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Chapter 25: Mother Rong’s Support

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Auntie Tian’s round face became as dark as the bottom of a pot. Her eyes were burning with anger as she glared at Ye Lulu. She did not expect Ye Lulu to dare to rebut her!

She was older than Ye Lulu. How dare a new daughter-in-law like Ye Lulu be so bold?

“A young daughter-in-law who has just been married for a year actually dares to talk back to me! Are you tired of living? Don’t you know the rules?!” Auntie Tian was extremely angry and started to curse.

She would teach Ye Lulu a lesson as though she was inferior.

She put on the airs of an elder.

As soon as she said that, without waiting for Ye Lulu to speak, Mother Rong, who had come in to see the children, was enraged when she heard the conversation. She pulled a long face and scolded on behalf of Ye Lulu,

“Did the Tian family drink feces yesterday and forget to rinse their mouths? Your mouth stinks. How dare you come to my house to scold my daughter-in-law and grandchildren?!”

“Who gave you the face to act as an elder here? You’re just a twenty-nine-year-old daughter-in-law. You’re from the same generation as my family’s Lulu. Who gave you the right to suppress our Lulu?”

The moment Mother Rong spoke, the atmosphere in the room became tense again.

“Do you think you’re qualified to teach someone a lesson? If a lesson needs to be taught, it should be someone of my seniority to teach someone of your level as a daughter-in-law a lesson!”

“What’s the matter? If I want to scold you now, I can do so, right? You can’t rebut me at all. Otherwise, you don’t know the rules!”

“You have such a big face and a thick waist. You eat a lot as well, but your mouth is vicious. You go around offending people on behalf of the Tian family! They should get you to pick up feces to train your temper. Do you admit it? Do you admit it?!”

Mother Rong’s words made another woman laugh.

She was really good at talking. Not only did she scold Auntie Tian fiercely, but she also spoke smoothly. Everyone could not help but laugh.

Furthermore, everyone knew what kind of person Mother Rong was usually. Whether she was powerful or not was one thing, but she was never mean. Her scolding was obviously directed at Auntie Tian.

“Also, according to what you said, I will ask my husband to go to your house and teach your husband a lesson. I’ll see how a junior like him dares to talk back to my husband!”

Mother Rong spoke quickly and aggressively.

As soon as she finished cursing, Auntie Tian’s face turned green.

No one in the room said a word as they listened to Mother Rong scold Auntie Tian.

“You dare to be unreasonable in my Guan family’s house and throw a tantrum in front of me? How dare you? Get out!”

Mother Rong did not show any mercy at all. She was extremely fierce and put her hands on her hips, telling Auntie Tian to scram.

She was good to Ye Lulu and the children because they were family. But which woman in the village was easy to bully?

If there was a scolding battle, everyone would be able to scold until sparks flew everywhere. The number of scoldings would break through the sky!

Furthermore, Mother Rong, who had lived for more than half her life, had scolded and fought all kinds of people. There was no need for her to be afraid of anyone. For someone like Auntie Tian, who did not restrain herself and stepped on her face, she deserved to be scolded until her roof was pierced.

Mother Rong was indeed from the older generation. She had seniority and her stance was fierce. Auntie Tian had lost all her face. She was filled with hatred and felt embarrassed. Her face was ashen and dark, but she really could not argue with Mother Rong.

She glared at Ye Lulu with hatred. Auntie Tian was angry and resentful. She could not stay any longer and left the house.

Mother Rong stared at Auntie Tian’s back. Her anger had yet to subside. She even snorted and said, “Where did this person come from? She dares to be so arrogant. I’ll force you out of my house!”

The atmosphere in the room changed and the women began to speak up to ease the tension. Everyone gradually relaxed when they saw Mother Rong carrying the baby.

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