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Chapter 8: Her “Husband” Was Alive

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After giving birth last night, Ye Lulu would definitely have to nourish her body. It was easy to deal with the three children as Ye Lulu could provide them milk. If she could not feed them, it was normal to get some women from the village to help with this.

But Ye Lulu nearly passed away last night. She couldn’t do without nourishing her body.

Besides, there was no more food at home. If they did not earn money, they would not have any food to eat today!

“I’ll go too.” Guan Chinan stood up as well. Then, he said to Father Guan and Fifth Brother Guan, “Father, Xizi, you guys stay behind. If there’s anything, Father will make the decision. Xizi will run errands.”

Guan Chixi stopped in his tracks. Second Brother was right. Ye Lulu had given birth to three children at once, so there should be more people at home.

Father Guan nodded and said, “Yes, but you guys didn’t eat breakfast…”

Father Guan looked troubled.

There were a lot of people in the Guan family, to begin with. What was worse was that they had a lot of men and all of them had huge appetites! Therefore, the Guan family was very poor. With the income of farmers, they could not save much money at all. Guan Chibei had passed away unexpectedly. In order to bury him, their family had spent all their money…

That was why there was no rice or food left today.

Eldest Brother Guan said, “It’s not a big deal if we don’t eat a meal. We can ask for two steamed buns in the city.”

If he was going to do manual labor, he could try asking the manager for a steamed bun.

However, at this moment, a tall figure walked over… The moment the Guan family’s men saw who it was, their eyes widened.

It was as if they had seen something unbelievable. In the next second, their faces were filled with shock.

“Chi… Chibei?!”

The men from the Guan family stood up and surrounded him.

It was their family. The Guan family was shocked.

Guan Chibei was the first to nod his head and said to them, “I’m not dead. I was knocked out by the giant tree yesterday, so I stopped breathing. I woke up today.”

Father Guan and the Guan family brothers were so shocked that they could not close their mouths. After being stunned for a while, they suddenly hugged Guan Chibei or hit him on the shoulder a few times. “This… is this true!”

“Chibei, you scared me!”

“It’s great that you’re not dead.”

“It’s great that you’re still alive…”

The Guan family members, who usually did not show their emotions, became straightforward at this moment. Even the eldest brother held Guan Chibei’s arm and said, “It’s good that you’re fine.”

Father Guan wiped his tears and patted his youngest son’s shoulder. He repeatedly said, “Good, good…” 𝒾𝙣𝚗𝐫𝑒аd. ᴄom

The people in the straw hut heard the voice and walked out. They were all stunned and trembled on the spot. Mother Rong opened her eyes wide, and then the world spun. She rushed over and cried in front of Guan Chibei.

“Liu’er—my Liu’er…”

The two sisters-in-law from the Guan family were stunned as well. They looked at Guan Chibei, dumbfounded. Fortunately, Guan Chibei knew how everyone would react and immediately explained again.

The Guan family was caught off guard. After a while, Guan Chibei walked into the house.

The tall, long-legged man stepped through the door, then his gaze fell on Ye Lulu’s body on the dirt bed.

He saw an extremely thin and frail woman. Most of her body was covered by a tattered blanket, revealing only a fair face. Her facial features were still beautiful, but her face was only the size of a palm. Her complexion was very poor, and she looked exhausted.

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