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Chapter 5: He Could Be Said To Be the God of the Netherworld

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This body was born to welcome him into the mortal world. However, before the time was up, he couldn’t come into this world. The thing that was left in this body twenty years ago was a strand of his aura, replacing his existence. That was also Guan Chibei from before.

Otherwise, how could this original body have been taken away by the giant tree at such a young age? It was all because he didn’t have much time to live, to begin with. He was waiting for him to come over.

Therefore, his body was compatible in all aspects, and there was no discomfort.

He was originally the King of the Netherworld. It could be said that he was a ghost or a Lord of the Netherworld. However, the six realms were under the jurisdiction of the heavens and were governed by the heavens. Therefore, the Netherworld wasn’t actually opposed to the heavens, which was what people thought. Instead, it belonged to the heavens.

It was true that he was a Ghost King, but in fact, he was a god in the heavens. It was just that he came from the Netherworld, so he had strong yin energy on him. As a god, his nickname was “Yin God” or “God of the Netherworld”.

Guan Chibei moved around the room for a while. He had complete control over this body and could walk freely.

The next morning, the world seemed to have been cleansed. No one knew who had been welcomed into the mortal world by the rain last night.

The villagers who had been cowering at home for the entire night started to open their doors and walk out.

The dirt road in the village was muddy from the heavy rain last night. The air in the village was fresh. A villager carrying a basket walked briskly on the road.

Suddenly, he saw a tall figure walking over. He was dressed in dark brown clothes, had a fair face, and an indifferent expression. That person… was Guan Chibei!

When the villager saw Guan Chibei’s face, his face changed. His legs went limp and he scrambled backwards while screaming in fear, “Ghost… Ghost!”

When the villagers heard the cries, they all came over.

“That sixth son of the Guan family is… alive!”

“Guan Chibei’s dead! Mother. Mother, help!”

All the villagers had their own reactions when they saw Guan Chibei. There were also people who screamed in fear like ducks quacking.

However, it was daytime now. In broad daylight, Guan Chibei had flesh and blood. His movements were natural, and his body was neither stiff nor hard. Furthermore, more people gathered. With more villagers around, everyone was less afraid.

“Chi… Chibei, you’re not dead?!” An auntie standing at the front asked him boldly.

Guan Chibei had all his memories, so he was prepared to say, “I’m not dead. The tree hit me yesterday and I fainted. It looked like I was dead, but I was actually in a state of apparent death. I was just unconscious. I’m not dead.”

As to why he had come back to life, Guan Chibei explained, “Last night, the wind and rain were too strong. The wind knocked the door open and blew off a fruit on the table. That fruit hit my chest and knocked out my breath. Then, I came back to life… I woke up last night, but you didn’t see me.”

If Ye Lulu was there, she would have reacted immediately and said, “Are you Snow White?”

Since the villagers did not know about life and death, Guan Chibei came up with a reasonable explanation. Furthermore, his body was not injured by the giant tree, so it made sense. The villagers believed him immediately.

“Oh… so that’s how it was.” The evasive looks on the villagers’ faces faded away and were replaced by looks of realization.

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