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Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 20: Problem

Chapter 20: Problem

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The steward said politely, “We trade jade stones here, and the price is relatively more reasonable compared to that in other places.”

Gu Chaoyan threw a look at the large piece in her hands.

It seemed that this jade was quite rare. Since, it was useless for her, she might just well get money for it.

So, she gave it to the guy.

In return, she got a cheque worth 100,000 yuan.

Instead of lingering on, Gu Chaoyan left from there with Qing. Those who had intended to ask Gu Chaoyan to help them choose a stone had to terminate their ideas. But the lowest-level rocks suddenly became popular in the store. With a little luck, they may also get a lot of money after paying so little.

After they left the store, Qing felt that she was floating in the air.

Her mistress was amazing. In one morning, she saved someone’s child and also earned so much money. Qing had never seen this much money before!

She stared at Gu Chaoyan with stars in her eyes all the way home.

Gu Chaoyan could not stand it any more. She threw a look at Qing and said, “Stop staring at me, or I will dig out your eyeballs!”

Qing lowered her eyes hastily and did not dare to look at her any more.

Gu Chaoyan was still wondering about the unopened rock, but they were in the mood of any more walking. So they returned to the Gu Mansion.

She frowned slightly when she was at the mansion’s doorstep. The guards had been changed and the atmosphere felt a bit strange.

Gu Chaoyan did not get time to think about anything more, when the Butler, Chen Fu, came to her with a weird look on his face. He said, “The Old Master has asked you to come to the front yard.”

To the front yard?

Gu Chaoyan had a hunch about what the matter was.

Bad news always travelled fast, while good news was always concealed.

Instead of reacting to Chen Fu’s condescending expression, Gu Chaoyan walked towards the front yard in a serene manner.

On the way... the servants... everyone was staring at Gu Chaoyan with a look of sympathy rather than disdain. That annoyed Gu Chaoyan a bit.

She had just walked into the front hall when Gu Zhenkang reached out to slap her.

But Gu Chaoyan dodged it.

She was not going to allow anyone to hurt her anymore, not even Gu Zhenkang.

“Are you not done yet?!” Gu Zhenkang bellowed. “Do you know what a huge mistake you have just committed? You crazy wench! You were forbidden to leave the mansion. How dare you go out?”


“If you want to die, die! Don’t drag us alongwith!”


“How dare you crash into the Wang Family’s wagon?!”


“You even hurt the Young Master! Ten lives of yours are not even worth one life of his!”

Hearing Gu Zhenkang bellow at her, Gu Chaoyan’s hunch was confirmed.

The unfounded rumour had already reached the Gu Family and they chose to believe it without bothering to check its authenticity.

Qing wanted to explain it to Gu Zhenkang but Gu Chaoyan shook her head slightly.

Gu Zhenkang had not even asked her what was going on before telling her to go and die. So, he was not going to believe whatever she said.

“What a jinx you are!” The Old Madam came to them, knocking the floor with her cane. “You should not have married a businesswoman like Lin. Nothing has gone right ever since you married her. Now her daughter is harming us and our Ruxue too.”

The Old Madam threw a disdainful look at Gu Chaoyan as if she were staring at a venomous snake. “Ruxue is going to marry the Prince. You are not allowed to obstruct it!”

Apparently, she had forgotten that the engagement was originally intended for Gu Chaoyan and was awarded because of her mother’s heroic deed.

As the engagement was mentioned, Gu Zhenkang looked a bit less annoyed. “Don’t worry, Mother. Jiming is a nice person. Now that the Wang Family is offended, he would surely do his best to help us! Anyways, we can go to the Wang Family and hand Gu Chaoyan over to them. In this way, we won’t be affected!”

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