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“It’s just a hobby uncle, don’t worry” Rezen just said that since he can’t be bothered to argue

Fortunately, his planting hobby is not unknown to people that know him

“If you say so then alright. I have five soul-tearing peas seeds but you don’t need to pay for them” Robert said

The seeds were also a bit expensive but they are definitely not as expensive as 10 blades of top-grade vismian grasses

Those ten blades were enough to cover all the cost of the seeds

“Uncle, you don’t need to do that”

“Just take it!”

Without a choice, Rezen can only accept the seeds. Five is enough as he did not plan on buying many since this batch is only for a ‘test drive’ to see if he could grow spirit plants from seeds that are not from the system

After taking the seeds, Rezen turned to his best friend and he grabbed the man’s palm

“What are you doing?”

“Here, sell them or use them for cultivation!”

Rezen placed ten blades of grass in Neil’s hand before he run away before they can return them to him

He went to the mall next to buy the basic household items that the grey wolves have destroyed, including a new mattress

These things took a long time as he constantly needed to go back and forth between his car and the mall

He is not sure if it is already safe to disclose the existence of his storage space and it was better to be safe than sorry

As such, Rezen spends the entire day in the city as he bought various things including seeds of some normal vegetables and fruits to also check whether he could grow them into spirit plants

It was already nighttime when Rezen went back to his farmhouse. Fortunately, this time, no grey wolves attacked his house

The fatigue from moving all day and also the still existing pressure in his soul and elixir field tired Rezen and without even washing his body or eating dinner, he went straight to sleep


Greenwood City Military Branch Dorm

Compared to the soldiers on earth that have a few people in every room, the military dorm in this world is different

Every soldier was given a small bedroom. Of course, the bedroom was only big enough to place a single bed and nothing more. As for the bathroom, the military has a large size public bathroom for the soldiers or at least the low ranking soldiers

This was to ensure that the soldiers can cultivate in peace. It would be bad if a soldier was cultivating while his colleagues were being loud

In room 404, one of the new talents recruited in the military can be seen

This man is also just around 18 years of age, the same as Rezen

18 years old is the start of the cultivation of humans as such, this young man is also just an ungraded mage

However, talent wise, this young man is better than Rezen as he has a Heroic grade talent that can absorb at least 60% of the mana of resources he consumed

After a few moments, the young man opened his eyes in surprise

“I ate five blades of vismian grasses but my foundation was not negatively affected in the slightest!” The young man exclaimed in shock

It was already a set fact that top-grade spirit plants improve a mage’s cultivation but they also cannot consume many of them since it would make their foundation shaky

They have to spend time refortifying their foundation if they still want to improve in the future

But the vismian grasses that he consumed actually don’t have that kind of side effects and the mana he absorb was pure

Moreover, the mana from the spirit plant was also easy to absorb!

If a person only has ungraded talent, consuming mana pills and spirit plants would only take a few moments

However, for those with a higher grade of talent, it would take more time

After all, one absorbs at most 1% mana while the others absorb 60% or higher

The mana that spirit plants have are purer and are also easier to absorb compared to mana pills

If not, a person could just swallow tons of pills to condense their embryo and they wouldn’t need to spend a lot of time

But even then, the time that this young man needed to absorb the mana from the vismian grasses was far too short than the set standard!

“What a miraculous vismian grass, I have to exchange my contribution points for more! With such a treasure, I might be able to condense my second mystic gem in one go since my soul is already strong enough!”

With determination, the young man hastily went out of his room and headed to the building where the soldiers can exchange their contribution points for cultivation resources

This building is no different from a storage building since it stored various resources and a person must have enough contribution points to exchange for them

When the young man entered, he was surprised to hear the sounds of people arguing inside

“I told you, I didn’t scam you!”

“Stop lying! The top-grade vismian grasses that I exchanged before don’t make my foundation shaky but the second batch you gave me is different!”

“Stupid! All top-grade spirit plants have that side effect!”

“But not the one I exchanged for the first time!”

“He’s right, I also got the same vismian grasses that he was talking about!”

“Me too! Me too!”

“I thought that I was hallucinating back then but it’s actually true! Those spirit plants don’t make my foundation shaky!”

“We want those vismian grasses too!”

The newly arrived young man was surprised by this development. Indeed, such a treasure is something that all ungraded and even 1st fusion mages would do their best to have because of its miraculous effects!


Ratois Mountain

“Another wave of magic beasts is coming down the mountain” Claude muttered with a frown on his face

These past days, there were small waves of magic beasts from the mountain coming down

If the military did not intercept them then they would have caused civilian casualties already

With a sigh, Claude steps out. His wind-type mystic gem emerging from his elixir field

With the help of his mystic gem, Claude uses his [Wind Stream] magic spell that killed the small wave of magic beasts with ten members

“When will the mage with sensory spells arrive?” Claude asks to his subordinates that shook their heads

“Captain, they said that it would take a week before the mage arrive” a subordinate replied and Claude was displeased by that

By the rate that the magic beasts were being agitated, who knows what would happen after a week?

Claude and the subordinates he has with him now are not experts in sensory magic. None of them can catch the ‘thing’ that would come out from the crazy grey wolves every time that they were killed

Those things were just too fast and sneaky!

“Increase our defense. Make sure that the magic beasts would not escape our radar! Also, do your best to convince as many people to evacuate inside the Greenwood City while the situation is still not settled!”

“Yes, Captain!”

With this wave of magic beast dealt with, Claude decided to once again head deeper into the mountain to investigate when a subordinate of his went towards him with an ashen face


“What is it?”

“Do you remember the Tupperware of vismian grasses that you donated to the military?”

“Yeah, what about it? Is there something wrong in them?”

Claude was too busy checking Rezen’s items and he was worried that it harmed the new recruits of the military

“N-no, there was nothing wrong with them… I-In fact… a r-riot happened because they want those vismian grasses”

“Huh? If it’s vismian grasses, doesn’t the military have a lot of them?”

“Y-yes, sir. B-but the people that exchanged their credits for the vismian grasses that you donated all said that they don’t make their foundation shaky and they can almost instantly absorb the mana after consumption”

“How is that possible?”

“I-I’m also not sure, Captain but that is what they said. Now, the soldiers that received those vismian grasses wanted more while ignoring the other top-grade vismian grasses. Even the ones that didn’t exchange for them but heard about the miraculous effects are also protesting”

Claude felt that this situation was incredulous. The side effects of spirit plants are already an established fact!

Although Claude does not believe what those new recruits were saying, he decided to still check it

Anyway, if Rezen has more of those vismian grasses Claude just has to consume one to check

“Wait… that Ramon? Ren? Ah, no, I think his name is Rezen insists on making a direct transaction with me rather than the military. Did he already expect this to happen? Does he think that I am trustworthy and wouldn’t expose him?”

Claude felt doubtful but being suspicious wouldn’t do anything and he just decided to visit Rezen to check


“System… system… system… you really are my golden finger! You never disappoint me!” Rezen said happily and shamelessly

Just how many times did he label the system as stingy in his mind for not giving him what he wants?

But now, after growing the soul-tearing peas using normal seeds, he is complimenting the system as if it was his ancestor

The moment that Rezen planted the first seed of the pea, he received a notification that soul-tearing pea seeds are now available in the system shop

With that, Rezen theorized that the way to unlock more system seeds is by planting different spirit plants

Rezen also already checked the difference between the system bought seeds and the normal seeds

Truth be told, there wasn’t much difference

Just like the quality 1 vismian grass, the quality 1 soul-tearing pea also needed around 4 hours of time to grow. But that is only the case with the system bought seeds

As for the seeds bought outside, it would take twice the amount of time to grow but essentially, they still have the same quality

The soul-tearing peas that Rezen grew whether they are from the system or the ones he bought outside are still top-grade quality!

Rezen happily stared at the small tree that reached his waist. That small tree contains several green pea pods and when Rezen harvested them, he found out that every tree contains thirty pieces of green peas!

Since Rezen already made some research about the soul-nourishing spirit plants, he was not completely ignorant and he already guessed why the pea tree bore more ‘fruits’ that the vismian grasses

Absorbing mana to condense an embryo is much easier than nourishing the soul!

As long as a mage consumed anything with mana it’s already alright

Of course, when a mage reached a high level, quality 1 vismian grass only contains a drop of water when the mage needed an entire sea!

That is why high-level mages would not use low-level spirit plants, mana pills, and magic beast meat

As for the soul, it was a trickier thing. Soul-nourishing spirit plants are already rare yet a person needed more of such resources compared to resources that only let the mage absorb mana

This is the reason why Rezen is complimenting the system as if it was his ancestor. He thought that the system already took care of the problem in quantity!

Even if Rezen doesn’t consume the soul-tearing peas, with such a high yield of them, they still would cost a lot of mana stones!

Rezen harvested every pea and since there were six trees of them (5 from Robert and 1 from the system) he now has 180 soul-tearing peas!

[Name: Soul-tearing pea

Quality: Top-grade Quality 1

– A pea that nourishes the soul by consuming a number of them

Warning: Highly addictive!]

“Huh? The fuck? Highly addictive? Isn’t this pea supposed to make a person feel like their soul was being torn apart? How could it be addictive?”

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