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Chapter 441: Setting up the New Residence

The only jewelry Ye Lulu had now was a peach blossom silver hairpin. There were two bracelets, one gold and one silver. The silver one was a hemp bracelet with an exquisite design. The gold one was a plain push-and-pull bracelet. It was not very heavy either.

Ye Lulu did not mind this. The Guan family’s conditions were not good, to begin with, and she had bought this after doing business.

It was the most satisfying to buy original jewelry.

Ye Lulu categorised and placed the small things separately. She was very agile. After unpacking for more than two hours, the new house was arranged neatly.

The rest of the Guan family carried the remaining luggage over. As the two sisters-in-law helped to place them, Mother Rong popped her head out and asked the two of them:

“Are you guys sleeping separately?”

Ye Lulu was speechless.

Guan Chibei was speechless.

Ye Lulu was stunned. She paused for a moment before saying, “Ah… well, Guan Chibei was living separately in Fifth Brother’s house in the village too.”

“That’s because the children were just born. The bed at home wasn’t big enough, so it’s indeed difficult to sleep together. However, now that you’re living in the shop, I think the place is very big. Why did you guys make two compartments? The house could be much bigger if you open it up.”

After Mother Rong said that, she said, “Why do you call him by his full name when you’re husband-and-wife?”

Ye Lulu was speechless.


They were exposed…

Ye Lulu could not help but look at Guan Chibei. She instinctively wanted to ask for help. She really could not explain to Mother Rong by herself.

“Yes, because…” However, Guan Chibei could not save the situation immediately. She was the one who was asked. Ye Lulu’s eyes darted around and she said:

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“Guan Chibei asked me to call him that.”

She did not want to make excuses anymore!

Guan Chibei was confused.

Mother Rong turned to him and asked in confusion, “Chibei? Why did you make your wife call you by your full name? Isn’t that very distant?”

One had to know that the original owner of Ye Lulu’s body had addressed Guan Chibei as Husband.

When they were mushier, she even name-called him in the sweetest manner.

In front of others, the politest form of address was Chibei.

Why was she calling him Guan Chibei now? It sounded strange.

Mother Rong glared at her son.

Guan Chibei paused and looked at Ye Lulu meaningfully. Ye Lulu turned around guiltily.

Guan Chibei looked at Mother Rong’s puzzled face and could only reply, “Because the babies have just learned to talk, I asked Lulu to call me by my full name so that the babies can know their father’s name by hearing it again and again.”

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Mother Rong was enlightened. “Oh, so that’s how it is. That makes sense.”

Ye Lulu almost gave Guan Chibei a thumbs up. Wow, he could even say this so perfectly!

“Then you can stay in this shop in the future.”

All of them were almost done. Mother Rong looked around with her hands behind her back. The renovation of this building was quite good! It looked like the houses of rich families!

She was a little envious and was filled with surprise.

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