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Because of the system’s description, Rezen is filled with doubt

How can a spirit plant famous for its side effect of great pain be addictive?

To clear his doubts, Rezen decided to try one soul-tearing pea. He swallowed the green pea and as soon as it landed on his stomach, his eyes widened as his body trembled

The medicinal effect of the soul-tearing pea exploded and it nourishes Rezen’s soul

The stronger the soul of the mage, the more and stronger mystic gems their elixir field could contain!

However, from what Rezen knows, the elixir field can also be ‘upgraded’ independently

The soul determines the highest quality of mystic gem a mage could have

Mages with the soul at the peak of the 1st fusion rank can bear the pressure of two 1st fusion grade mystic gem

If an elixir field is strengthened, it was possible for it to hold three or more mystic gems at the 1st fusion grade

As such, the soul and elixir field is extremely important but of course, the soul is still a priority

No matter how many mystic gems an elixir field could hold, if all of them were only just ungraded, they wouldn’t increase the strength of the mage that much

The strength of the soul is needed to reach the next rank while the strength of the elixir field is a supplement that would increase and determine the power of mages at the same rank aside from their learned magic spells

The soul-tearing pea only nourishes the soul and its side effect was making the consumer feel like their soul was being torn apart

Rezen consumed one and indeed, the pea gave him a painful sensation. However, it was a completely different pain than he had expected

After a moment, Rezen finally calmed down as he wiped the sweat from his forehead

“S-shit, what was that? I feel like I can now understand why there are masochists in this world!” Rezen muttered with a lingering fear in his heart

It was true that consuming the pea was painful but it was a kind of pain that the person would enjoy!

No wonder! No wonder the system gave a warning about its addictive effect!

After he calmed himself, Rezen took out another soul-tearing pea while justifying himself

“This… this is for the sake of my cultivation and definitely not because I enjoyed the pain that this pea brought to me!”

Rezen consumed another pea and his body trembled again as a loud and indecent moan escaped his lips

“Sigh… these peas are dangerous” he muttered before deciding to head back inside his house

As for the small trees that bore the pea pods? All of them already turned into ashes the moment when all the peas were harvested

Just as Rezen is about to enter his house, an unexpected guess has come

“Brother Claude!” Rezen greeted joyfully. This virtuous soldier is still as dashing as before and Rezen aspired to be as cool as him

“Hello” Claude nodded his head and Rezen guided him inside

“Do you want a drink or something?”

“No, there is no need for that. I just came here to ask if you have more vismian grasses with the same quality as you sold to me”

Claude is still busy investigating the strangeness of the wolves in the Ratois Mountain and he went straight to the point

“Yes!” Rezen answered positively. In fact, the number of vismian grass he has now was more than before!

He has a total of a thousand blades of them!

From the 2,000 mana stones that Claude gave to him, Rezen used half of them to buy seeds

As for the remaining half, he stored them for the meantime so that in case he could really plant other spirit plants, he could use those mana stones to buy various seeds

“That’s a relief. How many of them can you sell?”

“I have a thousand blades of them. Are you going to buy all of them?”

Claude was taken aback by that. Based on the size of Rezen’s home, he doesn’t look like someone from a rich family yet he actually has a thousand blades of top-grade vismian grasses that allegedly have miraculous effects

This further solidified Claude’s theory that Rezen wanted to transact with him because the young man trusts him

Rezen doesn’t want to be found out possessing many good things!

As a soldier that vowed to protect all the citizens of the country, Claude would definitely not trouble Rezen into spilling his secrets or something along that line

“Yes, can I see them?”

Claude wanted to verify the claims of the new recruits and for that, he has to eat one of them

“Certainly!” Rezen replied as he went to his room

Fortunately, he bought more Tupperware while he was in the city. He used several large Tupperware to store a thousand blades of vismian grasses that he planted and harvested today

Rezen came out of his room carrying a tall stack of Tupperware and the side of Claude’s face twitched

Is this guy obsessed with Tupperware or something?

Still, verifying the claims are more important and Claude took the lid of one of the Tupperware to grab one blade and consume it

The quality 1 vismian grass is just like a drop of water to the ocean of mana that Claude has but he could still verify its effects

He was still having doubts earlier but after trying one grass, he now know that the new recruits were not lying

These spirit plants were really that miraculous!

If the new recruits consumed such treasures no doubt that it would expedite their cultivation to an extent that in return would let them guard and protect the country even sooner!

“How is it, brother? I can supply and sell a constant stream of my crops!” Rezen said proudly, wanting to look cool in front of his idol

“For real? Are you saying the truth?”

“Of course! I don’t lie!”

“If you can do that, I would treat it as a great favor!”

“N-no need for that, brother. I-I’m also just a businessman”

“Ah right, I have to be frank. I can buy as many vismian grasses that you could supply but can we lower the price? I cannot buy them at the same price that I bought them the first time”

“It’s alright brother, for every thousand blades, you can pay me… 1,800, no, 2,000 mana stones. Is that alright?”

By the fact that Rezen only needed basically 1 mana stone for 1 blade of grass and a few hours for planting, growing, and harvesting, earning a 100% profit margin is already not that bad

In fact, Rezen felt ashamed as he is ‘scamming’ his idol but still, human greed is still the strongest thing in the world

Rezen is in dire need of many magic stones!

“T-that… aren’t you losing too much? After all, I bought 200 blades for 2,000 mana stones before”

“N-no, please don’t think that!”

Please don’t think that as Rezen felt guiltier for tricking his idol!

After several rounds of persuasion, Rezen was ‘forced’ (delighted) as Claude increased the price to 2,500 mana stones for a thousand blades

After the transaction concluded, Rezen remembered something

“Brother, actually I also have soul-tearing peas. I can guarantee the quality as all of them are also top-grade!”

“Hmm, alright, how many will you sell?”

Soul-tearing peas have strong side effects but many mages would still consume them and these mages are not necessarily poor

They were just using the side effect of the pea not just to strengthen their soul but also to improve their willpower and pain tolerance

“I can sell a hundred peas for now but in the future, the number would increase”

Claude is a man that is easy to talk with and in the end, they settled the price with 300 mana stones for the hundred peas

It was slightly more expensive than the vismian grass

Rezen sends the customer off, thinking that even his brother’s back looks cool. Just look at those broad shoulders!

“Time for another farm work”

Rezen is both lazy and diligent. He has a hobby of planting but at most, it would be planting flowers in flower pots one at a time and not hundreds at the same time!

However, no matter how lazy he felt, he still forced himself to diligently make holes in his farm again to place the seeds

This time, he has accumulated 2,800 mana stones with his transaction with Claude and he still has almost a thousand prior to the transaction

Rezen bought a hundred vismian grass seeds for 1,000 mana stones and also a hundred soul-tearing pea for 1,300 mana stones since each seed is pricier at 13 mana stones per seed

This left Rezen with around 1,300 mana stones and he decided to ‘recharge’ for a blessing using a thousand mana stones

[Ding! Consuming mana stones x1000]

[Ding! Congratulations to the Host for obtaining lottery tickets x50 and blessing point x50. Current blessing points 51/100]

Rezen almost coughed out blood. It was actually like this!

Just like when absorbing magic beast corpses, the farm not only gives out blessing points but also lottery tickets!

Rezen was utterly disappointed by this as he was looking forward to a blessing

This felt like using tons of mana to recharge in a gotcha game just to end up obtaining common characters or cards

After all, the previous 120 lottery tickets that Rezen obtained only gave out 120 recovery pills

It’s like the mysterious peach of before was only something like a beginner’s bonus

Rezen already forgot how much he complimented the system earlier as he cursed it a thousand times in his mind

With a heavy heart, Rezen ordered the system to use all the lottery tickets

[Ding! Congratulations to the Host for obtaining recovery pills x49, rainbow clementine seed x1]

Rezen was ready to receive 50 recovery pills and he didn’t expect that he would actually receive a seed

“System, if this seed wouldn’t grow something that would benefit me… I don’t know what I would do but don’t trick me!” Rezen said to the system before he dug another hole to place the rainbow clementine seed and covered it with soil

After all the farm work, Rezen took a shower to clean himself as he doesn’t like getting sweaty and dirty… that sounded wrong again

After washing up, Rezen returned to his bedroom and sat on his bed with a new mattress before taking out more soul-tearing peas

He originally have 180 peas but he sold a hundred of them and the remaining peas are for his personal consumption

Rezen swallowed the peas one by one and the sound of his loud moan rang inside his bedroom

It was a good thing that he is in his farmhouse and not in the city. If not, the neighbors might think that he was doing something indecent

The peas were strengthening Rezen’s soul and he soon don’t feel the pressure caused by his second mystic gem embryo anymore

However, not experiencing the pressure is far from enough! Rezen has to have a soul strong enough to hold two mystic gems inside his elixir field!

That goal also did not take long to finish as Rezen has enough resources to ‘upgrade’ his soul though the problem was the same as the vismian grasses, he can only absorb 2% of the effects of the peas

Ungraded talent really is a talent not worth nourishing!

Just the peas that Rezen consumed would already be enough for the soul of ten or more mages to reach the peak of the ungraded rank!

If not for obtaining a system, Rezen definitely wouldn’t have enough resources to embark on the path of mages!

After strengthening his soul to the peak of ungraded rank, Rezen now has a new dilemma

After he fully condensed his embryo, what type of power should he bestow upon it?

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