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Chapter 17: Fresh and Spicy Mao Xue Wang

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That layer of red oil… for some reason, it looked so attractive!

Mother Rong looked at the chicken blood floating in the red soup. She hesitated for a moment before saying, “This is made of chicken blood. Lulu said this is called Mao Xue Wang. This dish was from her hometown. There, they could eat the blood of any living creature they kill. She said that this is prepared with vegetables and this is what it looks like. Lulu told me what to do, so I made this big pot.”

In today’s Mao Xue Wang, there were vegetables, bean sprouts, potatoes, fresh mushrooms picked from the mountains, and white radishes dug out from the ground. There were many varieties.

The vegetables were first stir-fried separately. After stir-frying it, salt was added. After adding some base flavor, they were spread out at the bottom of the pot.

Following that, she followed the cooking method of Mao Xue Wang. She used bean paste and chili sauce made by the farmers to cook the chicken blood together with the chicken intestines. Finally, she sprinkled some garlic, onions, and coriander on top and added some hot oil.

It was made into such a huge pot.

It smelled good…

However, she didn’t think too much previously when she thought about doing it. However, when she really did it, Mother Rong felt her heart ache. This was because the vegetables and chicken intestines didn’t cost much, but the salt and oil…

They were very expensive!

Farmers were poor and could not afford salt, not to mention oil. Today, they used so much salt and oil to make chicken soup and Mao Xue Wang, causing Mother Rong to feel the pinch.

If not for killing the chicken today and taking out some chicken oil, Mother Rong would not have been willing to add some hot oil.

If they could not eat this pot of Mao Xue Wang, Mother Rong would…

Fifth Brother Guan’s eyes widened. Eat blood?!

He had never heard of anyone eating blood in this city or village! However, he had already eaten half a piece of chicken blood.

It felt… as if nothing was wrong.

Besides, some people ate it, which proved that they could eat it too.

After being stunned for a while, Guan Chixi took a big bite and started eating without a care in the world. After tasting it, he increased his eating speed. “It’s too delicious, Mother! So this is chicken blood?! It’s so tender! It tastes like meat too!”

“And this dish, how did you cook it? It’s so spicy and fragrant. It’s different from the usual dishes. It’s too appetizing!”

He was a young and strong man who could eat the roof of his house down.

As Guan Chixi spoke, he gobbled down rice. After finishing a bowl in a few bites, he was still extremely hungry. He quickly scooped the rice and said, “I don’t know why I feel so energetic after eating this bowl!”

This pot of Mao Xue Wang was mostly vegetarian!

Mother Rong held her bowl of rice and watched Guan Chixi eat. She was also skeptical as she first picked up a piece of radish and ate it. She realized that the radish was stewed until it was soft and mushy. She then inhaled the fresh and spicy soup and the fresh taste of chicken blood. It made her feel like swallowing everything!

It was completely different from the vegetables that were usually cooked in plain soup!

Of course, there was so much sauce, oil, and salt… 𝗶𝘯𝗻𝙧𝚎α𝘥. 𝑐o𝘮

Surprised, Mother Rong carefully picked up a piece of chicken blood and took a bite.

At the same time, the others also tried the chicken blood. They immediately let out sounds of surprise that they had never heard before. “Oh, so tender?!”

“So tender and delicious!”

“This chicken blood slid into my mouth after I took a small bite. It’s actually so delicious?!”

As expected, farmers did not care about blood. When someone told them that they could eat it, they immediately ate until they were in a mess.

Mother Rong was also pleasantly surprised. She did not expect this chicken blood to be edible and taste so good!

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