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Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 24: Situation

Chapter 24: Situation

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Wang Zhiyuan was not just being polite. He was truly thankful. Wang Zhiyuan’s wife passed away at a young age and Tong was their only child. However, this child contracted a disease when he was young and even the imperial doctors had not been able to cure him. So the treatment had been ineffective. Noone knew if he was ever going to be cured or not.

But after they met Miss Chaoyan, who gave him the acupuncture, the imperial doctors said that even if the root of the disease was not removed, he could still survive for decades with this treatment.

Therefore, for the Wang Family, Miss Chaoyan was their savior.

They had just got the presents ready and were going to express their gratitude towards her the following morning.

They had not expected that the Old Master of the Gu Family mistakenly assumed his daughter to be guilty and could not wait to bring her over to avoid trouble to their family.

How could there be a father like this in the world?

The Gu Family had been a hot topic for discussion in the city during the past few years, and he had heard a few rumours. But he had not paid much attention to them since they were not related in any way. Now, the situation was different.

If Tong’s savior was wronged, he was definitely going to step in.

Gu Zhenkang was startled by what Wang Zhiyuan said. He had not foreseen this situation. He shivered slightly.

Lu Jiming, however, reacted fast and said with a smile, “It’s all a misunderstanding!”

“Just a misunderstanding.”

“We are a family from now on!”

Gu Zhenkang nodded alongside.

Wang Zhiyuan found these two men to be extremely annoying. They were ruthless people who were not only pretentious but also disloyal.

So, he snapped impatiently. “Tong is still undergoing check-ups. Do you mind letting your daughter stay at our place for a couple of days? Madame Wang likes her.”

Hearing the words, Madame Wang smiled brightly and patted her hand.

Gu Chaoyan was quite moved.

She had not saved the boy for any reward but when she saw Madame Wang in the wagon, she deliberately disclosed her real identity, in case she could be of help to Gu Chaoyan in the future.

But she had not expected that the Wang Family would treat her so nicely.

Gu Chaoyan nodded and accepted the Wang Family’s good intention.

Gu Zhenkang looked a bit embarrassed. But he could not turn them down. He asked courteously.”When should I come and pick up my daughter?”

“When Tong gets better, we will bring her back. Don’t worry, Officer Gu.” Wang Zhiyuan replied without much affection.

Then he asked the butler to see them off at the doorstep. He was trying to tell them that they should leave.

In this situation, Gu Zhenkang and Lu Jiming did not feel that it was proper to stay at the Wang Family any longer.

Gu Zhenkang and Lu Jiming walked out of the door with complicated expressions on their faces.

Madame Wang, on the other hand, showed Gu Chaoyan the room that she was going to live in. Wang Zhiyuan held a high position in the court, and the Wang Family was otherwise affluent, as well. But not many people were currently living in the mansion.

Apart from Madame Wang and Officer Wang, Tong was the only other person in the mansion.

So, they had enough space for her.

Madame Wang gave her a room inside her own yard due to her affection towards this girl.

When they reached the yard, no one else was around.

Madame Wang asked her in a sombre manner. “Chaoyan, tell me the truth. What is going on with your father?”

Gu Chaoyan smiled helplessly as she held the freshly-boiled tea in her hand.

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