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Chapter 18: The Three Babies Were Awake!

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Lulu was really amazing. She even brought over such a good cooking method!

This was chicken blood. Did that mean that in the future, when killing chickens and ducks, there would be another dish that was so delicious?!

It was really incredible.

The Guan family ate the dish ferociously. Chicken soup couldn’t even be compared to it. They focused on the pot of Mao Xue Wang and started eating it in a frenzy.

They ate until their foreheads were covered in sweat. It was spicy, tender, fresh, and refreshing!

Guan Chibei sat at the table, his eyes dark. He slowly reached out and picked up a piece of chicken blood. After eating it, he felt… Hmm?

After that, he ate a lot of Mao Xue Wang.

Obviously, in terms of food, he was more inclined towards the taste this new person brought over.

She only took care of the babies after the meal.

Mother Rong walked in softly and looked at the children one by one. The babies happened to wake up and opened their eyes.

“Oh! The children are awake!” Mother Rong exclaimed in surprise. She carried her eldest grandchild. The eldest grandchild had a mole under his eye and had a pair of grape-like eyes. He looked very energetic and was shaking his head slightly in his swaddling clothes.

He was innocent and pure. A newborn baby was simply too adorable.

Mother Rong was experienced and knew that he was looking for his mother the moment she saw the child’s actions. She quickly woke Ye Lulu up and asked her to feed the baby.

By now, Ye Lulu was much more energetic. She took the baby from Mother Rong… Was this the eldest son?

Her eldest son woke up and looked at her with his clear black eyes. His pink lips parted slightly and he smacked his lips.

He looked like he was craving it.

Her son was too cute!

Ye Lulu felt her heart melt. She was inexperienced. She hesitated and looked down. Under Mother Rong’s guidance, she clumsily tried to feed the baby.

As expected, the baby needed milk. After familiarizing himself with it for a while, he instinctively swallowed.

A strange feeling of mother-and-son bonding flashed past Ye Lulu’s heart. It was a little magical.

It was the first time the baby had drunk his mother’s milk. He drank it steadily and well, and like a little pig, he fell asleep again.

Ye Lulu felt extremely rare.

“Lulu, you have milk!” Mother Rong said in surprise, “That’s great, I was afraid that you would lose too much health and wouldn’t have milk to feed the children. If you can’t feed all three of them, carry them to the village and find someone for help.”

When one of the babies woke up, all three babies woke up together.

Ye Lulu had just finished feeding her eldest son when she started feeding her second son.

Her second son looked exactly like the eldest son. When he opened his eyes, that pair of big eyes was the same as well. However, her second son looked a little smarter. His pair of eyes rolled around, and his little mouth pouted even more vigorously.

Ye Lulu laughed and lifted a hand to tease him. He thought it was food and immediately took her finger in his mouth. Then he realized: Huh? Nothing?

Her second son frowned and wanted to cry.

Ye Lulu quickly fed her second child. She did not want to hear the child wailing.

As soon as she thought of that, she heard an ear-piercing cry.

Ye Lulu was speechless “…”

Her third son, who had yet to be fed, was clearly much more temperamental than his two older brothers. He frowned, opened his mouth, and clenched his little hands into fists. Then, he started crying.

The cries were so loud that they rushed out of the house.

The third baby’s eyes were closed, and he didn’t look very happy. It was obvious that he was unhappy because Ye Lulu had not fed him yet.

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