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Chapter 12: Back to the Guan family’s Old House

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Naturally, the mourning hall was removed. All the things they had prepared were useless, but the Guan family naturally did not feel sorry for the waste of these things. It was best that he was alive. They kept all the other items.

The hut was too dilapidated. Now that Ye Lulu and the children were safe for the time being, they had to be carried back to the old house.

The two sisters-in-law and Mother Rong each carried a baby home. Guan Chibei, the husband, was left to carry Ye Lulu home.

Ye Lulu had just given birth so she could not stand the wind, not to mention that she had almost stepped into the gates of hell.

Mother Rong specially ran back to bring a blanket over and wrapped Ye Lulu tightly. She even used the only worn thin blanket in the house as a hat to cover Ye Lulu’s head tightly.

Guan Chibei walked into the straw hut and looked at Ye Lulu. He bent down and picked her up.

As a person from the modern era, Ye Lulu did not feel uncomfortable being picked up by a man.

In consideration of her body, she buried her face in the man’s arms, making her face look even smaller.

Guan Chibei raised his brows imperceptibly. Her actions were rather natural.

Could it be that this soul came from a place where people had more open mindsets?

Guan Chibei carried Ye Lulu back to the Guan family’s old house.

The entire Guan family was still living together.

The Guan family’s old house was located in the middle of the village. There were neighbors on both sides of the house. It was not remote and occupied a large area.

Although the Guan family was poor, the house was not small.

Firstly, land in the mountains was not worth much. Every family built their houses on the ground. Some families wanted to grow vegetables, so the land they cut out for that was bigger than the houses they built.

Not to mention, there were many people in the Guan family. There were more men among them as well, so they were considered a big family in the village.

Back then, when the Guan family was building the house, they gritted their teeth, thinking that they would be living in this house for a few decades. No matter how poor they were, they had to build a bigger house. Hence, they emptied their family’s savings.

A large courtyard was built. Including the main house and kitchen, there were a total of nine houses. Other than that, there was an even larger backyard. The pig pens and chicken pens were complete. There were also many vegetable fields in the front courtyard.

The size of their house could be considered as one of the largest in the village.

As Guan Chibei was the youngest, his house was built later, so it was located in the backyard. It was the furthest but also the quietest.

The house was not small. In fact, it was even bigger than the other houses. It also looked newer.

Guan Chibei carried Ye Lulu back to their house according to his memory.

Their house was actually quite well-decorated. The bed was a brick bed that was not pleasing to the eye, but practical. There was no need to worry about the cold during winter. There was a thick blanket and a soft mattress.

It was only then that Ye Lulu found out that Guan Chibei had bought these with his money after working for half a year.

Ye Lulu was placed gently on the bed. Her body felt soft and comfortable, and Guan Chibei’s movements were steady. Ye Lulu looked at his arms. They were thin, but she did not expect them to be so strong.

The blanket was tightly wrapped around her body such that not a single trace of wind could enter. Eldest sister-in-law and the rest followed them in and helped settle Ye Lulu down.

Mother Rong brought the two pheasants to the village to find a familiar family to exchange for the domesticated chickens.

That auntie was the one who had reminded Guan Chibei to go to the straw hut in the morning. She was called Auntie Huang.

When the villagers saw the colorful and eye-catching large pheasants in Mother Rong’s hands, they were all shocked. Where did the Guan family get these two huge pheasants from?!

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