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While expecting a bitter and struggling fight, Rezen swallowed more of his vismian grass even with the risk of turning into a cow

Survival comes first and for him to survive, he has to recover his mana and fight!

Claude’s mystic gem continues to hover around him before it releases a black magic circle

The magic circle then ‘scanned’ his body. It flew down from his head down to his toe and a transformation occurred

“[Shadow Suit!]”

It was as if Claude’s clothes turned into shadows that were in a half-solid and half-illusory state

His magic spell basically gave him a cool-looking combat suit that surely increases his base power

“Shit… this is bad, this level of coolness might bend me” Rezen thought fearfully, trying to take his eyes off Claude

After all, what kind of man doesn’t want to look cool, especially when using magic?

Only now did Rezen manage to realize that this Claude is quite handsome with his blonde hair and piercing blue eyes

He was like a character straight out of a romance novel!

However, the combat suit alone was still not all of it as another mystic gem came out from Claude’s elixir field

This time, it was a light green gem and inside it, the symbol of a tornado can be seen

A wind-type mystic gem! Claude doesn’t only have one type of mystic gem!

The military man’s sword appeared in his hand. Its blade was quite thin but gave off a sharp feeling and a small magic circle landed on it

Instantly, raging winds coated the thin sword and that undoubtedly increases its cutting power

“Fuck! I would be blind! So cool! So dashing!”

Comparing that combat suit and wind energies in the sword to Rezen’s measly [Sun Stream] and [Sun Blast] seems like an insult to the former

Rezen’s magic spells were not flashy at all and he vowed to himself that he would soon use cool-looking magic spells with great aesthetics!

“Stay here. I will do my best to protect you but you must also raise your guard!” Claude said seriously without even looking at Rezen that felt his heart thumping

‘Brother, stop being too cool! My heart really can’t take it!’ Rezen thought resentfully before his eyeballs almost popped from their sockets

In a flash, Claude met the hundred or so wolves that also seems to be taken aback by his speed


The first casualty has appeared as Claude’s sword easily cut a wolf in half as if he was merely cutting a random vegetable

After that, Claude stretched his hand out as a light green magic circle was formed

“[Wind Stream!]”

It was the basic stream magic of the wind element but Claude’s power was unbelievable!

The stream caught maybe ten wolves and none of them were left alive by the magic spell

Cut wounds appeared on the bodies of the wolves and those wounds were all lethal enough to kill them

Blood splashed around as its nauseating smell wafted in the air

Claude’s face was expressionless. At normal times, a single high-level magic spell with an AoE effect is enough for him to deal with these magic beasts

Unfortunately, there is a civilian that he must protect as a soldier of the country and he can only be careful

With the delay brought by his killing actions, Claude is now surrounded by the wolves, and Rezen that was filled with admiration was about to cry out when…

“[Shadow Strike!]”

The darkness-type mystic gem resonates with the laws of the universe as a large magic circle forms below Claude

The magic circle has around 10 meters in diameter and there were twenty or so wolves inside it


Sharp black tentacles grew from the ground and they skewered all the wolves inside the magic circle

Without a rest, Claude continued his killing spree. Blood continuously flowed down the ground but Claude ignored all of that

After only a few minutes, none of the more than a hundred wolves was left standing. All of them are dead now

“What power… is he at 3rd fusion rank or maybe the 4th fusion or 5th fusion? He only looks a few years older than me!”

Just like in the novels, cultivation in this world became harder the more a person advanced

Ungraded mages only have mystic gems that have never fused with any other mystic gems

To become a mage at the 1st fusion, the mage must fuse two ungraded mystic gems that would in return give them one 1st fusion grade mystic gem

To reach the 2nd fusion rank, the mage must fuse two 1st fusion grade mystic gems to gain one 2nd grade mystic gem and the process repeats itself

The higher a mage climb, the harder it is. Many people can’t even create one 3rd fusion grade mystic gem yet to reach the 4th fusion rank they actually have to fuse two 3rd grade fusion mystic gems

Every time that a mystic gem embryo is transitioning to an ungraded mystic gem, there is a certain probability of failure

Likewise, fusing mystic gems also have a probability of failure if a person’s comprehension of the powers of their gems isn’t up to the standards

As such, it was really hard to be a high-level mage!

Rezen didn’t expect that a soldier that he met just a day ago actually has such a level of power and talent!

When no more wolves were alive only then did Claude heave a sigh of relief. With this, the civilian is safe now!

Claude returned to Rezen’s side that was staring at him with twinkling eyes as if the man had just seen his idol

However, Claude doesn’t have the time or energy for that right now as he reached his hand

“My phone”


“My phone, give it back”

“A-ah yes!”

Rezen blushed in shame. How can he act so stupidly in front of this ‘god’?

Claude took his phone back and this time, he was the one that dialed 911

“Are there other places that were attacked by the beast tide?”

“No, from the satellite image, only the place you are in now was attacked. However, the situation with the Ratois Moutain is more disturbing than we initially thought. Captain, please investigate the situation”

“Got it!”

When Claude was finished with his call only then did he return his attention back to Rezen that was staring at the corpses of the grey wolves with a strange look on his face

“I apologize if the view was disturbing. I’ll have a team clean them up as soon as possible” Claude said thinking that Rezen is disgusted by the view of more than a hundred corpses of grey wolves

In fact, at normal times, Rezen might have puked already. Just the view of the few wolves he killed yesterday with [Sun Blast] already made him uncomfortable

However, he was not uncomfortable now. Turns out that a human’s greed is stronger than any disgusting scene

Rezen was thinking that if he were to have his farm absorb the corpses of the grey wolves, it would be enough for him to receive a blessing

“A-ah? N-no… I-I was actually thinking if…”


Rezen decided to thicken his face as he stared at Claude with his famous puppy eyes

“… if you can give me all these beast corpses”

Although Rezen was the one that asked, he still felt quite ashamed afterward. It was Claude that killed all these wolves but he was shameless to ask for them

With the number of grey wolves, they would definitely be sold for a large sum of money!

“Hmm, I originally intended to donate them to the military but since you want it, you can take them. You can use them to rent a room inside the city, it is safer in there. I still haven’t fully investigated the Ratois Mountain but there should be something dangerous in there. Your life might be in danger again if you stay here”

What a guy filled with righteousness! Rezen didn’t expect that a man this kind, pure, and have such a strong sense of justice and protection for the weak actually existed!

Rezen’s heart can’t help but waver again

“I can’t move out. This place… this place is special to me” Rezen said sadly

If he can move his farm and bring it with him, he would be more than happy to move back to the city!

He hasn’t stayed in his new home for a week yet he was already attacked twice! What shit luck is this?

“Sigh… at least think about it” Claude said but he didn’t insist on it that much

He had already seen many people like Rezen. They held sentimental feelings for their homes and they refuse to move out even in the face of danger

“I will!”

“Okay, I have to go now. I will try to resolve the situation in the Ratois Mountain as fast as possible to keep you and your home safe”

“Thank you, great brother!”

Rezen waved goodbye when he suddenly thought of something as he run after Claude

“Brother, here take this in return for the grey wolves!”

“You don’t need…”

“It’s fine! It’s fine! This is the least I can do for you!”

Rezen stuffed fifteen blades of vismian grasses directly into Claude’s palm but after a moment, he ‘sneakily’ took back two blades

He wants to repay Claude but at the same time, the system is too ruthless and made him feel poor. As such, Rezen’s heart ache for parting with his vismian grasses although he got more than a hundred grey wolves’ corpses in return

Claude saw Rezen’s ‘sneaky’ act but he didn’t say anything and he just smiled

Helping people really feel good! Even a ‘cheapskate’ would want to repay you!

After the short delay, Claude continues to hurry to the Ratois Mountain and when he is finally out of Rezen’s sight, the man jumped excitedly

“System, absorb all the grey wolves’ corpses!” Rezen ordered

[Ding! Detecting grey wolves’ corpses x130]

[Ding! Absorbing grey wolves’ corpses]

[Ding! Absorption successful. Congratulations to the Host for obtaining lottery tickets x120, Blessing Points x97. Current Blessing Points: 101/100]

“Hmm? There were only 130 corpses but I gained 120 lottery tickets and 97 blessing points? The math is not mathing!”

At first, Rezen was confused but he soon thought of the reason

“Does this mean that the stronger a magic beast is the more lottery tickets and blessing points I would obtain from them?”

Rezen’s eyes lit up at that. If he can hunt and absorb 3rd, 4th, 5th, or even higher fusion grade magic beasts then wouldn’t he easily gain tons of lottery tickets and blessing points?

“Hurray to compound growth!” Rezen said loudly as the stronger he got, the easier he could hunt strong magic beasts that in return would let him earn more points easier

“System, use all the lottery tickets!” Rezen ordered

[Ding! Using lottery tickets x120]

[Ding! Congratulations to the Host for obtaining recovery pills x120!]

“Eh? Recovery pills and 120 of them? Where is my mysterious peach? You could have at least given me one! How can I become an all-knowing mage now?!” Rezen complained, his heart bleeding

The lottery tickets were earned by him through hard work (shameless begging) yet the system doesn’t even give him at least one mysterious peach. So stingy!

With a disheartened heart, Rezen check the description of the recovery pills even though they were kind of self-explanatory

[Name: Recovery Pill

– A pill that returns the user back to their peak condition]

“Peak condition? Does this mean that it could replenish my mana and even relieve the soul fatigue from using magic spells? I admit these pills were quite great but what if the enemy one-shotted me? This is why I need to mysterious peach!” Rezen complained

The pills were support-type but in front of an enemy that can kill him with just its breath, what is the use of this pill?

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