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As Rezen thinks that his preparation is still not enough, he took out one of the books that Claude has given to him about earth-type magic

However, just reading a single paragraph already bored him to death and he did his best to fight the urge to burn it

The theories almost killed Rezen and he just proceeded to the books that teach earth-type magic spells

At first, he was looking forward to learning magic spells only to be disheartened in the end

These magic spells even at ungraded rank still require enough comprehension! They are different from the basic stream magic

The stream magic basically just channeled and release elemental energies with the help of the magic circle

As for other spells, they are more complex, and sadly, without enough comprehension, a mage couldn’t even start to understand a magic spell

“Forget it, I’ll just wait and see if I can obtain more mysterious peach to learn magic spells. And who knows, the lottery tickets might even give me spirit plants that would automatically make me comprehend the power of the elements” Rezen muttered as he closes the book in his hand

Learning magic is not easy if he doesn’t consume a mysterious peach! Rezen felt like reading these books would make his head explode

With the intent of hoping to obtain more mysterious peach, Rezen just called his best friend and had him take 500 blades of vismian grasses and 500 pieces of soul-tearing peas for their family shop to sell

As for the remaining half of his vismian grass and soul-tearing peas, they are for his personal consumption. While the rainbow clementines on the other hand are for Rezen as he wants his elixir field to be able to store as many mystic gems as possible

Now that his rank and soul reached the 1st fusion level, improving further would require hundreds or even more than a thousand because of his measly talent


“Captain, the military sends reinforcements but…”

“But what?”

“T-they… all of them are new recruits with few mages at the 1st fusion rank. Most of them are just ungraded rank”

Hearing that, Claude shot his subordinate an incredulous look. It was true that he didn’t ask for high-level mages but isn’t this too much?!

These ungraded and 1st fusion mages would normally be nourished and trained first before being sent into missions, why are they being sent here this early?

As far as Claude is aware, there is not enough shortage in personnel for the military to send such newbies!

“C-Captain… t-this came from my source and I don’t know if it was true but… w-when the higher-ups learned that you handed more soul-tearing peas, they decided to send these newbies b-because they don’t want to share the peas. A-apparently, many in the higher-ups are already addicted to those peas…”

Claude almost passed out from rage. Just because of that? Why are those old-timers being this petty?

Just because they want to hoard the peas secretly to not lose face, they would pull a trick like this?

“It seems like the military has to be disciplined soon. To think that the higher-ups would endanger their soldiers for such a petty reason…” Claude muttered in a cold voice and his subordinate shivered at that

It was true that Claude is a kind soldier that always wanted to protect the country’s citizens and it was precisely because of that trait of his that he would go to extremes to protect the civilians

If the matter with the Ratois Mountain is settled and Claude returned to the military, some people would definitely cry

Claude inspected all the reinforcements and there were just twenty of them. 15 were ungraded rank mages and the rest were at the 1st fusion rank

This made him sigh deeply

It was fortunate that most soldiers in the military, especially the young blood are all courageous

It was mostly the military that dealt with the threats from the magic beasts while the Magic Academies were sitting pretty inside the cities

As such, people with some talent but came from poor backgrounds would most likely enter the military

However, everyone is aware of the duties, hardships, and casualty rates of the soldiers. As such, most people that decides to be a soldier have steel heart

These newbies might not have that much experience but they are already better compared to the greenhorns in the Magic Academies

“Attention!” Claude shouted, using his strict tone and all the recruits hurriedly stood in a straight line

Claude has a huge reputation and great prestige in the military department in and outside Greenwood City. No recruits would want to offend him

To the civilians, he was a kind-hearted soldier. But when on missions, he would be strict with his subordinates

“I believe all of you already know what our mission is. We have to exterminate the low-level magic beasts in this mountain”

“Since all of you are new recruits, I would have you group yourselves into five groups, each group will consist of one 1st fusion rank mage to lead and three ungraded rank mage as support”

“Each group will go in separate ways and the moment that you encounter a magic beast or a horde of magic beasts that you cannot defeat, use your phones to alert us! Don’t be foolishly courageous and arrogant!”

“I repeat, the moment that you encountered enemies that you cannot defeat, let your seniors know! I don’t want anyone from you to die, understood?!”

Claude is strict with the soldiers but he also wouldn’t send them to their deaths. He doesn’t even want to have even just a single casualty

Although grouping the soldiers into four members each when it was normally three members per group would slow down the rate of extermination, it would also increase the survival rate to an extent

“Yes, sir!” The soldiers replied in unison and they started grouping themselves and that is when a certain someone arrives

“Brother Claude!” This person is none other than Rezen and seeing him, Claude’s expression softened

Rezen is not a soldier but a ‘kind’ and ‘valiant’ civilian that wanted to help keep the safety of the residential areas around the Ratois Mountain

“You’re here. I apologize that you have to help us even when you are not a soldier. This is because we are lacking” Claude apologizes with a sigh and Rezen blushed in shame

‘Brother, no need to say such cool lines! I’m just really here for the magic beast corpses!’

“N-no, t-this is something that I should do” Rezen guiltily lied while waving his hand in the air and he saw Claude sighing as if the man appreciates him even more

“Everyone, this is Rezen. He is here to help clean up the carcasses of the magic beasts you would exterminate to attract fewer magic beasts. Treat him well! If I ever know that someone mistreated him in any way, consequences would follow! Mind your own words and actions! Rezen is a civilian but he still decided to help us!”

Rezen’s shame and guilt meter continued to rise especially after the soldiers looked at him in awe

“B-brother, I was actually thinking of going with you” Rezen said as he is sure that Claude would kill more and stronger magic beasts that in return would also give Rezen the greatest profit

“No, you can’t do that. I would fight the stronger magic beasts alone and it would be dangerous for you” Claude refuses

Rezen wanted to insist but thinking of it, he doesn’t even know Claude’s rank

From what he had seen before, Claude can easily kill magic beasts up to the 2nd fusion rank

Rezen judged that even mages at the 3rd fusion cannot easily do such a thing. At the very least, Claude must be at the 4th fusion rank

Indeed, just the aftershocks of the battle might already kill Rezen

“I will try to gather as many corpses I can and have you help me dispose of them. Take this phone with you and don’t place it inside your void storage. It would let me know your location” Claude offered after seeing the dejected expression on Rezen’s face

He thought that Rezen felt like he wouldn’t be able to help enough if he stay with the newbies

“Is that so? Then alright!” Rezen readily agreed

This is indeed a great opportunity! Great profit but low risk! Who wouldn’t want something like this?

Rezen excitedly chose a random group as they set off to fight the magic beasts


“Please don’t go far from us”

“Yes, yes, always stay close!”

The newbies said as they were afraid that Rezen would get hurt or worse, die

If that were to happen, who knew what consequence would be waiting for them

“Got it!” Rezen replied with a nod

Soon, Rezen’s group finally encountered their first group of enemies

It was a group of six grey wolves, all ungraded rank

The soldiers although considered as newbies but with the training and discipline in the military, instantly assumed their formation

All of them entered a battle mode as they watched the grey wolves run toward them

Their mystic gems emerged from their elixir field and hovered around them as they readied their spells

“[Earth Spike!]”

Two of the soldiers with earth-type mystic gems slammed their palms on the ground and two magic circles appeared meters away from them

Earthen spikes grew from the ground and they causes the grey wolves to lose their balance which made it easier for the other mages to attack

“[Fire Sparks!]”

Another mage with a fire-type mystic gem created a magic circle above the wolves that rained down small sparks of fire

The fire sparks don’t have immense firepower but it succeeded in further causing chaos in the group of the grey wolves and that is when the leader and the only soldier at the 1st fusion rank made his move

“[Water Spears!]”

The leader has a water-type mystic gem and with the time that his team has bought for him, he used a magic spell at 1st fusion level

Three spears made from condensed water flew out and took the lives of three wolves

The other soldiers continue to cast their spells and they soon killed all the grey wolves

They might be outnumbered but they have great teamwork and also because none of the wolves were at the 1st fusion rank

After killing all the wolves, the soldiers turned to look at Rezen, and seeing him staring blankly at them, the soldiers felt proud. They thought that Rezen was in awe of their strength

“Hehehe, are you shocked? With us here, no magic beast can harm you!” The leader said and the other seconded

However, Rezen was not staring at them blankly because he thinks that they were amazing. In fact, it was the opposite

He thinks that they are too weak!

Rezen with his [Sun Blast] can kill magic beasts at ungraded rank with a single hit!

He doesn’t need a teammate to help hold the enemies for his spell to hit the target

All of the times that he casts his [Sun Blast], his spell never missed!

With the rate and limitation of these soldiers, an entire day might pass with Rezen not even obtaining 50 corpses!

Sure, Claude promised that he would try to gather corpses for him but if that is the case then Rezen might as well just stay at the foot of the mountain and wait for the blessing

He wouldn’t have to spend so much time in here just for a few corpses!

Mages have limits with their mana, with the number of spells that this group needed to defeat the enemies, just how many wolves can they kill before they run out of ‘juice’?

That is the reason why Rezen has that kind of expression on his face!

This wouldn’t do! Rezen doesn’t want to waste his time and he can only try to make a suggestion

“Um, excuse me, next time, can you allow me to participate in the battle? I also know some magic spells”

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