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Chapter 20: Chicken Soup Porridge at Night

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Mother Rong served the plain porridge that she had cooked during dinner. She had already prepared it then. The porridge with white rice had been simmered on the stove for an entire night. It was cooked until it was rotten and fragrant. There was even a layer of delicious rice oil on the porridge.

The wooden spoon stirred in the porridge, and a strong fragrance of rice wafted out.

The porridge was made from firewood on a farmhouse stove. Furthermore, it was pure white rice. Thus, it was not an ordinary fragrance.

The villagers who could barely eat white rice gulped.

Mother Rong was also feeling a little uncomfortable. However, when she thought of Ye Lulu’s body and the three newborn children, she quickly brought the porridge to Ye Lulu and said with a smile, “There’s still a bowl of chicken soup in the kitchen. Is this bowl of porridge enough? If it’s not enough, you can drink the chicken soup as well. Or should we leave it for tomorrow?” 𝗶𝙣𝗻𝚛eα𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝑚

This plain porridge was already extremely fragrant and rich. It was tempting enough.

However, after hearing that there was still chicken soup, Ye Lulu said, “Mother, I want to pour the bowl of chicken soup into this porridge, then boil them together.”

Guan Chibei, who was already in the room, raised his eyebrows.

He looked at Ye Lulu. Was she really so good at eating that she had such high expectations for food?

To the farmers, plain porridge was already very good, yet she still wanted to add chicken soup and cook it into chicken porridge.

She was really picky…

Mother Rong was shocked as well. She did not expect that Ye Lulu would make such a request… However, it was not considered a waste to boil the chicken soup with porridge. It was just a little troublesome. However, she was going to heat up the chicken soup anyway, so it was not considered troublesome at all.

Mother Rong was stunned for a moment. Then, she nodded and left with the porridge.

The chicken soup that was previously simmered with a rich fragrance was poured into the plain porridge. After adding a piece of firewood, it simmered for a while.

The thick chicken soup slowly melted into the plain porridge. The porridge that was already cooked slowly turned light yellow.

With the chicken soup, the porridge became mushier. Every grain of rice seemed to have melted completely.

The light fragrance of white rice was mixed with the strong fragrance of the chicken soup. All the fresh fragrance of the chicken soup had perfectly blended into the porridge.

A mellow and indescribable fragrance wafted over. Steam rushed up, causing Mother Rong, who was stirring the porridge, to suspect if this was some kind of immortal porridge!

How… could it become so fragrant after boiling it for a little longer?

After the chicken soup porridge was cooked, Mother Rong carried the bowl of porridge back into Ye Lulu’s house.

The fragrant smell of food spread in the air and filled the entire house. Guan Chibei looked up and could not help but wonder what she was thinking.

The fragrance of the chicken soup porridge let Guan Chibei know that Ye Lulu’s method of eating was right once again.

“Lulu, the porridge is ready. Come and have some.” Mother Rong handed the porridge to Ye Lulu and even used a piece of cloth to cover her hands so that she would not be scalded by the hot porridge.

Ye Lulu received the bowl of chicken soup porridge and took a sip. The soft porridge that melted in her mouth burst out with the delicious taste of the chicken soup.

It was indeed delicious!

It was simply the epitome of ordinary! It was simply too delicious.

Mother Rong took care of Ye Lulu, who was drinking the chicken soup porridge. Then, she changed the diapers for the three babies before putting away the bowl and leaving the house.

Drinking such a bowl of warm and delicious chicken soup porridge in the middle of the night was like drinking hot soup on a cold day. Ye Lulu felt extremely wonderful.

Both her body and mind were satisfied.

After Mother Rong changed the diapers for the babies, she carried the bowl out and tidied up the kitchen before returning to her room to rest.

In Ye Lulu’s house, the lights were still on. Guan Chibei was sitting at the end of the bed.

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