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Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 7: You Will Regret It

Chapter 7: You Will Regret It

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Gu Zhenkang looked at Gu Chaoyan impatiently. He assumed that she had lost her mind because of such a big stimulation. “Get back to the Qiong Pavilion. Don’t step out and bring us any more shame!”

Gu Chaoyan was indeed not good-looking. Her skin was deeply tanned and her facial features seemed to be flat because of the chubbiness.

But that did not matter.

She was a skilled doctor and it would only take her some time before she lost the weight and removed the tan.

She had checked herself in the mirror before she came to this place. Her reflection showed a pair of large and clear eyes, and a high nose bridge. Her lips were thin and had a rosy color. These were wonderful facial features. Yet due to her obesity and tan, these features weren’t highlighted currently.

The original host’s mother, Ms. Lin had been a beautiful woman. Therefore, she was absolutely confident about her hypothesis.

As for intelligence... she had been an assassin in her previous life and had a wide knowledge of everything. No need to worry about that!

A woman, who was a top-level mercenary in the 21st century, could not possibly be a weak woman in this ancient era. She was able to survive and enjoy life despite many precarious situations in the previous birth. She would definitely be able to create a promising and shining future this time around as well.

What a shame!

She had genuinely intended to give the Gu Family one last chance.

But the Gu Family took her to be useless and pitted themselves against her. Otherwise she could have helped the family status advance by a few ranks in the future.

Gu Chaoyan stood up slowly. Her body ached tremendously. She stumbled forward and then paused. She threw a look at this so-called father and showed a slight smile. Her eyes were clear and shining like a crystal. “Father, I hope you will not regret what you have done today.”

Gu Zhenkang snorted. “What I regret are my past actions. I should have given your mother an abortion drug so that you, shameless girl, would never have been born.”

Standing next to him, Gu Ruxue said with a smug expression, “Sister, if I were you, I would not have any face to stay alive any more. You have become a laughingstock during these past few years. Different people have different classifications. As for you, you better stay put at the Qiong Pavilion instead of dreaming about marrying above your status. We can’t stand being mocked again and again because of you.”

Gu Ruxue had never liked Gu Chaoyan, so she took this opportunity to ridicule her.

But for Gu Chaoyan, she would have become the lineal daughter of the Gu Mansion. She truly hoped to see Gu Chaoyan killing herself right now.

What Gu Ruxue said seemed to meet the approval of everyone present.

Gu Chaoyan had no intention of countering her. Instead, she threw a meaningful look at her ‘sisters’. This was Gu Chaoyan’s real status in the Gu Mansion. She was even looked down by the servants, let alone Gu Ruxue.

But she did not need to get into any conflicts with them. She would not be able to, nor did she want to waste the time.

What she needed was to grow strong. When she became powerful, she would strike back and return everything tenfold to them. No one would dare bully her at that time.

Gu Zhenkang was about to say something more when Gu Chaoyan turned and walked away from this annoying place.

Gu Chaoyan sneered and vowed that she would definitely take revenge for what happened to her today. She was not going to leave even one of them.

On the other hand, however, Gu Zhenkang had absolutely no idea what he was going to lose in the future because of his ruthlessness of this day.

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