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The Ratois Mountain is a mountain famous for the grey wolves living in it. They were like a plague that terrorizes the entire mountain

The majority and dominant group of creatures living in the mountains were these grey wolves

Most of them were low-level wolves of ungraded or maybe 1st fusion level but there were also higher leveled wolves

If something was disturbing the wolves causing them to attack everything on site including their own kind, it must be investigated as fast as possible to prevent the wolves from causing human casualties

“Stay in the periphery and make sure that no wolves would come down the mountain again to hurt the civilians” Claude ordered and his more than a dozen subordinates nodded their heads

“Yes, captain!” They replied

From Claude’s elixir field, his darkness-type mystic gem came out as a black magic circle descended from his head to toe

His clothes turned into shadows that were in a half-solid and half-illusory state again

With his preparations done, Claude sped up to head deeper into the mountain

He jumped from one tree to another while his mystic gem remained floating around him. His speed and reflex were far superior compared to normal people

The Combat Suit really increases his overall physical abilities



Suddenly, Claude heard the sound of wolf howls and snake’s hiss. He decided to check the situation as he went to the source of those sounds


A snake more than ten meters in length furiously slammed its tail on the ten grey wolves surrounding it

From their aura, the snake was at 3rd fusion level while the ten grey wolves were just at the 2nd fusion level

Magic beasts are kind of similar to humans. While humans have mystic gems, the beasts have beast gems

Humans stored their mystic gems inside their elixir field while the beasts have their beast gem or gems in their bodies

Different species have different placements of their beast gems

While humans consumed pills, spirit plants, or magic beast meats to increase their rank and power, the magic beasts have a more brutal way

They would eat the beast cores of other beasts and if they were successful, they would be able to fuse beast gems of the same or different type

Of course, the magic beasts can also cultivate just like how humans do but most of them don’t have enough intellect to do so

Normally, wolves are crafty. They wouldn’t attack an enemy when they know that they would suffer many casualties of course unless they are starved and forced

The unrest in the Ratois Mountain was the grey wolves attacking every creature on sight whether they were provoked or not, starved or not

Some grey wolves would even attack their own kind!

This is a really suspicious phenomenon!

Claude watched as the snake’s tail succeeded in smashing one of the grey wolves to death but the other frenzied wolves took that chance to attack the snake

The way these wolves act was different from the ones that Claude encountered with Rezen

At least, the wolves that attacked Rezen were ‘normal’ while these wolves seem to only have thoughts of killing the snake no matter what the consequences were

There was a strange hint of bloodthirstiness and savagery in their eyes

The reason why some wolves fled down the mountain and attacked human settlements was because of these crazy grey wolves

As for the reason why these wolves are in a strange state… that remains a mystery

Claude tried to focus on the fight to see if there were clues and he suddenly felt something strange when one of the grey wolves was smashed to death

At first, he thought that he might just be mistaken but when another wolf has died, he really felt that something seems to have moved out of the wolf

However, the aura of that something would immediately vanish

Deciding to hold on to the only clue, Claude decided to show himself as his wind-type mystic gem emerged

Claude reached out his hand and a large light green magic circle formed in front of his palm

“[Wind Stream!]”

A large stream of wind emerged from the magic circle, attacking both the grey wolves and snake

The power that his spell showed right now was much stronger than the ones he showed in front of Rezen

After all, in his eyes, Rezen is a weak civilian. If he were to use a magic spell with this much lethality then it might also harm the civilian

Except for a single grey wolf that Claude left alive on purpose, all the other magic beasts are now dead

Claude approached the immobilized wolf and it was at this moment that he felt that it was a pity that he doesn’t know a scanning magic spell

He can use his soul will to scan the wolf but that would be too crude. If the ‘thing’ inside the wolf can conceal itself, he might not sense anything

Even then, Claude decided to try but to his disappointment, he really didn’t sense anything wrong with the entire body of the wolf

As such, Claude decided to kill the grey wolf using his sword, and the same feeling he had earlier appeared

Something really did come out of the wolf but it was too fast!

Claude’s eyes only saw a streak of light that instantly buried itself into the ground before its aura vanished

This development made him frown. With that unknown thing having such a bothersome ability, it would be hard to investigate this case

But still, this at least gave Claude a clue on how he should proceed with the investigation


Rezen that is not aware of the storm brewing in the Ratois Mountain just finished listing down things that he should replace with the wolves’ attack

Fortunately, the 2,000 mana stones from Claude were a big help

He wanted to use them to buy more seeds but since he planned on going inside the city today to buy household items and also seeds of spirit plants, he decided not to be hasty

Other people can’t see the spirit plants he planted but how can he be sure that they wouldn’t be able to destroy his crops while he was gone?

It was fortunate that the wolf attack didn’t harm his car and he uses it to come back to the city and his first stop was the herb shop of Neil’s family

When Rezen entered inside, he saw his friend busy with something. There was a notepad and a pen in his hands as he was eyeing all the herbs in the shop

Most herbs were just normal herbs but there were also some low-level spirit plants mixed and their value was naturally higher

“Oh, Rezen, why have you come here?” Robert asks as he saw Rezen entering his shop

His VIP Client (Fierce Fire) was more than happy with the goods that he bought. Robert was even told that if Rezen supplied him with more spirit plants, he should contact him

Rezen’s relationship with Neil and his family was already quite good in the first place what more now that Rezen ‘helped’ them a lot

“Uncle, I’m here to ask you to help me sell vismian grasses again. It would be the same as before, 30% commission for you!”

Rezen still has more than a hundred vismian grasses from the 400 blades that he has grown

200 were sold to Claude and Rezen planned on consuming the remaining half but alas… his elixir field is too lacking

It can’t bear the pressure of growing another mystic gem embryo

As of right now, the vismian grasses are useless for Rezen and he might as well sell them

Anyway, when he returned back to his farm, he would buy more vismian grasses seeds to plant and he would also try planting seeds that did not come from the system

“No, no, no, 30% is too much. If this is going to be a regular thing, we really can’t take that much” Robert shook his head

Even if Rezen just gives him 24 blades of top-grade vismian grasses every few days, the 30% commission would accumulate to an enormous sum!

Robert would feel like he was taking advantage of Rezen too much

“Uncle, it’s fine! They are just top-grade vismian grasses, nothing much” Rezen said frankly

After all, as long as he has 10 mana stones he can grow 10 blades of top-grade vismian grass

His only problem was his lack of enough capital but as more time passed, that problem would vanish

“Rezen, it’s fine. I know that your dream is to be a strong mage but with your talent that would be hard! You need more money than us!” Neil run off his tactless mouth again and his father immediately scolded him

Knowing that he couldn’t win with the expression of both Robert and Neil, Rezen can only compromise

“Then how about this, I will give uncle 100 blades to sell as for the commission, I will give you 10 blades!”

Rezen changed his tactic but in the end, he would still be giving a 10% commission to his friend’s family

Before Robert and Neil can refuse, Rezen already placed the Tupperware in his hand on top of the shop counter as he started counting the vismian grasses

The ones he count were placed on the counter causing Robert to sweat heavily

The way Rezen was mishandling the top-grade vismian grasses worth a lot of money is just too heartbreaking!

After counting 110 blades exactly, Rezen placed the cover of his Tupperware back to seal it

This is the only remaining Tupperware that he has. One was given to Robert in their first transaction and another one was given to his idol Claude Preston

This third Tupperware is the last one and Rezen can’t give it

“T-then, t-thank you. Neil, go get a herb box!”

Robert can’t stand seeing the spirit plants carelessly placed on his shop counter. If he doesn’t place them inside a herb box, he might have a heart attack

“Ah, right, uncle, do you sell spirit plant seeds? Preferably ones that nourish the soul!”

“What do you need them for? Do you plan on planting them? Rezen, I advise that you don’t. Spirit plants are expensive not only because they are helpful but also because they take a long time to grow! Only large organizations can grow them in big batches and that is by investing tons of money! If you try to grow them even with the low chance that you succeed, it would take years. Don’t waste your time and money!”

Robert kindly said. He indeed has spirit plant seeds but the reason? It was for those fools that think that they are the son of the heavens. The ones that thought that they can plant spirit plants without any prior knowledge and expect them to fully grow the next day

Since Rezen is his son’s friend, he naturally doesn’t want to take advantage of his foolishness

“It’s fine, uncle, it’s just a hobby of mine. Money is not a problem!”

Rezen is just going to try if he can grow them. If not then he wouldn’t buy any more seeds

“Sigh… if you really want to then I cannot do anything. For spirit plants that can nourish the soul since they are rare compared to other spirit plants, I only have the soul-tearing peas. These peas can be consumed directly even if the quality is not top-tier”

“Poor mages would consume these peas since they are the cheapest but it is a brutal spirit plant! It strengthens the soul by making the consumer feel like their soul was tearing apart! Some mages already died by enduring the pain. Rezen, even if you managed to grow the peas, sell them! Don’t try to consume them, you only have one life!”

Robert kindly suggested since the soul-tearing peas were really no joke!

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