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“The fuck? Ungraded? The legendary trash-level talent. One that has no future whatsoever and the only fate is to be an ordinary person forever?”

“Are my eyes playing tricks with me or something? Where is the legendary golden finger? The top-tier Divine Talent? Where is the system? The peerless cultivation technique? My own dimensional space?”

“Did the novels lie? Are people that transmigrated to another world aren’t actually supposed to reach the top but are forced to live at the bottom of the barrel?”

Rezen Virion was full of complaints as he grasp the paper in his hand. This single piece of paper has more or less determined his future

It was the result of his talent test but he might not as well have tested it if this is the kind of result that he would have

“Bah! What transmigration are you talking about? Have you lost your mind, Rezen? Is your talent that low for you to hallucinate?” A person next to Rezen said

It was his classmate and closest friend – Neil Nolan

It has been around a month since the eighteen years old Rezen transmigrated into this world that is similar yet also not similar to his previous world

In fact, this world might even be a parallel world to his previous one

The earth that he originally came from only have ordinary people but the earth he is living in now is different

This earth has about the same level as the previous earth’s technology but this earth also has the presence of mages and magic!

On this earth, moving the mountains and parting the seas with only a single person’s personal power is 100% possible!

At first, Rezen panicked after the transmigration but at the same time, the people he knows were still basically the same

The only difference was the presence of magic. As such, it didn’t take that long before Rezen became excited

He impatiently waited until the last day of his senior year’s compulsory education in this world to have his talent be tested and graded

People usually are only safe to start cultivating once they reach 18 years of age and those in their senior year are usually at that age

Hence, on the last day of the compulsory education, the students’ talent would be tested so that they could decide what path they would tread

Depending on the grade of their talent, they could either ascend in the skies and gain all sorts of benefits as they could become a powerful mage or they could only become an ordinary person their whole life

As for Rezen… with his talent, he is one of the people that could only become ordinary… a commoner per se

He felt like his life is falling apart as he stared at his ungraded talent

This reaction of his confused his friend and Neil decided to check his friend’s talent only for him to hiss loudly

“Oh shit, no wonder that you react that way. You actually have ungraded talent! Your luck is the worst and here I thought that my inferior talent is already bad enough!” Neil said tactlessly, his words akin to needles stabbing Rezen in his heart

In this world, talents are divided into 7 levels. From the bottom to the top, they are; Ungraded, Graded, Inferior, Uncommon, Superior, Heroic, and Legendary

One’s grade of talent is terribly important as depending on their talent, the percentage of mana absorption on magical beast meats, spirit plants, and mana pills that they consume all depends on their talent!

“Get lost you fucking bastard!” Rezen cursed. This friend of his is really tactless!

Rezen is already depressed enough yet Neil still spouted such careless words! How hateful!

“Now, now, don’t be like that. Although your family is not a millionaire or a billionaire, didn’t your mother and father still have Superior Talent? They are even retired and are just traveling as tourists!”

“You’re lucky, they already prepared your future as if they know that you would have a useless talent. They gave you one apartment you could rent and earn a stable income to at least feed yourself and a farm and farm house since you always have the hobby of planting!” Neil said in hopes to make his friend less depressed but it does more harm than good

Although Rezen’s future was at least not bleak as he wouldn’t starve to death but still, as a man that transmigrated to the world where magic is possible, how can he not want to reach the top in the easiest way by relying on his golden finger?


No matter how unwilling Rezen is, in the end, his talent is so trash that it was even called ungraded

It was as if reality has slapped him and although he has the ambition, he is also a realistic and radical man. He is far from being an optimist

Without a golden finger, with his talent, he would never become a powerful mage. Might as well give up early on to avoid getting hurt and wasting time and effort, right?

He might not be able to reach the top but living a quiet and peaceful life is also not that bad

As such, after dealing with some things, he decided to move to the farm that his parents gave to him

The farm is not far from the Greenwood City that he lived in. It only takes around ten minutes or so of driving to go from the city and his farm and vice versa. The farm is outside the city itself but it is still considered part of it

On the road, the lush greenery on the side entered Rezen’s vision

Greenwood City got that name as it was a city surrounded by forests and mountains

After around ten minutes of driving, Rezen finally arrived at his destination

The farm house has a modern architectural style and although it is not big, with only one person going to live in it, the house is more than enough

Rezen parked his car as he stared at the farm that he owns. This would be his little haven and since he has planting as his hobby, he would plant some crops in his field

The farm itself aside from the house is actually just as big as a football field. It wasn’t big but for a simple hobby, it was more than enough

“Sigh… the field wasn’t properly maintained. I have to take out the weeds before I could plan anything” Rezen muttered but before that, he went inside the farm house first to clean

His family might own a farm but this is actually passed down from generation to generation in his family

The apartment back in the city is the only property that his parents actually brought. After all, they aren’t rich and are middle class at most

Rezen cleaned the dust that gathered in his home from now on. It was fortunate that the house wasn’t that big or else, it would take a long time to clean

But even then, it still took him hours and it tire him out

Rezen sat on the small sofa in the living room to rest

“If I have a wind type Mystic Gem, cleaning this house is definitely a piece of cake” Rezen said to himself and he can’t help but pity himself again for not having the talent to cultivate

If he has a wind type Mystic Gem then with a wave of his hand, all the dust would fly off

“Wait, although I lack talent in cultivation it doesn’t mean that I can’t! If I can condense at least one Mystic Gem to help with my day-to-day life that would already make me happy!” Rezen muttered and he hurriedly took his bags from his car and returned inside

From one of his bags, he took out a small bottle with blue pills inside them. The pills aren’t much though and there were only a dozen or so

“Just these dozen mana pills are already worth sixty thousand credits which is equivalent to sixty mana stones”

In this world, the main currency was mana stones but since a person can’t possibly carry a million mana stones even if they want to, the mana stones could be converted into credits in banks

The mana pills are worth five thousand credits each and with twelve of them, that is sixty thousand credits and is equal to sixty mana stones

Sixty thousand credits if used sparingly can already last a small family for four months. But of course, that is on the premise that the family would only have the basics of things and cheap foods. Basically, they are the poor

Deciding that he should cultivate and condense at least one Mystic Gem, Rezen popped one of the pills into his mouth and swallowed it

Soon, Rezen can feel a cool current originating from his stomach area where his elixir field is located

The compulsory education teaches the students how to cultivate and Rezen naturally knows what to do now

As such, he tried to control the cool current in his stomach which was the mystic energy called ‘mana’ to gather in a single point and condense

However, Rezen’s ungraded talent now shows why such talent is trash among the trash

The mana pills contain an abundant amount of mana (at least at the level of Rezen). However, he cannot absorb all of them

Ungraded talents can only absorb at most 1% of the overall mana that beast meats, spirit plants, mana pills, and others that a mage consumed!

Unlike in the novels, humans here cannot just absorb mana from their surroundings

That’s now how cultivation works in this world

To gain mana and condense Mystic Gems, a person must consume something that contains mana and depending on one’s talent, the amount that they can absorb varied

Ungraded talents can only absorb at most 1% of the mana of the things that they consumed, wasting the other 99%

Who would nurture a person with ungraded talent with such a huge mana wastage? Even rich families would go bankrupt if they nourish such untalented people

Nourishing one ungraded talent is already equivalent to nourishing five people of the next grade of talent

That is just the difference between graded and ungraded talents, what more for higher talents?

These bits of information were common in the first place as such, Rezen, the realistic person doesn’t bother struggling

If his family is heavenly rich then he might go and try it but since they are just middle-class, even if they use all of their money and sell all of their assets, it might still be impossible for Rezen to progress as a mage

Both the government and Mage Academies would not recruit ungraded talents!

Rezen sighed as he just proved how low his talent is but soon, the mechanical voice entered his ears

[Ding! Detecting the presence of mana in the Host’s body]

[Ding! System activating…]

[Ding! System Activated!]

[Ding! Congratulations to the Host for activating the Farm System! Please designate an area to be the Host’s farm!]

Several consecutive notifications rang in Rezen’s ears and he was both surprised and delighted

System? Farm System? No matter what System it is, with Rezen’s knowledge about systems and transmigration, even if the system is a Farm, his chance of reaching the top is still almost a hundred percent!

Rezen’s eyes lit up and he excitedly went out of the house to enter his field

“System, designate this place as my farm!” Rezen ordered and soon, he can feel a mysterious power pervading the area around him

He doesn’t know or understand what is happening but he can instinctively feel that his 1.5 acres of land are being binded to his system

The weeds instantly dissipated as if they weren’t there in the first place. The field still looks the same as before though it doesn’t have weeds anymore but the feeling it gave off is now completely different

[Ding! Congratulations to the Host for obtaining a farm! Size: 1.5 Acre]

[Ding! The newbie package is stored in the Host’s storage!]

Newbie package! Storage! His system is generous enough to give a newbie package that even comes with built-in storage!

Void rings are things that exist in this world but they are all terribly expensive!

Even Rezen’s middle-class family can’t get one even if they want to! This storage is a great blessing!

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