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Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 19: Stone Gambling

Chapter 19: Stone Gambling

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The capital city of the Saint Divine Land was bustling. It was much livelier than Gu Chaoyan had imagined it to be.

There were tea houses, taverns, pawn stores and workshops on both sides of the street. There were also many stands under the large umbrellas with constant pedestrians thronging the street. Some people were rushing through with heavy loads on their shoulders, some were delivering goods on their ox-drawn wagons, some were hurrying their donkeys as they pulled their carts, and some were standing by the river, watching the beautiful scenery of the city. The tall and imposing buildings stood in the center whilst the houses on both sides were lined up one after another. These included teahouses, liquor stores, foot spas, butchers, temples and courts.

What surprised Gu Chaoyan was that there was a stone gambling place in the Saint Divine Land.

The store was huge, with many people coming in and out of it. Obviously, it enjoyed a lot of popularity in the city.

Gu Chaoyan was holding the medicine which she had just bought from the store and started to walk towards the stone gambling establishment. Qing tugged at her sleeve, intending to remind her that they had no more money to be spent upon this kind of stuff. But Gu Chaoyan did not cease her steps. Qing gave up trying to persuade her and followed her in with a quiet sigh.

Lots of stones were kept in different piles in the shop.

The gamblers around were so obsessed with the stones that no one noticed Gu Chaoyan’s presence.

A steward came to them and showed a look of impatience at the sight of Gu Chaoyan. “Not just anyone is allowed to come to our establishment.”

Gu Chaoyan ignored him for a few seconds as she took in the various stones kept nearest to the entrance.

The guy became impatient and was just about to drive them away when Gu Chaoyan asked him calmly. “How much does it cost to play one round?”

“The lowest-level stones cost at least 1000 yuan, as for you...” The steward gave her a look of disdain.

The staff at such places often judged people by their looks. Gu Chaoyan was well aware of this fact. She was quite displeased, but she was not going to waste her energy on dealing with him. “Qing, give him 2,000 yuan.”

Qing was not happy but she was an obedient girl. So, she did what she was instructed to.

Gu Chaoyan didn’t waste any time and picked up two tiny rocks from a pile.

She had no idea why but her instinct had kept pushing her to come to this place. When she entered, there was an unknown pull which made her select these stones. Her skills were that of a mercenary. She had never been proficient in stone gambling.

She tossed one of the stones to the steward. “Open it.”

The guy was unhappy to cater to such a poor looking customer but Gu Chaoyan had spent the money, so he was under the obligation to serve her.

These were the lowest-level rocks and no one had ever been able to get anything valuable out of them. Hence, he was sure that this ugly girl was simply wasting his time and effort.

Maybe, she was here just to have fun.

As expected, no one bothered to take a glance in their direction.

But the moment the rock was cracked open, the steward’s scream of surprise attracted everyone’s attention in the most dramatic way.

It was a jade stone!

A jade had been dug out of this rock!!

The size of the jade was huge, which was barely even seen in the high-level rocks.

Gu Chaoyan was not surprised, even a bit disappointed.

She had not expected it to be an ordinary jade.

More and more people gathered around and started to discuss amongst themselves.

The steward no longer looked impatient, and asked her greedily. “Miss, do you want to check the other rock?”

Gu Chaoyan shook her head.

She put away the jade and was about to leave when he stopped her and shouted. “Hang on.”

He did not want her to leave so easily.

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