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Chapter 26: Bone Soup

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They also secretly thought that Ye Lulu used to be skinny and timid. After she married into the Guan family, she did not raise her voice. They did not expect her to be so fierce.

Even though Auntie Tian had stated her stance in front of her, she still dared to retaliate.

Her attitude was rude and her words were harsh…

The women were secretly surprised. After a while, they returned to their state of talking and laughing.

“Oh, if you ask me, Lulu’s children are too beautiful. Their faces are so handsome and fair. How can they be so beautiful…”

A woman said enviously as she looked at the babies in swaddling clothes. She sucked in her breath. No other children in the village were more good-looking than Ye Lulu’s three babies.

The women went back to the main topic of looking at the children. An older auntie looked at the babies with eyes full of love. “The three brothers are beautiful and they look exactly the same. It really makes people dote on them…”

“Mother Rong must be so happy that flowers are blooming in her heart, right?” a woman teased.

That was a given. Everyone couldn’t wait to care for these children like they were treasures. It was no wonder that Mother Rong went all out and chased Auntie Tian out just now.

Mother Rong hugged the first grandchild and kissed him. Then, she did the same to the second grandchild. She hugged the youngest grandchild and also wanted to kiss him…

The youngest grandchild suddenly opened his eyes and a tinge of unhappiness flashed past his light-colored eyes. He turned his head to avoid Mother Rong and her kisses.

“Oh, this child has opened his eyes…”

“Ah, those big eyes look even better. They’re so beautiful.”

“So cute! These three brothers.”

Ye Lulu was speechless. “…” When she saw the youngest child rejecting Mother Rong’s kisses, she coughed in her heart. It seemed that it was indeed a little difficult to handle this third child’s temper.

Everyone looked at the children happily for an hour before preparing to leave. Before they left, they even teased Guan Chibei.

“Lulu’s so lucky. You must be proud of yourself now as well, having three children at once. You must be floating instead of walking.”

As they spoke, Guan Chibei walked into the house. When he heard this, he raised his eyebrows.

Ye Lulu followed his footsteps and glanced at him to see if he was floating. Guan Chibei did not float as he walked. On the contrary, he was walking steadily. However, he did not dodge when he was teased by so many people. He just stood by the door.

“Chibei, your wife’s body has suffered a huge loss. You have to take good care of her…” An old auntie kindly reminded Guan Chibei.

Gaun Chibei nodded and replied calmly, “I know.”

All the women were surprised that this young man still dared to reply… However, someone quickly thought of something and exclaimed, “That’s right, Chibei even went hunting for pheasants to nourish his wife’s body yesterday. Mother Rong went to exchange them for chickens…”

The women’s expressions turned to envy. They then began to talk about Guan Chibei’s hunting skills and left the Guan family’s courtyard.

After the peace and quiet were restored, Mother Rong walked into the kitchen again. The bone soup had been simmering for more than two hours and the fragrance was beginning to spread.

Mother Rong lifted the lid of the pot. The white soup was mellow and thick. Oil floated on top of it and was boiling. The bones and marrow inside had completely changed color.

The fragrant smell rushed along with the heat, making people intoxicated.

There were also wolfberries and other soup ingredients.

Mother Rong took a deep breath of the fragrance of the soup and was overjoyed. She then cut a few extremely fresh pieces of corn into sections and placed them into the soup to continue boiling.

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