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Chapter 440: Moving to a New House

The villagers who didn’t want the Guan family to move away held their breaths and stood there with gloomy expressions. If the Guan family moved away after earning money, wouldn’t they be completely unrelated to the village?!

They felt indignant!

However, the village head had already turned around and left.

The villagers had their own opinions today and discussed for a long time. After the Guan family found out about the commotion, they had the same attitude as Ye Lulu and felt very angry. On what basis did the villagers try to stop them from moving?

Mother Rong laughed again. Hah, fortunately, their Lulu wasn’t a worrisome child.

There was no need for the Guan family to go out and help. Ye Lulu had already finished arguing!

The matter was completely resolved. There was no need for the Guan family to do anything.

Guan Chibei pushed the cart down the mountain. Father Guan led the men and helped move the remaining belongings of Ye Lulu and the rest. Mother Rong and the two sisters-in-law also helped Ye Lulu clean up.

The family closed their business in the morning to settle everything properly.

They moved into their house.

Ye Lulu arrived at the fourth floor of the restaurant. As soon as she entered and saw the exquisite and extravagant renovations, her mood became very happy.

Damn. Indeed, whether it was the ancient times or the modern, living in a luxurious house was very exciting!

To be honest, it was much more comfortable than living in the village.

Especially since the fourth floor of this building was originally a smaller space, probably built for the noblest guests. They could even look over from the railing.

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Therefore, the design and decorations were extremely luxurious and exquisite. Ye Lulu was impressed.

From the outside, perhaps because it had been built for a long time, it was a little gray. However, inside, every inch of the glass window, the yellow rosewood carving, and the exquisite design revealed a noble feeling.

In the modern world, it would be a master-class ancient-style house!

It couldn’t be any better!

Although the space was small compared to the bottom few floors, it could draw out two rooms. Due to the exquisite design, the two rooms were side by side. When they walked out, there was a small living room between the railings.

For a small family, this was simply perfect.

In the beginning, Ye Lulu did not plan to open up this small space for the restaurant because she could not receive customers of that level in Yuan City.

Therefore, when Ye Lulu renovated the building, she asked the artisan to change the fourth floor into a residence.

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Now that she was really moving in, Ye Lulu felt extremely comfortable and happy.

“Hurry, look after the three babies. I’ll clean this place up.” Ye Lulu instructed Guan Chibei to take care of the three babies. An employee helped unload the luggage on the cart and carried them up.

Ye Lulu did not want anyone else to decorate her house, so she cleaned it herself.

Guan Chibei stood by the side and could not interfere at all. Ye Lulu had stuffed the youngest son into his arms and he was carrying another son on his back. The second son was the liveliest. He held Guan Chibei’s thigh and trembled with excitement as he looked at the new place.

Ye Lulu rolled up her sleeves and went forward to tidy up.

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