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Chapter 3: There’s Actually... Another One!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

However, the child must be born…

Outside, dark clouds rolled in the sky and let out a dull thunderclap. This thunderclap was so deep that it sounded like it was falling from the sky, causing the entire Yan Dynasty, including the imperial palace, to tremble.

Was this a warning from the heavens?

In the imperial palace of the Yan Dynasty, even the extremely noble emperor and national minister were devoutly praying to the heavens, thinking that this thunder was directed at the Yan Dynasty’s imperial palace.

In Yunwu Village, amidst the mountain wind and thunderstorm, a shrill voice pierced through the straw hut.

“He’s out… he’s out!”

The old woman couldn’t take it anymore. Her voice was trembling and hoarse. She quickly picked up a child and cried, “Daughter-in-law, it’s another boy. Another boy!”

For some reason, the old woman knelt on the bed and cried bitterly even though it was a joyous thing that the child was born and her wish was fulfilled.

No one stopped her. No one said anything inauspicious. The two middle-aged women also began to cry.

“You’ve worked hard. Lulu, you’ve worked hard. There’s still some broth left. Drink it quickly…” The round-faced woman was experienced. She wiped her tears and brought the broth to the corner of Lulu’s mouth. Lulu’s black hair was messy and her eyes were unfocused.

Ye Lulu opened her eyes and leaned in to finish the broth.

Then, under the happy expressions of the women, she said hoarsely, “There’s another one.”

Another… another one!


A bolt of lightning descended from the sky.

The entire Yunwu Village was shaken. All the villagers’ hearts were trembling and they cowered in their houses, not daring to move!

The expressions of the three women in the straw hut froze at the same time. They trembled and gasped in disbelief. Their initial joy turned into great worry and fear!

“Give birth!”

Ye Lulu gripped the tattered cloth beneath her. After undergoing the most extreme pain, there was a burst of shocking resilience. Her willpower was astonishing, and her watery eyes glowed.

“I want to give birth!” 𝚒n𝚗r𝗲𝒂𝗱. c𝑜𝓶

Her words had two meanings. Ye Lulu had just transmigrated from the modern world to this world. She wanted to survive! She also wanted to give birth. All three of them were her children. She would not let any one of them not have the chance to come to this world!

The wind and rain carried a foul smell of blood. Along with the cool air of the trees in the mountain, it drifted to the front of the straw hut.

“Give birth!”

Tears flowed down the thin and tall woman’s eyes, but she immediately wiped them away. She turned around swiftly and left. “I’ll go boil some water again.”

Outside the door, the men who were still standing in the rain silently guarded the straw hut.

Even though they were drenched, they did not occupy the space under the very narrow eaves of the straw hut. There was a stove there.

The thin and tall woman, who was also Ye Lulu’s second sister-in-law, left the house. She nodded at the few men and silently went to boil water.

The fire was at its strongest and the hot water was soon ready.

In the hut, Yu Lulu thought of her father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, and brother from the modern world. She thought of how she had broken her skin when she was young. Her father squatted down and helped her up. He told her gently and forcefully, “Lulu, you must be strong. You can do it.”

When her grandma was young, she was good at farming. The calluses on her hands and feet were extremely thick. She was also a strong-willed person. She would often hold Ye Lulu in her arms and teach her that she had to believe that she could do it. Sometimes, she was better than she guessed. Until the end, she wouldn’t know if she could or couldn’t do it.

She could do it.

Ye Lulu bit her lip and the smell of blood spread. This time, a shrill scream was stuck in her throat, and she could only hear a muffled sound. However, her frail body had exploded with the last of its strength.

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