic beast’s head

“W-well… can you tell us how you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Insta-casting and with that much power and you also don’t seem to run out of mana”

Pierre is also a mage at the 1st fusion rank but he doesn’t have that level of firepower! Moreover, his spell-casting was also not as fast as Rezen and his mana has a limit!

If he can learn one thing or two from Rezen then that would greatly benefit him

“Oh, that? I mastered the [Sun Blast] spell and before I knew it, the power and casting speed of my spell is at that level now. As for the mana… it’s all thanks to my recovery pills, they recovered my mana” Rezen answered honestly and he even showed his recovery pill that looks like a candy

The soldiers were originally expecting a piece of helpful advice from Rezen but he might as well not have answered the question!

Of course, mastering a magic spell would increase its lethality and casting speed. But if it was that easy then every mage in the world would have easily mastered magic spells!

If you don’t want to answer then just say so! Who in this world doesn’t have secrets? You don’t need to lie and say that candies help recover your mana!

The soldiers wanted to curse Rezen for his shameless lie but what can they do? As soldiers, it was their duty to protect the civilians and not hurt them!


On the other side of the mountain, another group of 4 soldiers was facing attacks from magic beasts

“L-leader, what should we do?” One of the soldiers asks with an anxious face

Originally, their group was only fighting a group of three crazy grey wolves but before they can even kill all three of them, a group of fifteen wolves suddenly appeared and surrounded them

“Send the signal to our seniors! We can only do our best to last until they come!” The leader said and one of the soldiers took out his phone to send the distress signal

As for whether they can survive until the seniors arrive or not… they can only hope

“Use only movement restricting magic or defensive ones! I will try to kill and lessen their numbers! We have to last for as long as possible!” The leader shouted and the others can only obey

“[Earth Spikes!]”

“[Wind Blow!]”

The [Earth Spikes] injured the legs of the wolves, decreasing their movement speed

The [Wind Blow] on the other hand made the wolves lose their balance but that just made them even crazier than before


The frenzied wolves attack without any care for any bodily injuries and with their superior number and power, it didn’t take that long before all the soldiers have been killed

After the soldiers died, a streak of light flew out from the foreheads of the wolves that entered the foreheads of the dead humans

And just like what happened when the wolves died, something came out from the humans before entering the ground and vanishing

After a few minutes, a man with clothes made from shadows arrived at the scene but he was already late

This group of soldiers was already wiped out

“Damn it!” Claude curses angrily. His heart felt a pang of pain for the fallen soldiers that did their best for the safety of the civilians

He was late! If he had arrived earlier then this would not happen! These young soldiers wouldn’t die!

However, no matter how much grief he felt, this is not the first time Claude has seen fallen soldiers

The only thing he can do was to retrieve the bodies of the soldiers to at least give them a proper burial

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