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Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 23: Savior

Chapter 23: Savior

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

So, the father was trying to get rid of this daughter and unashamedly so!

Wang Zhiyuan and Madame Wang understood his intention.

Madame Wang asked him furiously. “What do you mean?”

Lu Jiming and Gu Zhenkang looked surprised and confused. They didn’t know why the Madame was reacting in such a manner. Didn’t the ugly chit crash into the Wang Family’s wagon?

Gu Zhenkang was just about to say something more when Madame Wang got up and approached Gu Chaoyan. She took Gu Chaoyan’s hand into her own and then guided her to take a seat.

“Miss Chaoyan, I should have visited the Gu Family to express my gratitude for what happened today. But Tong is still not well and the doctor is examining him as we speak. That’s why we were delayed. So sorry to have caused you the trouble.”

“What?!” Gu Zhenkang’s eyes widened. What did she mean by gratitude?

“The horse was startled, but that was not Miss Chaoyan’s fault.” Madame Wang explained. “If not for Miss Chaoyan, who helped Tong in that crucial moment, Tong would have died on the spot.”

“How could this be possible?” Gu Zhenkang mumbled in disbelief.

“How could it not?!” Madame Wang looked furious.

She had never seen a father who wanted to get his own daughter killed so enthusiastically. “Tong has had a serious disease since he was a baby. Over the years, the doctors have told us that it is incurable. Even the imperial doctors could do nothing about it. Tong happened to get very sick today, but for Miss Chaoyan’s needle, he would have already...”

Madame Wang was narrating the incident in such a sincere tone that there was no chance of it being a lie or an exaggeration.

For one moment, Gu Zhenkang had no idea whether he should be glad or sad.

It was a wonderful thing that they had become the savior of the Wang Family, and the Gu Family could brag about it in the future. But Gu Zhenkang did not expect the connection to be formed due to Gu Chaoyan.

Lu Jiming was not willing to reconcile with what she said. He looked at Gu Chaoyan in disbelief. “This hideous weirdo knows how to use the needles? How could she know anything about medicine? She was just plain lucky today!”

Gu Chaoyan stayed silent.

She wanted to see how Madame Wang would react to it.

Hearing Lu Jiming’s humiliating words, she questioned him in a cold voice. “Are you saying that the little boy of the Wang Family is alive purely because of luck?”


“How dare you humiliate the little boy like this! Are you trying to question my medical skills? My mother was from the Lin Family, who have been devoted to herbs and medicine for generations. It is not strange that I have some knowledge of medicine.”

Lu Jiming was quite annoyed.

He was the son of Duke Changning, but it was just a title. He did not have any official position in the court.

So he did not dare to offend this family.

He had been just too surprised and anxious, due to which he lost control momentarily. But this woman had countered him ferociously.

He became annoyed but did not dare to say anything more in front of the Wang Family. He apologized in a polite tone. “Officer Wang, I didn’t mean that!”

Wang Zhiyuan snorted.

This so-called prince had not left a good impression on Wang Zhiyuan in the past.

He remembered clearly that this prince got engaged with the Second Miss of the Gu Family immediately after the marriage contract cancellation with Miss Chaoyan. It was already an ungentlemanly conduct on his part, not to mention unfaithfulness. Moreover, he did not even remember that he had once been saved by Miss Chaoyan’s mother.

It was obvious that he was so fickle and could betray people easily.

“I don’t care about your real intentions. But Miss Chaoyan is our savior and we are not going to allow anyone to bully her!”

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